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The Best Nail Pullers

three different nail pullers side by side

Everyone occasionally makes mistakes when they’re working on DIY projects. Pulling out a nail with a traditional hammer can damage the wood or break or bend the nail. Nail pullers are designed to make nail removal as easy as possible while causing minimal, or even zero, damage to the wood.

What Should You Consider in a Nail Puller?

The size of the nail puller can be a factor, as slimmer nail pullers fit better into hard-to-reach places. Some have more leverage than others, which is more appropriate for longer nails or are more effective for headless nails. And others come with additional features for more versatility.

Best Overall: Crescent Nail Puller

solid metal nail puller

Thanks to its 19-inch length, this nail puller provides the leverage needed to dislodge nails large and small. Made of forged alloy to prevent chipping and finished with black enamel for added durability. The adjustable jaw makes it easy for you to grip nails of all sizes.

Best Overall

Crescent 19" Nail Puller - 56

A nail puller that combines durability and comfort for nails of all sizes.

Best for Budget: Estwing Nail Puller With Double-Ended Pry Bar

blue, yellow, and silver nail puller

Don’t let the simple design fool you into thinking this nail puller isn’t up to the task. The thin claw allows you to use it in hard-to-reach and small spaces, and the claw is designed to grip headless nails and other types of fasteners with ease. Equally effective on wood, trim, molding, or baseboard.

Best for Budget

ESTWING Nail Puller - 12" Double-Ended Pry Bar with Straight & Wedge Claw End - DEP12

Double-ended for versatility and thin clawed for nails stuck in hard-to-reach nooks.

Best Premium: Stiletto Clawbar Titanium Nail Puller

solid steel nail puller with a pointed end

Slender but strong and made of titanium to provide all the necessary power for removing nails and fasteners with less recoil shock than steel nail pullers. At a lightweight eight ounces, it’s nearly effortless to lift and transport. The claw is specially designed to slot around and under the nailhead, which reduces the chance of chipping or damaging the wood.

Best Premium

Stiletto TICLW12 Clawbar Titanium Nail Puller

A lightweight nail puller that nonetheless offers plenty of power and leverage.

Most Versatile: Estwing Pro Claw Nail Puller

double-ended nail puller with a blue rubber handle

Designed to suit all your nail removal needs in one convenient tool. The thinner claw at one end is perfect for accessing nails stuck in small, hard to maneuver spaces while the rounder end gives you more torque and leverage for nails that are wedged in especially tight. The padded, nonslip grip provides you with comfort and added protection.

Most Versatile

ESTWING Pro Claw Nail Puller - 10.6" Pry Bar with Forged Steel Construction & No-Slip Cushion Grip - PC250G

A nail puller that offers extra strength at one end and a slim fit at the other.

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