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The Best Nose Clips for Swimming

A woman in a pool with blue lipstick wears a nose clip and ear plug.

Nose clips prevent water from entering and air from escaping your nostrils while swimming. There are many benefits to wearing nose clips during aquatic activity, including an increase in speed and buoyancy in the water as well as a decrease in that burning feeling of getting water stuck up your nose. We recommend checking these nose clips out whether you are a novice or an expert in the pool.

Choosing Nose Clips

There are a variety of nose clips available to choose from. Consider these factors when selecting your next pair:

  • Fit: Some nose clips come with an adjustable design, while others are available in different sizes. In addition, some nose clips offer a low-profile fit for a more competitive edge. Make sure you pick an ergonomic and comfortable pair for your nose and needs.
  • Material: Plastic, silicone, and stainless steel are the most common materials nose clips are produced with. Choose an option that’s right for you.
  • Features: Nose clips can come with straps and cases for convenience. Consider your options when it comes to these additions.

Best Overall: Hurdilen Nose Clips

14 nose clips in a variety of colors are displayed against a white background.

Hurdilen nose clips are made of premium allergy-free and high-grade soft silicone and have a polycarbonate frame. They are safe and nontoxic, eco-friendly, waterproof, and ergonomically designed to fit the contour of your nose bridge. Plus, they are very durable, flexible, and skin-friendly. These clips are comfortable and effective and arrive in a 14-pack with varying colors. 

Best Overall

Swimming Nose Clip,Hurdilen Swim Nose Clip with Waterproof Silica Gel for Kids (Age 7+) and Adults,14 Packs,Multi-Color

These nose clips are made of food-grade silicone, so they are safe, comfortable, and clean.

Best with Strap: Arena Nose Clip

A nose clip with a strap is displayed against a white background.

Made of 60% silicone and 40% polycarbonate, these nose clips from Arena offer a perfect fit and extra comfort due to their memory plastic frame. They are available in five different colors and come with a strap, so you’ll never risk losing them in the water.

Best with Strap

Best Competitive: Speedo Nose Clip

A nose clip with stainless steel frame and rubber nose pads is displayed in front of a clear Speedo case.

The lightweight and waterproof nose clips from Speedo are ideal for swimmers who need an extra edge in competition. They feature a low-profile fit with adjustable stainless steel frames and TPR nose pads for comfort. Additionally, they are built to stay secure on your nose and come with a clear carrying case.

Best Competitive

Speedo Unisex Swim Training Nose Clip Competitive Beige, One Size

These competiton-style nose clips are especially great for synchronized swimmers.

Best Clear: Sinus Saver Nose Plugs

A clear nose clip is displayed against a white background.

Sinus Saver’s silicone nose plugs are crafted to offer an ergonomic and safe fit for long wearing periods. They promise no leakage or displacement, even in strenuous water performance activities. With a clear design, they can be worn by any swimmer without being noticed. For the perfect contour, they are also offered in four different sizes.

Best Set: Splaqua Swimming Gear Set

A swimming gear set is displayed against a white background; the set includes a case, goggles, earplugs, nose plugs, and cap.

For nose clips that come with other useful swimming gear, Splaqua has created this set, which includes goggles, earplugs, a swimming cap, and a waterproof EVA case. The goggles are adjustable and have anti-fog, UV-protected lenses; the earplugs are lightweight and are one size fits most; the nose clips have soft plastic pads that offer a secure fit without causing skin irritation; the silicone cap is durable and stretchy enough to cover hair and ears, and the case has a zippered closure and clip for ease of use.

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