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The Best Nose Wax Kits

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🕚 Updated March 2022

Ever look in the mirror to discover your inner nose hairs have grown out of bounds? If you want to tame those protruding nose hairs, here are some nose wax kits we recommend.

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  Top Choice For Sensitive Skin Convenient Option Great Value Premium Choice
Nose Hair Wax Removal Kit
Nose Wax Kit
Black Mud Microwave Nose Hair Wax Kit
Nose Wax Kit
Bestidy Nose Hair Waxing Kit
Our SummaryThis trendy nose hair removal kit does the trick and adds some fun.A nose hair removal kit with a soothing wax for less painful hair removal.A simple nose hair removal kit with some intriguing black mud wax.This kit extracts nose hairs by the root, giving you a long-lasting wax job.This body hair waxing kit with warmer saves money and includes everything needed for a spa-like treatment.
ProsHip storage bag, all-inclusive kit for men and women, quality hypo-allergenic wax.Great for sensitive skin, SafeTip applicators to protect inner-nostril hair, removes hair from the root, lasts up to four weeks.Unique-looking wax, scaled-back kit, 7-ounce container, microwaveable, mix of large and medium wax sticks.Microwaveable, no warmer needed, all-inclusive kit specific to nose hair removal.Saves money, colorful 100% wax beads, ABS heat-assisted wax warmer, safe and easy to use.
ConsTrial and error with microwave.Might require frequent reheating.Can leave behind wax on the skin.Trial and error with microwave.Not the most beginner-friendly.
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The Best Nose Wax Kits

A woman gets her nose hair waxed.
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Without proper maintenance, nose hairs get longer with age, and long nose hairs can distract from an overall polished look. By investing in a high-quality waxing kit, you can eliminate those annoying nose hairs. Waxing quickly and efficiently extracts nose hairs by the root to diminish the appearance of long hairs for up to a month.

Buying Guide for Nose Wax Kits

Yellow hot liquid wax for depilation on a wooden stick
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Why buy a nose wax kit?

It makes sense to buy a nose wax kit because plucking them with tweezers hurts and takes way too long. Plus, it’s nearly impossible to do a thorough job if you’re in pain. The other alternative is using a nose hair trimmer, which is pretty pain-free but doesn’t last nearly as long as waxing. And if you have facial hair that you want to keep, like a mustache, you want to avoid messing up those clean lines you’ve worked hard to cultivate. Many nose wax kits include mustache protectors just for this reason. Finally, if you do your own hair removal, you save money on professional waxing for more exciting things!

What should you look for in a nose wax kit?

  • Materials: To ensure a safe and pain-free wax session, you should invest in kits with high-quality materials. Your kit should come with wax beads that are nontoxic and organic, as these work best for those with sensitive skin. Your kit should also include nostril-sized wax applicators to get a close, clean wax.
  • Heating Methods: There are several ways you can heat your wax beads to get them ready for your hair removal session. The first way is through a wax warmer; it melts the beads through an electric heat source, allowing you to warm the wax to your preferred temperature. Another way to melt your wax beads is in the microwave! Just measure out the number of wax beads you’ll need, combine them with a splash of water in a microwave-safe bowl, and then microwave the mixture for about a minute to get perfectly melted wax.
  • Extras: Especially if it’s your first time waxing your own nose hair, extra items like pre-wax and after-wax oil, a variety of colored wax beads, and gloves can make a big difference. Having more tools than you might think necessary can reduce the likelihood of under-preparedness and a bad experience.

Should you buy a separate hair removal kit if you want to wax other parts of your body?

Some of the nose wax kits we review here are designed for waxing wherever there’s unwanted hair. For example, we review a wax warmer kit that includes wax beads, applicators, and gloves that can be used on any part of the body, including the nose. Then there are specialized nose hair removal kits which, because they’re so geared for nose hair, limit you to just the nose. Just pay attention to the product listings and included supplies to determine if you’ll need a separate kit for hair removal on other parts of your body.

Our Picks for the Best Nose Wax Kits

Top Choice

Kenashii Nose Hair Wax Removal Kit

This trendy nose hair removal kit does the trick and adds some fun.

Pros: This nose wax removal kit is less painful in many ways. For starters, the colorful packaging takes the focus from this unpleasant grooming task. All the kits’ contents fit into a cotton storage bag. The kit contains a 3.5-ounce container of hypoallergenic wax that retains its softness regardless of temperature change, 24 applicators (hair removal sticks), 12 soothing balm wipes, 12 mustache guards, and instructions. The job should take under five minutes and last for up to five weeks.

Cons: The instructions say to melt the wax for three minutes using a 500-watt microwave. If your microwave has a higher wattage, you may need to err on the side of caution and set the timer for less.

Bottom Line: This nose hair removal kit includes the essential items you need and is presented with a fun twist. Enjoy your clean, hair-free nose for weeks!


For Sensitive Skin

Nad's Nose Wax Kit

A nose hair removal kit with a soothing wax for less-painful hair removal.

Pros: Designed to make hair removal as pain-free as possible, this kit includes a 45-gram container of chamomile, aloe-enriched wax, and four post-wax calming wipes. To ensure a successful hair removal, the kit also comes with eight SafeTip applicators, four mustache stencils, four wooden spatulas, and four antibacterial wipes. The hard wax aims to remove air from the root while the SafeTip applicators leave the deeper-set hair unharmed.

Cons: Some users found that they needed to reheat the wax several times in one waxing session.

Bottom Line: Nad’s nose wax kit does the job, and the results last up to four solid weeks—not bad! Use the kit for middle brow hair and blackheads, too. It’s quick, easy if you follow the instructions, and gentle on the skin.


Convenient Option

waxup Black Mud Microwave Nose Hair Wax Kit

A simple nose hair removal kit with some intriguing black mud wax.

Pros: Some of you may shirk at the looks of this product, but we encourage you to give it a chance! Yes, it looks like black mud, but it’s not; it’s wax. In fact, the formula encourages circulation as it absorbs impurities and oils in the skin. And the whole idea behind this product is less fuss, better efficacy, and applicability. In other words, use it almost anywhere you want to get rid of hair. Read the instructions first. Then, microwave for a minute and apply it to outer nose hairs, ears, hair around the bikini line, and even on your toes and back. Included with the 7 ounces of wax are eight large and eight medium wax sticks.

Cons: Sometimes, wax can get left behind on the skin and be difficult to remove.

Bottom Line: Whether you like to play in the mud or not, there’s no denying the value of this high-quality wax hair removal kit that requires only three steps.


Great Value

Wokaar Nose Wax Kit

This kit extracts nose hairs by the root, giving you a long-lasting wax job.

Pros: This nose wax kit includes applicators, paper cups, measuring cups, and 100 grams of wax beads. It’s an intriguing process; the whole thing looks like a science experiment. Not to worry, though: it works really well. You don’t need a wax warmer, as the natural wax beads melt easily in the microwave within two minutes. Just dip the applicators in the melted wax and place them inside the nostrils. After two minutes max, pull them out fast.

Cons: A few users described how hard it was to find how long to set the microwave to achieve honey-like consistency because the recommended time was not long enough.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a bit of novelty and a truly thorough nose hair removal kit, Wokaar is worth your attention. There’s also the benefit of knowing the wax is pure wax.


Premium Choice

Bestidy Nose Hair Waxing Kit

This body hair waxing kit with warmer saves money and includes everything needed for a spa-like treatment.

Pros: Do you need to remove some nose hair and body hair? This waxing kit could be the answer. The five-pack mix of chamomile, lavender, rose, aloe, and cream-colored 100% pure wax is spa-quality. The wax is gentle, effective, and suitable for the face, nose, armpits, bikini area, etc. You can even go for a Brazilian if you’re up to it. There’s a white digital wax warmer with a nonstick pot, wax, applicators, gloves, and both pre-wax and after-wax oil. Made of durable ABS heat-assisted material, the warmer is safe and easy to operate.

Cons: If you’ve never waxed before, you may find this kit a bit overwhelming. Some users recommend starting slow, maybe focusing on an area where you’re less sensitive. It’s also more expensive than the other options, but that’s because it’s a premium pick.

Bottom Line: Look beyond the end of your nose as you consider this money-saving wax removal kit. Treat yourself! With this waxing kit, you have total control of the temperature, the pace, and the areas you want to wax.

Final Thoughts

Waxing that unsightly nose hair is a convenient and affordable way to get a polished look. These kits can help you get the hair-free look you’re going for.

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