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The Best Musical Toys for Your Little Musician

Two toddlers sitting on a rug hold a musical toy.
Baby Einstein

Musical toys not only entertain and delight your child but also promote their brain and physical development. Supporting sensory development, hand-eye coordination, as well as patience and perseverance, musical toys allow your little one to experiment and play with a variety of exciting sounds. Here are some of our favorite toys for little musicians.

Choosing a Musical Toy

When searching for the perfect musical toy to entertain your child, consider these factors:

  • Age: Created with different ages in mind, the materials, sounds, volumes, and features of musical toys are all affected by varying age-appropriate factors. Always refer to the protects age recommendations before purchasing.
  • Type: Musical toys can range from wooden instruments to electronic music players. Based on your child’s needs and preferences, you can choose from plenty of options.
  • Variety: Depending on the item, musical toys can play from as few as 10 sounds to as many as 50 songs. If your child tires of new toys quickly, select a toy with plenty of songs for singing and entertainment.

Best Beginner’s Toy: Baby Einstein Musical Toy

A colorful plastic musical toy that has a handle decorated with beads to make it look like a smiling worm.
Baby Einstein

Made for small hands belonging to kids ages 3 months to 36 months, this musical toy inspires a lifelong love of music through 10 different melodies. The colorful lights and friendly cartoon face stimulate your child’s brain, and pique’s their curiosity for music and color. With the option for volume control, this easy-to-clean toy is ideal for kids and parents alike.

Best Beginner's Toy

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy, Ages 3 months +

This toy features stimulating lights and engaging melodies.

Best Music Player: VTech Rock and Bop Music Player

A pink music player with many buttons and a character displayed on the screen.

Available in pink and blue, this kid-friendly, interactive music player plays a variety of songs in three music styles: classical, hip-hop, and rock. In addition, it has 10 musical learning games to introduce letters, numbers, animals, instruments, time, and more. The player features an instrument remix mode that lets you choose from piano, xylophone, saxophone, violin, or guitar to mix different melodies and experiment with songs. Plus, it has a screen and kid-safe headphones to provide a realistic tech-savvy experience. 

Best Musical Player

VTech Rock and Bop Music Player Amazon Exclusive, Pink

This musical player boasts more than 100 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases.

Best Music Mat: Joyjoz Baby Musical Mat

A toddler in blue jean overalls plays a colorful musical mat.

The Joyjoz portable musical mat, measuring 100 by 30 centimeters, is perfect for active kids. Built with soft non-woven fabric, this mat is anti-slip, nontoxic, and easy to clean. This mat includes 25 sounds and two modes. In the click annotation mode, you can play seven kinds of animal sounds and nine music scales. In random mode, you can play nine melodies. For easy playdates, this mat is simple to fold and carry. The durable fabric allows your child to play with it indoors or outdoors.

Best Set: Ehome Toddler Musical Instruments

A set of 22 colorful wooden instruments.

For kids ready to try real instruments, Ehome has created a set of 22 wooden percussion musical toys. The 15 types of instruments include a clapper, a wood sounder, two wrist bells, a xylophone, two maracas, a tambourine, a triangle with a striker, a bird whistle, four shaker eggs, a trumpet, two castanets, a rainbow bell stick, a face bell, a rainbow column, and two sleigh bells. The musical instrument set is made of high-quality non-toxic materials that are smooth, polished, and easy to clean with dry wipes. In addition, the set comes with a storage bag for convenient portability. 

Best Piano Learning Kit: Shifu Plugo Piano Learning Kit

A toddler's fingers are shown playing a small, purple toy keyboard that is connected to a tablet in the background.

Shifu’s Plugo piano learning kit is a great precursor to real piano playing that can help your child gain beginner’s knowledge. The set pairs with a tablet or smartphone to teach musical notes, proper finger positions, and song playing. With one piano, three musical pops, two key-mapping stickers, one foldable gamepad with a magnetic play area, and a help guide, this toy can help you learn over 50 rhymes, jingles, and carols.

Best Piano Learning Kit
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