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The Best Name Necklaces

🕚 Updated February 2023

In a time when being your best self is more powerful than ever, a name necklace is a stylish way to embrace the truest part of you---your name! These customizable necklaces are great for yourself or a loved one.

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  Best with Birthstone Best for Couples Best Charm Style Best Layered Most Design Options
Custom Name Necklace
Custom Name Necklace with Heart
18K Gold Plated Initial Choker Name Necklace
Layered Choker Name Necklace
18K Gold Plated Custom Name Necklace Personalized
Our SummaryThis name necklace can be customized in lots of different ways to create the perfect gift.A necklace that's great for displaying your and your loved one's name.Create the perfect trendy name necklace to fit your style.With color and pendant choices, this name necklace is customizable to suit you or a loved one.This customized name necklace has some fantastic fonts.
Pros✓ Nice accents and fonts
✓ Pairs with most outfits
✓ 10 fonts, five lengths, birthstones
✓ Can use numbers
✓ Connects you and a loved one's name
✓ Available in multiple styles
✓ Gold-plated stainless steel
✓ Classy look
✓ Five chain lengths, three font options, three color options
✓ Durable but delicate
✓ Multiple options
✓ Gold-plated metal
✓ Durable
✓ Allows 15 characters
✓ Five chain lengths, three colors, 12 font options
Cons✗ No symbols or special characters✗ Can't wear it in water or clean it with jewelry cleaner✗ Only eight characters✗ Set shorter chain length
✗ Chains can occasionally tangle
✗ Long time to fulfill
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The Best Name Necklaces

A woman wears a gold necklace that says "Angelina."

Name necklaces became popular in the ’80s but have stuck around. Celebrities and fashionistas still model them. They come in all sorts of fonts and finishes, so it’s easy to find one that represents your unique personality.

Buying Guide for Name Necklaces

Two smiling girlfriends are out shopping and wearing name necklaces.

Why buy a name necklace?

Name necklaces aren’t tacky. Don’t listen to those who say otherwise! They’re a great way for you to express yourself in a personalized way. And they don’t even have to display your “real” name. It can be a nickname, your preferred name, or perhaps a new name that you’ve grown accustomed to, like “Mama” or “Auntie.” If you want a personalized piece of jewelry for yourself or to gift to a loved one, you can’t go wrong with a name necklace.

What should you look for in a name necklace? 

  • Chain Length: The length of the chain should be comfortable. Choker necklaces will obviously sit higher up your neck and usually measure 14 to 16 inches. Longer necklaces will typically be 18 to 24 inches. Think about the shirts that you like to wear and where the pendant will fall in relation to the necklines on your tops.
  • Color: The color or finish of the necklace should be one that you love, whether it’s gold, silver, rose gold, or even black. However, it might be wise to spend a little more on a necklace with a quality finish that you can easily maintain with a quality jewelry cleaner versus a finish that could rub off or turn your skin green.
  • Customization: All of these necklaces are customizable since you’ll have to enter your name. However, look for options with multiple font choices or options to add rhinestones or charms or different lengths if you want it to represent you well.

Are there any drawbacks to owning a name necklace? 

One thing to think about when wearing your name necklace is that everybody around you will know your name, whether you want them to or not. But if that doesn’t bother you, then you have nothing to worry about! If you don’t like any old stranger knowing your name, then a name necklace probably isn’t a good choice for you. Or, you can just wait to wear it only where you’re comfortable with everyone knowing your name.

Our Picks for the Best Name Necklaces

Best with Birthstone

EVER2000 Custom Name Necklace

This name necklace can be customized in lots of different ways to create the perfect gift.

Pros: This name necklace not only has multiple colors, fonts, and sizes to choose from, but it also has the option to add a birthstone accent as well. There’s a maximum of 15 letters and a minimum of 1 if you only want an initial displayed. The fonts and style mean that this necklace can easily pair with almost any outfit. You can even use numbers instead of letters—your lucky number, a birthday, an anniversary, an age, or even a jersey number.

Cons: If your name is longer than 15 letters, you won’t be able to fit it on this necklace. You also can’t use punctuation marks or symbols. The material is a little thinner than and not as durable as some other necklaces.

Bottom Line: This necklace offers lots of design options to get just the right look. You can easily pair it with almost any outfit.


Best for Couples

Shinelady Custom Name Necklace with Heart

A necklace that's great for displaying your and your loved one's name.

Pros: This necklace is a great way to display a significant other’s name along with yours. You can connect the names with a heart or with two chains for a layered look. There are multiple colors, fonts, and lengths to choose from to customize it. Plus, you can add multiple shapes and stones. What a nice gift this necklace would make for your girlfriend!

Cons: This necklace can’t be cleaned with jewelry cleaners or worn in water, like in the shower or in the pool. Depending on the letters, there might also be sharper edges that could be uncomfortable for sleeping.

Bottom Line: This necklace is great for displaying your and your loved one’s names with cute features such as a heart, birthstone, or even a butterfly. There are multiple customizations, and it’s a great alternative to a painful and more permanent couple’s tattoo.


Best Charm Style

Trangel 18K Gold Plated Initial Choker Name Necklace

Create the perfect trendy name necklace to fit your style.

Pros: The necklace is plated in 18K gold and made of stainless steel, so it’s more durable than other necklaces out there. The gold plating also means that the necklace won’t turn colors, nor will the coating flake or rub off, which also makes this necklace hypoallergenic. It comes in multiple fonts with an extendable chain, and it makes a great gift.

Cons: The necklace can only contain up to eight characters, so longer names won’t fit.

Bottom Line: The necklace is hypoallergenic, so it’s great for people with sensitive skin. There are several customization options, and the overall quality is rated well. People with longer than eight letters in their name will not be able to get this.


Best Layered

MeMoShe Layered Choker Name Necklace

With color and pendant choices, this name necklace is customizable to suit you or a loved one.

Pros: There are multiple ways to customize this necklace, which is great for making a layered look that’s all your own. From adding hearts, flowers, and rhinestones to a second name on the top chain, you can make it just the way you like it. It’s plated with 18K gold for additional durability. It’s designed to be both delicate and simple, so it won’t appear to be too flashy for everyday wear.

Cons: The chains on this necklace are set lengths (14 and 16 inches), although you can extend them by 2 inches. The chains can tangle while being worn, and they’re not as comfortable for people with thicker necks. The nameplate also has a tendency to spin and distort the view.

Bottom Line: This necklace is dainty and pretty with a range of customizations. The layered look gives it an added bit of class and style, although it’s not a great fit for everyone and might cause some discomfort because of the set size.


Best Vertical Design

TinyName 18K Gold Plated Custom Name Necklace Personalized

This customized name necklace has some fantastic fonts.

Pros: The necklace is plated in 18K gold and is made of metal. You can choose from five different chain lengths, three different colors, and 12 fonts for a totally customized look that speaks to your unique style. You can fit up to 15 characters on it, making it one of the more accommodating options for those with long names.

Cons: Orders can take a while to fulfill, so be sure to order ahead of time if you’re planning to gift it.

Bottom Line: The durability and customization options make this a top choice for those seeking a custom name necklace. Just remember to order ahead of time.

Final Thoughts

Name necklaces are a great way to express yourself and make fabulous gifts for loved ones. These options on Amazon should have the customization options you’re looking for.

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