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The Best Neck Fans to Keep You Cool

a U-shaped device with two tiny fans at the end positioned to blow air on a woman's neck

Life can get hot—why not stay cool? Investing in a neck fan can help you cool off during your favorite activities. Below we’ve compiled a list of the best neck fans that are sure to help you keep up the pace in your everyday life and stay cool in the process.

Top Pick: Gulaki Hands-Free Portable Neck Fan

a U-shaped neck fan with two tiny fans at the ends and a padded portion to rest on the back of the neck

This neck fan from Galaki comes in three different color options that are all capable of helping you avoid those pesky hot flashes. It has a hands-free 360-degree design that allows for airflow at all angles, letting you customize where you can aim that breezy relief. In addition to being worn around the neck, the device also operates as a convenient desk fan for your office, makeup vanity, or wherever else. The fan is rechargeable by using a USB cord. It has three adjustable speeds for you to find the right level of “cool,” and it has an LED light feature that makes nighttime use a breeze.

Top Pick

Best for Budget: O2Cool Deluxe Necklace Fan

a small gray fan with a lanyard to wear around a neck

This neck fan is a low-cost option that packs all the punch of a high dollar fan. The fan has vertical airflow that keeps you cool, while the necklace acts as a fashion statement. The lanyard of the necklace is adjustable to size. Compact in size, the design of the fan is convenient and won’t feel bulky as you’re participating in your favorite outdoor activities.

Best for Budget

O2COOL Battery Powered Deluxe Necklace Fan For Personal Cooling With Adjustable Lanyard (Grey)

The O2Cool Deluxe Necklace Fan offers vertical airflow and a convenient style that can be worn as a necklace.

Best Battery Life: BroElec Portable Fan 

a neck fan with two tiny fans at the ends positioned in a standing position and with leaves blowing to illustrate airflow

This fan is a great option if you’re looking for something that will last you on a long hike or a full day of being outdoors. Purchase of the fan comes with an accompanying charging cable, so you won’t have to worry about purchasing one separately, and the battery life of the fan is 4-12 hours of operation, depending on airflow intensity. The hands-free design allows you to stay accessible while you’re staying cool.

Most Versatile / Also Consider: Scurry Portable Neck Fan

a U-shaped neck fan with two tiny fans on the ends; two smaller photos bubbles illustrate spraying perfume on the center of the fan and positioning the cap over it

This fan brings an extra level of comfort to the table with its soft neckband made of silicone material. The fan comes in two different colors and has 360-degree adjustable airflow. It has three different wind-speed settings to let you choose your level of intensity. Additionally, the battery is capable of lasting 3-10 hours depending on the wind speed being used.

Also Consider
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