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The Best Musical Toys for Kids

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🕚 Updated December 2022

Musical toys can delight your child and promote their brain and physical development. They support sensory development, hand-eye coordination, patience, and perseverance, allowing your little one to experiment with exciting sounds. Here are some of our favorite toys for little musicians.

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  Best for Babies Best Music Player Best Music Mat Best Microphone Best Toy Instruments
  Baby Einstein
Take Along Tunes Musical Toy
Rock and Bop Music Player
Baby Musical Mat
Motown Magic, Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone
First Note USA
Set of 3 Kids Musical Instruments
Our SummaryThis toy features stimulating lights, beads, and classical melodies.This music player makes classical, rock, and hip hop more fun with its talking digital cartoon kid.This piano music-making mat comes introduces babies to music scales and animals by sight and sounds.A Bluetooth-enabled karaoke microphone for tunes from favorite music apps.This wind instrument trio uses color-coding to model the connection between keys, notes, and sounds.
Pros✓ Easy to grip
✓ For ages 3-36 months
✓ 10 melodies
✓ Colorful lights
✓ Friendly cartoon face
✓ Volume control
✓ Plays classical, hip hop, and rock
✓ 10 musical learning games
✓ Teaches letters, numbers, animals, instruments, time, and more
✓ Digital screen and headphones
✓ Indoor and outdoor play
✓ Anti-slip, easy to clean
✓ 25 sounds
✓ Annotation and random mode
✓ Seven animal sounds, nine music scales, nine melodies
✓ Fold and carry
✓ Bluetooth-enabled microphone
✓ 30 classic Motown songs
✓ Stream from music apps
✓ Four voice effects
✓ Long-lasting rechargeable batteries
✓ Saxophone, clarinet, and trumpet
✓ Hands-on practice
✓ Teaches how to hold each instrument
✓ Color-coded keys and music
✓ Plastic with a silver finish
Cons✗ Unsuitable as teething toy✗ Fragile headphones
✗ Doesn't come with batteries
✗ Battery cover tends to fall off
✗ Mat slips
✗ Most 3- to 8-year-olds won't know the songs✗ Too large for younger ages
✗ Poor quality for older kids
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The Best Musical Toys for Kids

Little boy playing with saxophone toy.
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Buying Guide for Musical Toys for Kids

hands of a child playing a toy piano.
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Why buy musical toys for kids?

In their first year or so, we play music for our children and sing to them. It calms or invigorates kids, depending on the song and their mood and teaches them language or dancing skills. At some point, they want to make their own music. Banging on pans is an option, but a loud one. Musical toys are a fabulous option to support sensory development.

What should you look for in musical toys for kids?

  • Age: Created with different ages in mind, the materials, sounds, volumes, and features of musical toys are all affected by varying age-appropriate factors. Always refer to the age recommendations before purchasing.
  • Type: Musical toys can range from wooden instruments to electronic music players. You can choose from plenty of options based on your child’s needs and preferences.
  • Variety: Some musical toys make ten sounds, others as many as 50 songs. If your child tires of new toys quickly, select a toy that plays songs from different genres for singing and entertainment.

How do you know what musical toy your child will like best?

Choose based on what engages your child’s interest in other toys and activities. If they’re easily upset by noises, look for musical toys that allow them to control the sound. Highly active kids may respond best to activating musical toys like the musical mat we review. On the other hand, you may have noticed that activities that require focus have a calming effect. In that case, you might want to check out musical instruments. Ultimately, you’ll need to choose something that’s age-appropriate as well to keep them engaged. 

Our Picks for the Best Musical Toys for Kids

Best for Babies

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

This toy features stimulating lights, beads, and classical melodies.

Pros: Baby Einstein made this toy for small hands of kids ages 3 months to 36 months; it has the potential to inspire a lifelong love of music through 10 different melodies. The colorful lights and friendly cartoon face stimulate your child’s brain and pique their curiosity for music and color. This easy-to-clean toy with volume control is ideal for little ones and parents alike.

Cons: People with children may want to keep an eye out when their little one starts teething. It’s made of hard plastic.

Bottom Line: There are four different colored beads for babies to practice motor skills while listening to Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin, and Rossini. They may grow to prefer pop music instead, but they can start with the classics.


Best Musical Player

VTech Rock and Bop Music Player

This music player makes classical, rock, and hip hop more fun with its talking digital cartoon kid.

Pros: Available in pink and blue, this kid-friendly, interactive music player plays various songs in three music styles: classical, hip hop, and rock. In addition, it has 10 musical learning games to introduce letters, numbers, animals, instruments, time, and more. The player features an instrument remix mode that lets you choose from piano, xylophone, saxophone, violin, or guitar to mix different melodies and experiment with songs. It has a screen and kid-safe headphones to provide a realistic tech-savvy experience. 

Cons: The most common complaint is that the headphones break easily. Also, it doesn’t come with batteries.

Bottom Line: Varied tempos and types of music will take your 3- to 6-year-old to the next level of music fun. The Vtech player also introduces kids to the world of technology. It comes in pink and blue.


Best Music Mat

Joyjoz Baby Musical Mat

This piano mat introduces toddlers to music scales and animals by sight and sounds.

Pros: The Joyjoz portable musical mat, measuring 39.4 x 14.2 inches, is perfect for active kids. The soft, non-woven fabric mat is anti-slip, non-toxic, and easy to clean, so your child can play with it indoors or outdoors. This mat includes 25 sounds and two modes. In the click annotation mode, your child can play seven animal sounds and nine music scales; in random mode, the toy alternates between nine melodies. For easy playdates, this mat is simple to fold and carry.

Cons: The battery cover tends to come off. Also, some users say the mat slips around too much for their active kids.

Bottom Line: There are few things as joyful as a toddler making music with their feet! This piano mat is a great little musical toy for your little one.


Best Microphone

Move2Play Motown Magic, Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

A Bluetooth-enabled karaoke microphone for tunes from favorite music apps.

Pros: This Bluetooth-connectable microphone makes music fun. With this karaoke microphone, your child will sing along to 30 must-know songs from renowned artists like Marvin Gaye and the Jackson Five. Activate Bluetooth, and the microphone plays your kiddo’s top songs on Spotify, YouTube, or any favorite music app. It comes with four voice effects to make things even more fun. The rechargeable batteries keep the music playing for over eight hours and charge in two.

Cons: Even music-loving kids may be unfamiliar with the majority of the 30 included songs since they’re older. The toy can get annoying to adult ears after a while.

Bottom Line: This musical toy can be great for young music lovers growing up in the ever-changing world of technology. Budding soloists will love it.


Best Toy Instruments

First Note USA Set of 3 Kids Musical Instruments

This wind instrument trio uses color-coding to model the connection between keys, notes, and sounds.

Pros: This set of three wind instruments includes the beloved saxophone, clarinet, and trumpet. It makes a relatively inexpensive way for kids 3 and up to practice holding each instrument and stretching their fingers to reach keys. Students learn to play 14 familiar songs like ABC and Old MacDonald on each instrument, as all three feature color-coded keys. This music toy set also teaches kids how to take care of instruments. They’re all plastic with a silver finish, so they should recover from accidental drops and remain undented.

Cons: The imperfections differ according to age. Young children may struggle with the instruments’ size, and older kids with their quality.

Bottom Line: Instead of waiting for elementary school to try a wind instrument, do it now! This First Note USA set offers a simple, fun learning experience and a portal to a life-long practice.

Final Thoughts

Music is a universal language with innumerable varieties, an experience best learned early on. We hope we’ve given you some good ideas for a musical toy for the kids in your life.

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