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The Best Nursing Covers for Privacy

smiling blonde mom looking at baby beneath nursing cover

When it comes to breastfeeding out in public, there isn’t really a wrong way to go about doing it. Your baby needs to eat after all. However, some mommas prefer to have a little more coverage and privacy than others, and there’s nothing wrong with that! That’s why we’ve pulled together the best nursing covers out there to help give both you and your little one some privacy when it’s time for them to eat.

Purchasing a Breastfeeding Cover

There are so many nursing covers available that it can be hard to narrow down just one that fits you right. Things such as this typically will come down to personal preference—what makes you and baby both feel comfortable? Once you know that, there are a few other things you can consider:

  • Material: You don’t want something too heavy; otherwise, you’ll both get hot while feeding, and that can make your little one (or even you) too uncomfortable to finish.
  • Size: If you like privacy, then the more coverage, the better!
  • Multiuse: Some covers will offer multiple uses, like car seat covers, stroller covers, even scarves.
  • Transport: You’ll want to be able to take this cover with you easily. Look for something that folds to fit into a diaper bag pocket or gives you another option for taking it with you, such as fitting over the car seat as a cover or allowing you to wear it around your neck as a stylish scarf.
  • Operation: You don’t want something too difficult to put on, so make sure whichever cover you choose can quickly and easily be taken on and off.
  • Security: Make sure the cover you choose can easily be secured, in some fashion or another, so that it stays in place during feeding.

Most Popular: UHINOOS Nursing Cover

a black and white patterned nursing apron on a mannequin

This lightweight and breathable cover is available in three cute colors and offers a range of uses, from nursing cover to stroller cover to sunshade. Made of soft and light cotton without any AZO or other harmful chemicals, it can give both mothers and babies a close, secure feeling without being too hot or harsh on delicate skin. Designed with a convenient neck strap to hold it in place during breastfeeding, the strap itself is adjustable to make sure it always covers you just right during feedings. There is also enough room to still comfortably watch your little one nurse while allowing you both to have your privacy.

Most Popular

Most Versatile: PPOGOO Nursing Cover

gray and white nursing cover displayed in multiple uses

Forget only using this as a nursing cover! This 100% cotton, soft, stretchy cover is versatile for a range of functions, including a stroller cover, a car seat cover, a nursing cover, a shopping cart cover, a light blanket, and a scarf. You won’t run out of ways to use it! It will help to protect your little one from sunlight or wind, and it comes in various colors, so it is perfect for giving as a gift at a baby shower or for yourself. It is easy to put on or take off, thanks to stretchy material, while also allowing you to easily peek in on your little one during nursing while maintaining privacy. It also folds easily for storage or transport.

Best Poncho: LUCINE Baby Nursing Poncho

smiling mom using black and white striped nursing cover

Offering 360-degree protection, this nursing poncho is designed with the nursing mom in mind! It is made to not look anything like a typical nursing apron (and can be worn in a range of stylish ways), so it won’t draw extra attention to you while nursing. You can choose to wear it either over both arms or one arm—allowing you to multi-task! It is made of skin-friendly, lightweight, and breathable fabric. There won’t be any fear of your little one ripping this off, and it is also ideal for older babies who may get distracted during feedings. It is an excellent baby shower present or a sweet surprise for a new mom.

Best Scarf: LK Baby 2pk Infinity Nursing Scarf

displayed blue and gray scarf nursing covers

Made of 100% jersey polyester, this nursing cover won’t irritate your baby’s (or your) delicate skin! There are no phthalates, and the material is AZO-free, so you can feel good about draping it over you and your little one. Lightweight and breathable, this nursing cover will give you full privacy while allowing plenty of fresh air past you and your baby to keep you both comfortable during feeding time. The colors are unique and stylish, so when worn as a scarf, it will complement your outfit while giving your an added useful piece of mom-gear! It can be worn as a single or double loop, a wrap scarf, or any other way that makes you feel gorgeous.

Best Scarf

2pk LK Baby Infinity Nursing Scarf Breastfeeding Cover Ultra Soft (Grey/Navy)

Designed to be worn as a stylish scarf and give you private nursing coverage.

Best with Burp Cloth: Kids N’ Such Nursing Cover

smiling mom using floral patterned nursing cover

The flexible neckline allows a mom to safely watch her baby while nursing and gives her little one plenty of room to comfortably nurse without feeling cramped. Made of 100% breathable cotton, it is even ideal to use on hot days while you’re out at brunch with friends or watching your older kids running around at the playground. The neck strap is fully adjustable to make it any length that is comfortable for you and your baby. The designed sewn-in burp cloth along the bottom also means mommas can easily and quickly go from nursing to burping in one easy motion. The burp cloth also gives just enough extra weight to make sure the cover never flips up while nursing. The cover is machine washable to always be ready for the next nursing time.

Best with Burp Cloth

Kids N’ Such Baby Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding with Sewn-in Burp Cloth & Matching Pouch, Vintage Navy Floral

This cover gives a mom privacy and allows for easy one-motion feeding to burping.

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