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The Best Nursing Chairs

Babies eat a lot, so you'll want a comfortable place to rest when the time comes to feed them. That's where these cozy and beautiful nursing chairs come in.

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  Top Choice Most Comfortable Best 3-in-1 Best Color Options Also Great
Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman
Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider with Bonus Ottoman
Raleigh Upholstered Glider For Nursery
Angel Line
Windsor Glider and Ottoman
Children Blair Slim Nursery Glider Swivel Rocker Chair
Our SummaryYou can find the perfect chair for your nursery color theme with this nursing glider and ottoman duo.You'll look forward to feeding and cuddling your baby even more with this comfy nursing chair and glider set.This versatile is a nursing chair is a glider, recliner, and swivel chair in one.More affordable than most, this nursing chair and ottoman comes in many different colors and finishes.Choose from three different movements to find whatever makes you feel most at peace with your baby.
Pros✓ Available in 16 colors
✓ Easy-to-clean polyester
✓ Side pockets
✓ Metal ball bearings for smooth glide
✓ Includes ottoman
✓ High back for neck support
✓ Glides and swivels
✓ Ottoman and lumbar pillow included
✓ Six color options
✓ 300-pound weight limit
✓ Greenguard Gold Certified
✓ Comfortable and convenient
✓ Swivels for easy movement
✓ Reclines with pop-out footrest for nursing
✓ Gentle gliding motion for additional soothing
✓ Suitable for compact spaces
✓ Soft and plush
✓ Cushioned back and arms
✓ Ottoman included
✓ Smooth gliding and rocking motion
✓ Easy to assemble
✓ Multiple fabric and wood color options
✓ Lower priced
✓ Glides, rocks, and swivels
✓ Three color options
✓ Wooden frame
✓ Metal base
✓ Polyester cushions for easy cleaning
✓ Removable base cushion
Cons✗ Low weight limit
✗ Cushions aren't as comfy
✗ Narrower cushion
✗ Glider and swivel need to be oiled
✗ May grow squeaky
✗ Hard-to-open reclining and footrest
✗ Less comfy bottom cushion
✗ Material prone to bunching
✗ Smaller than most
✗ 225-pound weight limit
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The Best Nursing Chairs

A mother holds her newborn baby while sittingin a chair in a nursery.
Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock.com

These pieces of furniture were designed specifically for feeding your baby. They’re wider and lower than most normal chairs or armchairs, giving you more flexibility to find the best and most supportive position when breastfeeding or giving your baby a bottle. They also often have padded, fabric-covered arms for additional comfort and support. Many of them glide or rock to help you soothe your baby to sleep in your arms.

Buying Guide for Nursing Chairs

Mother holding and feed her baby child on chair

Why should you buy a nursing chair?

While not a strict necessity, many new and experienced parents find a nursing chair a worthwhile addition to their newborn’s nursery. Besides being a comfy and convenient place to feed a baby, quite a few nursing chairs double as rocking chairs or at least glide back and forth, so they can help soothe a fussy infant to sleep. Many models come with a built-in or accompanying footstool or ottoman so that parents can put their feet up while feeding or rocking their baby.

Whether you purchase a chair for a nursery or a living room, you’ll have a cozy and soothing place to go when it’s time to feed and bond with your little one.

What should you consider when shopping for a nursing chair?

  • Comfort: The main purpose of a nursing chair is to provide the parent with as comfortable a place to sit as possible. There should be a decent balance between softness and support. Think about how tall you want the headrest, armrests, and footrest. Do you want a wide model for extra room to maneuver or stretch out? What sort of fabric feels most comfortable to you? Also keep an eye out for a nursing chair with lumbar support, as this is both more comfortable and more supportive.
  • Stationary vs. Motion: Quite a few nursing chairs have either rocking or gliding properties to help rock your baby to sleep or calm them when they’re fussing. The difference between the two is that rockers sway in an arc, but gliders move back and forth on a fixed track. Some gliders even swivel from side to side. Gliders are smoother, and since they don’t raise off the ground, they won’t accidentally come down on toes or fingers while moving. This makes them a bit of a safer choice for you if you have other small children in the house. Or you may prefer the stability of a stationary nursing chair that doesn’t move at all.
  • Convenience: Some will have storage pockets in the arms to give you a convenient place to hold bottles, burping cloths, snacks for you, and other essentials. Some nursing chairs will be covered with waterproof and/or stain-resistant fabric that increases their durability and makes them that much easier to clean. This is an especially useful feature since most nursing chairs can only be spot cleaned. Also consider how much assembly the nursing chair will require.

Are nursing chairs easy to clean?

This is an important consideration because messes are more common in a nursing chair versus a regular piece of furniture, thanks to the higher risk of spills and spit-ups. Some nursing chairs will be covered with waterproof and/or stain-resistant fabric that increases their durability and makes them that much easier to clean. This is an especially useful feature since most nursing chairs can only be spot cleaned.

Our Picks for the Best Nursing Chairs

Top Choice

Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman

You can find the perfect chair for your nursery or living space color theme with this nursing glider and ottoman duo.

Pros: Whether you’re looking for the perfect chair for a nursery theme or want to add a chair to another living space in your home, this nursing glider will be a great fit in one of its 16 color options. The cushions are made of polyester, making them not only comfortable but easy to clean. Each armrest has a pocket over the side, so you can easily store and reach a book, iPad, or phone. Metal ball bearings make for a smooth glide, and a spacious seat allows for plenty of room for both you and your little one as they grow. The ottoman is a partner in comfort that is often overlooked, but it makes a big difference and can help you find a variety of comfortable positions. The chair is easy to assemble with clear instructions.

Cons: The cushions may not feel as comfortable as others. The weight limit is 250 pounds, which isn’t always accommodating for adults with a growing baby/toddler to use.

Bottom Line: This nursing chair and ottoman set can fit perfectly in your nursery or main living space, thanks to the variety of base and cushion color combinations. With a roomy seat and easy-to-clean cushions, you can get comfortable and not worry too much about spills. The over-the-arm pockets can keep reading materials and belongings within reach if you decide to relax with your little one in the chair after they’re asleep. If you oil the bearings and clean the cushions as needed, this nursing glider can withstand years of regular use.


Most Comfortable

DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider with Bonus Ottoman

You'll look forward to feeding and cuddling your baby even more with this comfy nursing chair and glider set.

Pros: The glider chair has a high back, so you can rest your head during calm bonding time with your child. The metal base provides easy forward and back gliding, and it swivels for maximum comfort and convenience. The accompanying ottoman allows you to put your feet up, bend your knees, or find another comfy position while feeding your child. This set also includes a lumbar pillow for added support. The duo comes in six color options to fit your decor theme. Feel at peace that your baby is breathing clean air because this nursery set is Greenguard Gold Certified, meaning the fabric doesn’t release any chemical emissions or VOCs. The weight limit of the chair is 300 pounds.

Cons: When your baby is smaller, this chair will be cozy, but once they’re bigger, it can feel cramped, as it’s only 25 inches wide. The metal glider and swivel may need to be oiled more often to keep it from squeaking.

Bottom Line: Glide or swivel in comfort while you feed and soothe your baby with this chair and ottoman set. The high back provides extra support for your neck. While the chair is cozy for snuggles with a newborn baby, it can begin to feel cramped as your little one grows.


Best 3-in-1

Evolur Raleigh Upholstered Glider For Nursery

This versatile is a nursing chair is a glider, recliner, and swivel chair in one.

Pros: This versatile nursing chair is designed to provide the utmost comfort and convenience for both you and your little one. This chair is a dream come true for new parents, combining functionality with style. It boasts a swivel function, allowing you to effortlessly turn in any direction, making it convenient to reach for items or interact with your surroundings without disturbing your baby. This chair also reclines smoothly, providing you with the perfect position for nursing, feeding, or simply relaxing. It also glides in a gentle motion that adds an extra touch of soothing comfort for you and your little one. With this chair, you can easily find the ideal position to unwind and bond with your baby. It’s perfect for compact spaces, as it’s neither too big nor too heavy. And the soft, durable material has a plush, velvet-like texture that adds luxury and comfort.

Cons: While this nursing chair has many fantastic features, you may experience some squeaking after several months of use, which may disturb your baby and require some extra maintenance. Some users have also found it challenging to recline the chair or put the footrest back in place smoothly.

Bottom Line: Providing unparalleled comfort and functionality, this nursing chair with its swivel, recline, and glide capabilities is perfect for creating a cozy and peaceful space in your nursery– so much so that you’ll want to keep it to serve as a regular armchair, even after your baby is weaned.


Best Color Options

Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman

More affordable than most, this nursing chair and ottoman comes in many different colors and finishes.

Pros: If there’s ever a time and place to put your feet up after a busy day or wakeful night, it’s with this gliding chair. The cushions provide support for your back and arms, ensuring you’re that much more comfortable during feeding time. The included ottoman adds an extra level of comfort, allowing you to prop up your feet and unwind. As does the smooth gliding and rocking motion, which create a calming atmosphere to help to lull your baby to sleep or provide a soothing experience for yourself. With its easy assembly process, you can quickly set up the chair and start enjoying its benefits in no time. The multiple color options—both for the padding and the wooden finishes—and the sleek design make it a fabulous addition to any nursery or bedroom. And the price tag is on the lower end to boot.

Cons: Some customers have expressed the wish that the bottom cushion was more cushy or plush, so you may want to supplement it with extra padding for enhanced comfort. Additionally, the material is prone to bunching up after sitting for extended periods, so you may find yourself having to re-arrange or smooth it back out often.

Bottom Line: This is an affordable glider chair that is comfortable for nursing or soothing your baby, especially with included footstool. Its easy assembly, comfortable seating, and smooth gliding motion make it a favorite among new parents for creating a relaxing and nurturing (and stylish) environment for parents and babies alike.


Also Great

Delta Children Blair Slim Nursery Glider Swivel Rocker Chair

Choose from three different movements to find whatever makes you feel most at peace with your baby.

Pros: Not sure what movement you prefer in your nursing chair? With this comfortable and modern option, you don’t have to choose. It can glide forward and backward, rock gently, and swivel 360 degrees. The wooden frame is sturdy, and the metal base makes for smooth movement, so your baby can stay settled. This chair is available in three neutral colors to fit seamlessly into any nursery theme. The cushions are easy to spot clean, and unlike most nursing chairs, the bottom cushion can be removed for more thorough cleaning. The chair is straightforward to assemble and is done in minutes.

Cons: While the movement is smooth, the chair is noisy and is hard to keep from squeaking or creaking. This chair has the lightest weight limit on this list at 225 pounds. It doesn’t come with an ottoman, so you’ll have to look for one separately.

Bottom Line: Find what movement makes you and your baby the most comfortable for feeding and soothing with this nursing chair that does it all: rocks, glides, and swivels. This chair’s seat cushion comes out for easy cleaning. This chair is smaller and has a lighter weight capacity than most, so it may be better suited for those with a more petite build.

Final Thoughts

Feeding and soothing your baby are two of many tasks that you’ll be doing a lot as a new parent. To make these times comfortable and more enjoyable, these nursing chairs can be an excellent investment for your growing family.

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