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The Best Mouse Pads

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🕚 Updated November 2021

Computer mice have come a long way. Some have dropped the cord in favor of batteries or Bluetooth connectivity, and yet how we can best accommodate them---with a trusty mouse pad---has remained.

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  Best Overall Most Ergonomic Best Bundle Best for Gaming Best Customizable
Precise Mouse Pad
Duo Gel Mouse Pad
3-Pack Mouse Pad
Blade Hawks
RGB Mouse Pad
Acorn Printing
Personalized Mouse Pad
Our SummaryDesigned with a lab-tested surface to bring about the smoothest scroll possible, this mouse pad is lightweight, battery-resourceful, and affordable.Here's a mouse pad that accommodates those with wrist impairments (and those who would like to avoid them) with a singular piece of support.Here's a bundle pack that's available at a great price and features hard-wearing perks that computer users want.This extra-long mouse pad sports some of the best ingenuity around while still providing a smooth surface to glide on.Here's a mouse pad that allows you to choose the visual design of its surface.
ProsEnhanced surface traction allows for smooth gliding, design promotes energy retention up to 50%.Features wrist support to prevent muscle strain and overexertion, includes built-in ventilation ports.Includes multiple mouse pads at a low price, sturdy stitchwork ensures longevity, larger surface area.Features one-of-a-kind LED lights, immensely large surface area for unbroken movement.Customization setup allows for total personalization when gifting, choose between three sizes.
ConsSlim design can be bent and creased over time, doesn't provide a middle ground to bundling.Gel padding can be punctured and lead to a mess, larger price tag, rigid state can limit portability.Slightly bulky design overall, edges are raised and can disrupt the scroll, prone to retaining odors.Too large for small desks, hefty price tag, damage to inner circuitry can lead to electrical injuries.Images are printed on a standard mouse pad design that can leave you wanting more.
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The Best Mouse Pads

A black mouse pad on a table with a black wireless mouse resting on it.
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The mouse pad is designed to provide your computer mouse and its cursor with a smooth glide from one corner of the pad and screen to the other. They embody what it means to be a complementary addition because just try and get through your workday without one. Let us guess; your cursor is still stuck in the middle of the screen? If you’re looking to ensure a workday free of skips, snags, and missing cursors, then here are a few mousepads we think you should check out.

Buying Guide for Mouse Pads

Woman uses a wired computer mouse on a white mouse pad at a light grey marble table.
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Why should you buy a particular mouse pad?

You could just reach for an option in the computer accessories section, but there’s a list of considerations you’d be overlooking on your hunt for the perfect mouse pad. For obvious reasons, your mouse pad can achieve varying levels of successful scrolling, depending on the model and construction. However, per the latter, you can even ensure ample protection for your desktop surface if the option you pick is thick enough. Additionally, the right mouse pad can even spruce up your desk space, making for a well-rounded appearance.

What should you look for in a mouse pad?

Consider these factors when you’re seeking a better scroll:

  • Material Design: First and foremost, the construction of your mouse pad can affect several factors related to how you use it. As noted previously, an option with a thicker rubber design is likely to hold up better over time and protect your desk in the process. Moreover, a lackluster material can actually impede your ability to swiftly move the mouse around.
  • Practicality: It’s important to remember that, just like with your keyboard, you can seek out a mouse pad option that caters to your working preferences. In terms of ergonomic reliability, there are a variety of mousepads that offer you solid wrist support, which is necessary for the prevention of common strains and impairments that make desk work such a pain.
  • Sizing: The right mouse pad for you will also adhere to the explicit space your desktop can offer. Plenty of standard mousepads require no more room than 8 inches in either direction, which is generous without feeling too bulky. Of course, if you have room to spare and need to make rapid movements, say, for gaming, then a desk-sized mouse pad will accommodate you accordingly.

How should you properly disinfect a mouse pad?

We’re often quick to clean our keyboard and mouse at the end of a workday or workweek, but when was the last time you cleaned the mouse pad, too? Your mouse pad is undoubtedly another breeding ground for germs, and though some options are an easy pick, thanks to their machine-washable design, not every pad can be tossed into the spin cycle. For these pads, you can and should use a disinfecting wipe or water and soap, as well as a delicate brush, to properly remove bacteria and stains from its surface. It’s also important to avoid placing either kind of mouse pad in the dryer, and instead, pat or air-dry them with a towel.

Our Picks for the Smoothest Mouse Pads

Best Overall

3M Precise Mouse Pad

Designed with a lab-tested surface to bring about the smoothest scroll possible, this mouse pad is lightweight, battery-resourceful, and affordable.

Pros: With an enhanced surface that promotes an optimal level of traction, this pad favors continuous and uncomplicated movement for your mouse. It’s designed for you to get the most out of your wireless or optical mouse, as its surface features a precise design that reduces energy expelled and the number of skipping errors you experience. This design can save you up to 50% on battery life, in addition to saving you a fair amount of cash.

Cons: Its thinness can easily hinder it after multiple years of use. If packed away improperly, the pad’s design may allow for one too many creases and an overall heightened likelihood of wear and tear. If you’re looking to bundle, this pick might not suit your needs either, as the only other packaging option comes to you in a group of six and at a staggeringly higher price.

Bottom Line: For those seeking a choice that promotes efficient movement, this 3M Mouse Pad brings users a uniquely lightweight product.


Most Ergonomic

Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad

Here's a mouse pad that accommodates those with wrist impairments (and those who would like to avoid them) with a singular piece of support.

Pros: Structured to support the curve of your wrist, this mouse pad features a brilliant addition that provides ample protection from a particular type of desk-related injury. At the base of this mouse pad is a gel pillow that’s soft enough to contour to your wrist but also plump enough to keep it from sinking. A design like this aids in the prevention of various wrist impairments, like carpal tunnel syndrome. The overall pad structure also employs built-in ventilation to limit perspiration.

Cons: A notable downside to its gel pad design is the worry of a potential puncture. The buoyant substance isn’t encased in especially protective material, so if the outer layer is cut deep enough, the gel can ooze and cause a hazardous mess. For a single mouse pad, this option also boasts a pretty large price tag. And on the topic of the pad itself, some users have noted feeling taken aback by its solid and immovable state, which can limit portability in a way that soft pads don’t.

Bottom Line: If you’re familiar with wrist issues and hope to avoid that pain whenever you’re at the desk for longer than a few hours, then this Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad will provide you with the necessary foundation to keep your scrolling hand steady and supported.


Best Bundle

JIKIOU 3-Pack Mouse Pad

Here's a bundle pack that's available at a great price and features hard-wearing perks that computer users want.

Pros: This value pack includes three simple mouse pads that get the job done without much fuss. Each pad is constructed from a blend of spandex and lycra cloth to provide you with a surface that’s soft and texturized for an effortless glide of the mouse. Its reinforced edges feature tight stitchwork that’ll withstand wear. Its larger surface area (10.2 by 8.3 inches) is also great for those who prefer a bit more movement with their scrolling.

Cons: While its stitchwork is undoubtedly dependable, the disadvantage to such hearty edging is the slightly bulky end result. Though subtle, the edges are raised, which can lead you to bump into them and halt your scroll. Some users have also noted that these mousepads are prone to retaining undesirable smells despite being crafted in a washable design.

Bottom Line: With its wider-than-normal setup and machine-washable construction, this three-pack of mouse pads is a go-to option for those who desire a more spacious scrolling experience while enjoying a snack at their workstation.


Best for Gaming

Blade Hawks RGB Mouse Pad

This extra-long mouse pad sports some of the best ingenuity around while still providing a smooth surface to glide on.

Pros: Completely unparalleled in terms of size and vision, this mouse pad is the right choice for gamers and an exciting pick for almost everyone else. It measures 31.5 inches across its body, allowing you a range of motion that most standard mouse pads don’t get close to. Its size is backed up by a micro-textured cloth surface that’s smooth and water-resistant throughout. And lining the perimeter of the pad is an LED backlight that can spruce up your workstation in 10 different lighting modes.

Cons: Its large size may be a selling point, but if you don’t have the desk space necessary to house it, purchasing it would be in vain. Unsurprisingly, given its size and versatility, this pad is among the most expensive mouse pads ones we’ve reviewed here. Damage to the inner circuitry may lead to minor electricity-related injuries.

Bottom Line: If you’re after a serious display of showmanship for your desktop, then this Blade Hawks RGB Mouse Pad offers you style and an elevated degree of craftsmanship.


Best Customizable

Acorn Printing Personalized Mouse Pad

Here's a mouse pad that allows you to choose the visual design of its surface.

Pros: This option’s customizable setup allows you to create a pad that’s truly special. A purchase here will allow you to personalize two facets of the pad: orientation and appearance. For the former, you can select between a vertical, horizontal, or circular-style mouse pad. For the latter, you can upload a photo in full color to personalize your selection and add text as desired.

Cons: Perhaps the biggest downside to this option is its fairly routine mouse pad construction. Despite the visual flair, the mouse pad itself is nothing more than a neoprene rubber base with a tried and true polyester surface. In other words, this is a standard choice you’re likely to find in most libraries and shared office spaces, so if you’re on the hunt for a luxurious pad, look elsewhere.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking the best gifting option that adds a little slice of home to your workspace, this Acorn Printing Personalized Mouse Pad offers a traditional product that stands out above the rest, thanks to a gorgeously customizable surface design.

Final Thoughts

There’s no way around it: if you want your wired or wireless mouse to glide without the error of skips or drags, then a mouse pad is a must for your workstation. They’re an essential desktop accommodation because they serve a variety of functions for you, your mouse, and even the desk itself. So, for a convenient scrolling experience, pick up one of these great mouse pads.

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