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The Best Neon Signs

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🕚 Updated May 2022

Neon lighting is simultaneously nostalgic and futuristic. If you want to add a statement piece to your home or business, check out these neon signs to change things up.

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  Best for a Home Bar Best for an Office or Gym Best for a Kids' Room Best for a Gaming Room Best for a Man Cave
It's 5:00 Somewhere and Palm LED Neon Sign
Hustle Neon Sign
Cute Dinosaur LED Neon Sign
Gamepad LED Neon Sign
Personalized Man Cave Bar Neon Sign
Our SummaryA handmade sign full of color and a cheerful message.This energetic white neon sign inspires and reminds you to work hard.A dinosaur-shaped neon sign to soothe bedtime fear of the dark.This colorful video game controller-shaped neon sign is visible with the lights on or off.This man cave neon sign displays your name for all to see.
ProsColorful cocktail and palm tree, reminder to relax and have fun, handmade glass that's hand-bent, ON/OFF button.Motivating message, acrylic backboard, flexible LED neon light belt made of PVC, comes with USB cable.Fun kids' night-light, bedroom decoration, or party decoration, can be hung or placed on shelf, comes with USB cable with ON/OFF switch.Shaped like a video game controller, back panel made of acrylic, PVC light tube, two pre-drilled holes to hang and two adhesive hooks, 6.5-foot USB power cord.LED neon sign, personalized man cave design, carved with latest 3D, line, and surface technology, ON/OFF switch.
ConsMore expensive than others.May be larger than expected.It's pretty small.Adhesive isn't the best quality.May be smaller than expected.
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The Best Neon Signs

a neon sign that says "home" hangs on a wall above a couch.
JY J/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for the Best Neon Signs

A neon sign that says "Chill" lit up in the dark.
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Why buy a neon sign?

In their dazzling colors, neon signs commonly illuminate building signs, bars, rollercoaster rides, businesses, and stadiums. You can bring one inside your home to decorate a small shelf or entire wall. Hang up a neon sign in a game room to add a splash of color and light and create a fun mood. Neon signs are actually pretty energy-efficient compared to incandescent lights and emit less heat. Ultimately, they’re just fun additions to a space.

What should you look for in a neon sign?

  • Message: The message you want to convey with a neon sign may be the most important consideration. You can personalize a room with an image, word, or phrase that speaks to you. Some options allow you to choose your own words or put in your name for truly customized decor.
  • Size: Size matters too. If you have a large, empty wall in your man cave or woman cave room, you may want to look for a medium to large neon sign. However, a large sign may overcrowd an already decorated wall in a smaller room. It may also be too stimulating for those with sensory sensitivities. Maybe it would help to think of a neon sign like a picture or even a furniture piece to get an idea of the right size. But add to that the effect that color and brightness bring as well.
  • Energy Source: All of the neon signs we review are LED illuminated, and many come with a power cable with an ON/OFF switch. The length of the power cables varies from product to product, though many are 5.9 feet. Some products are powered by a USB cord that will require you have a wall adapter or power bank USB port. Still, others give you the option to choose between battery or plug-in power sources.

What other qualities should you look for in a neon sign?

Some neon signs are made of glass that’s been bent by hand to create letters or shapes. While handmade glass isn’t the quintessential aspect of all quality neon signs, it does add an enviable uniqueness. Another key feature to consider is the wall mounting design. A number of neon signs have pre-drilled holes and adhesive hooks. Perhaps the most secure option is neon signs that hang by a single chain. It’s a clean look and likely sturdier than adhesive hooks as well.

Our Picks for the Best Neon Signs

Best for a Home Bar

LDGJ It's 5:00 Somewhere and Palm LED Neon Sign

A handmade sign full of color and a cheerful message.

Pros: What a great reminder, right? It’s always time to relax with a drink somewhere. This colorful sign features a cocktail and palm tree to make the message clear. The 16.5- by 12.5-inch metal frame neon sign is handmade! The glass is handmade and hand-bent by masters in the art of neon sign making. There’s a handy switch ON/OFF button for easy illumination.

Cons: You may find this handmade side expensive compared to others.

Bottom Line: Even if you’re retired, it’s important to remember to relax. With this fun sign on your wall, you can’t get away with working through cocktail hour.


Best for an Office or Gym

IMEGINA Hustle Neon Sign

This energetic white neon sign inspires and reminds you to work hard.

Pros: What does the word hustle mean to you? Every time you see this neon sign, you can get some motivation to work hard in the office or get going with your workout in the gym. The 19.7- by 5-inch handmade sign is constructed with an acrylic backboard and a flexible LED neon light belt made of soft PVC. The white neon sign comes with a 5.9-foot USB cable. Simply plug it into a power bank USB port or wall adapter and enjoy!

Cons: This is a large sign. It could overwhelm a room if it’s not a good size for the space you want to put it.

Bottom Line: There’s so much positivity with this white neon sign that it’s hard to know what to say. If the message speaks to you and you have a suitable space to hang it, it could be the perfect addition to your home. 


Best for a Kids' Room

QiaoFei Cute Dinosaur LED Neon Sign

A dinosaur-shaped neon sign to soothe bedtime fear of the dark.

Pros: Isn’t every kid’s dream a bright (but not too bright) green sign shaped like a dinosaur? It works perfectly as a night-light or a fun decoration for the bedroom or a birthday party. Hang the dinosaur neon sign with the built-in hook holes or place it on a shelf, whichever your kiddo likes best. Power the sign with a 9.2-foot USB cable that features an ON/OFF switch or with three AAA batteries.

Cons: It’s a smaller size.

Bottom Line: This fun, green neon dinosaur sign will surely make your kid or the kid in you happy. It’s an excellent night-light solution!


Best for a Game Room

ineonlife Gamepad LED Neon Sign

This colorful gamepad-shaped neon sign is visible with lights on or off.

Pros: What better way to put your favorite game fans in the mood for a good time. This gamepad-shaped LED neon sign features a white illuminated outline, a red X button, and a green O button, just like real video game controllers. The back panel is made of acrylic, and the neon light tube is made of PVC. Measuring an ample 16 by 11 inches, this gamepad neon sign features two holes to hang the sign wherever you like and two adhesive hooks for easy wall mounting. A 6.5-foot USB power cord comes with the sign for easy installation and use.

Cons: A few users report that the adhesion does not keep the sign up securely. You might want to hang it with nails instead.

Bottom Line: If you or someone you know loves to game, this neon sign can make gaming sessions even more fun. It’s bright and colorful, full of positive energy, and it’ll complete a gaming setup with RGB accessories very well.


Best for a Man Cave

ADVPRO Personalized Man Cave Bar Neon Sign

This man cave neon sign displays your name for all to see.

Pros: To those with man caves, listen up! Check out this LED neon wall sign because it’s made just for you. The 12- by 1- by 8.5-inch sign may be what you need to make your man cave officially yours, with your name written in light. If you decide to go for it, your name would be carved using the latest 3D, line, and surface technology. The heat it emits is low, and the sign comes with a 5-foot cable with an ON/OFF switch function.

Cons: A few users say it was smaller than they expected.

Bottom Line: This must be one of the most efficient and fun ways to personalize your hangout. Your name is in glowing neon letters for everyone to see! 

Final Thoughts

Now you know what neon signs can do for your home—shake things up! We hope you were able to find a sign you like or a better idea of what you’re looking for. Our picks could make excellent additions to your home.

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