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The Best Motorcycle Helmets to Wear While Cruising

A young guy wearing jeans stands near an electric motorcycle and is holding a white full-face helmet.

We all long to feel the wind rushing through our hair as we coast away on a gorgeous chopper. However, when the only thing keeping your noggin unscathed is “skillset,” then it’s important to consider a failsafe.

The safety helmet has been around for ages, and it has saved millions of lives in the process. It is designed only for the protection of motorists and all those who climb aboard with them. However, that doesn’t mean someone can’t make a statement with the helmet they choose, nor does the selection process need to feel like a bore. If you are in the market for a bit of security up top, then here are a few helmets we think you should check out.

What to Look for in Your Next Helmet

For a safety first initiative, let these factors guide your purchase:

  • Helmet Type: First and foremost, you want to figure out which type of helmet type suits you as a motorcyclist. There is the half-cap helmet, a more traditional option that favors a low profile while still maintaining great safety for your crown. There is also the full-face helmet, which has been around since the 1960s but has adopted a far more sleek racer look in recent decades. The pair have their perks, leading us into our next consideration.
  • Helmet Safety: A helmet should always maintain the highest level of safety for you, and there are a variety of ways in which it can achieve those security standards. A durable outer shell is more or less a given when it comes to helmets, but a well-insulated and highly cushioned inside is what you really need to ensure all-around protection for your skull. As a rule of thumb, consider this: the snugger it feels, the safer you will be.
  • Stylistic Preferences: Finally, it is important to consider the fun side of owning a motorcycle helmet. The bike you ride says a lot on its own, but what you sport up top is a complimentary piece worth enjoying. Are you one for solid colors or gleaming graphic designs? What about spikes? Heck, are you interested in making a phone call from the safety of your helmet? All of these qualities tie directly into the kind of enjoyment you want to experience on the road.

Best Classic Helmet: Daytona Helmets Half Skull Cap Helmet

On the left, a dull black helmet that has a Y-Strap lock retention system. On the right, a man wears the black helmet.
Daytona Helmets

A humble helmet that will have you on the road with little fuss, this Half Skull Cap Helmet from Daytona Helmets provides a secure fit for your head, alongside some always welcome impact protection. It’s a lightweight choice, weighing in at just 1.75 pounds, and made of sturdy polycarbonate plastic. While the outer shell provides a durable safeguard, the inner material of the helmet contains expanded polystyrene for improved impact absorption.

Best Classic Helmet

Daytona Helmets Half Skull Cap Helmet

A simple yet highly protective helmet that offers its riders a near-weightless feel.

Best Sport Helmet: GLX Full Face Street Bike Helmet

A front and back view of a pearlescent black full-face helmet with a buckle chin strap.

This GLX Full Face Street Bike Helmet is defined by its sleek full-face protection and boasts an aerodynamic shell that’s made to excel in both short-distance racing and long-distance cruising. The helmet features several ventilation panels that assist in keeping its wearer cool during every ride. Among its most convenient features is a removable breath guard that reroutes a rider’s breath to reduce visor fog, with the visor itself employing a unique 3D shape to ensure a distortion-free view.

Best Sport Helmet

GLX Full Face Street Bike Helmet

A sleek and solid piece of headgear that's perfect for quick races and cross-country cruising.

Best Tech-Forward Helmet: ILM Bluetooth Integrated Helmet

On the left, a matte black full-face helmet with a Blueetooth button on the side of the face and the face guard pulled up. On the right, a front view of the closed helmet.

For far too long, motorcyclists have not been afforded the luxury of taking calls while on the road. With this ILM Bluetooth Integrated Helmet, riders can not only answer the phone, but they also can listen to music and speak to riders who are wearing the same helmet through a shared intercom. The helmet’s Bluetooth 3.0 technology allows for eight hours of talk time and 110 hours of standby, while its two-way intercom supports a max distance of up to 1,000 feet between a pair of motorists.

Best Tech-Forward Helmet

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Helmet

A highly modern helmet that doesn't just provide great protection but a way to communicate with your contact list and even other riders.

Best for Night Racing: ILM Dual Visor Helmet

A side and back view of a black full-face helmet with red and white geometric patterns with a red light located on the back of the helmet.

On the hunt for both style and safety? This ILM Dual Visor Helmet is crafted with a full face of ultra-resistant ABS shell that’s complete with soft inner cheek pads and an anti-scratch and anti-fog wide view visor. Its visual presence is striking, as geometric streaks of red and white run from the front and back of the helmet. However, it’s the helmet’s rear LED lights, which can flash at differing speeds, that encapsulate its safety and fashion.

Best for Night Racing

ILM Dual Visor Helmet

A sporty, tough, and safety-first helmet that's great for driving down the road at night.

Best Helmet Designs: Daytona Helmets Half Skull Cap Graphics

A front and side view of a hi-gloss black helmet with a skull and crossbones, which is wrapped in the flag of the United States.
Daytona Helmets

Accommodating head sizes both large and small with a great sense of panache, this Half Skull Cap Graphics from Daytona Helmets is a low-profile helmet that doesn’t weigh you down. In total, this option is available in 23 unique graphic designs that showcase equal amounts of grit, character, and classic American pride. In addition to its bold illustrations, this helmet features an adjustable chin strap that avoids pinching the skin or facial hair.

Best Helmet Designs

Daytona Helmets Half Skull Cap Graphics

A low-profile helmet that's available in over 20 character-defining graphic designs.

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