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The Best MP3/MP4 Players

three MP3 players of different designs and colors next to each other

Music is the great connector, from generation to generation—it can bring us back to a time, place, or recall a nostalgic memory. A great way to take your music on the go is with an MP3 or MP4 player. With these devices, users can not only listen to music but record their voices, read books, and watch videos.

What Should You Consider in an MP3/MP4 Player?

When choosing the right device for you, consider how much storage you plan to use. Some devices have SD card slots for additional music and video storage. Also, consider if you want the ability to download movies or eBooks.

Best Overall: TIMMKOO MP3 Player with Bluetooth

wireless MP3 player with a touchscreen and apps

This MP3 player comes with a multi-touch display, Bluetooth technology, and 8 gigabytes of storage, perfect for downloading movies. Videos on this device can be played back in 720p or 1080p high resolution. The built-in speaker produces high-quality audio sound, perfect for hours of entertainment. Enjoy 30 hours of uninterrupted music after just 40 minutes of charging with a Type-C charging cable.

Best Budget: MYMAHDI LCD Mp4 Player 

multiple MP3 players in varying colors with buttons and a display screen

Available in eight vibrant colors, this multifunctional MP3/MP4 player from MYMAHDI is perfect to use as a music player, photo viewer, and eBook reader. The high resolution is displayed through a small, LCD screen. The storage space on this device is 64 gigabytes and it features a 40-hour listening life on a single charge. This MP3/MP4 player will fit in your pocket, so it’s also great for on-the-go use.

Best Budget

Best With Bluetooth: MP3 Player, 16 GB with Bluetooth

an MP3 player with buttons on the side of the screen and a set of headphones

Pair this MP3 player with your favorite Bluetooth speaker or headset to listen to hours of music. The large storage and longtime playback can last up to 50 hours with a 2-hour full charge. The built-in memory can hold 16 gigabytes and you can add up to 128 gigabytes with a Micro TF card for additional storage.

Best With Bluetooth

Also Consider: AGPTEK 16GB MP3/MP4 Player

a thin MP3 player with an artistic background displaying on the screen and a side view of the device

A compact and portable, yet highly stylish option for jamming out, this AGPTEK MP3 player is a device you can enjoy on the go at any time. This music player 2 gigabytes of RAM storage, 16 gigabytes of ROM storage, and can support an external T-Flash card of up to 128 gigabytes. The inclusion of its Wi-Fi compatibility also allows users to access online applications like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, and YouTube. Its high-quality sound will keep users entertained while exercising, traveling, or more.

Also Consider

WiFi MP4 Player with Bluetooth, AGPTEK 5 inch Touch Screen 16GB Lossless MP3 Player, Support APPs, Spotify, up to 128GB

A sleek MP4 player that can store up to 128 gigabytes of memory from an external card.

Portable music devices are extremely convenient. MP3/MP4 players are a great way to take entertainment for long car or plane rides and more. Simply charge your device, play, and enjoy.

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