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The Best Office Chairs for Your Desk

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🕚 Updated August 2021

If you work in an office, you likely sit at a desk for long periods of time. For that reason above all else, you deserve a chair that you find comfortable and that supports productivity.

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  Best Lumbar Support Best for Budget Best for Executives Most Stylish Best Weight Capacity
Ergonomic Office Chair
Ergonomic Desk Chair
Big & Tall Office Chair
Art Leon
Mid-Century Modern Chair with Beech Legs
Adjustable Office Chair
Our SummaryThe ergonomics of this office chair are impressive. The backrest keeps your spine in line, which means less stress to your back, hips, and even neck.Serta takes fit and comfort seriously. This office chair is for big and tall individuals.A reliable, affordable office chair with a high-density sponge cushion.This wooden-legged office chair is a functional piece of furniture with artistic flair. There's no risk of floor-scratching or carpet-indenting wheels to worry about.The breathable mesh back makes for a streamlined, even elegant look, but this office chair is durable and practical. It provides several adjustable features as well.
ProsNice ergonomic features, breathable mesh material, decent price, adjustable headrest, armrests, tilt function.Great color options, comfy high-density foam seat, mesh back promotes air flow. Big and tall shape and look, quality cushioning and padding, nice headrest, and lift and tilt adjustable.Delivers the look, make, and performance as marketed; durable; swivels 360 degrees; authentic wooden legs; several color options.High weight capacity, adjustable lumbar support, mesh backing supports the spine, headrest positioned well, great padding, smooth-rolling caster wheels.
ConsSeat cushion might feel too firm, not the best weight capacity.Armrests sit low and are not adjustable, mid-back lumbar support does not support most bodies.Even tall people might not be tall enough for ideal comfort, armrests cannot be adjusted, might be too large for a standard-sized office.Might be too small, customers might not like the look, no wheels.No depth adjustment, not fit for everyone and not sufficiently adjustable to fix those issues.
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The Best Office Chairs for Your Desk

A woman sits at her desk in an office chair and works on her laptop.
Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock.com

Work has changed a lot in the last few years. Many professionals work from home now, whereas others never stopped going to the office, and some employees are in the process of returning to work. Unless you’ve decided to park yourself on the sofa for the foreseeable future, you might appreciate an office chair. And if you’ve found your way to this article, you’re likely thinking of buying an office chair for yourself or for your employees. Here are some options that we recommend.

Buying Guide for Office Chairs

A man sits back in his office chair while sitting in his modern office.

Why buy an office chair?

It pays to sit in a chair that suits the job. If you have a professional job, a formal, ergonomic chair could be the functional prop that you need to do great work. And there are many office chair styles to fit your physical and aesthetic needs.

What should you look for in an office chair?

  • Quality: You want a chair that will perform well over time. Buying an office chair simply because it’s low in cost leads to buying yet another chair. Take into consideration the quality of the parts used, even the textile covering the seat. And don’t worry, you don’t have to spend tons of money for the sake of quality. There are numerous budget-friendly, well-made office chairs to choose from.
  • Comfort: Most individuals will feel better physically over the long haul with an ergonomically designed office chair. There are also office chairs on the market that provide great ergonomics and fit specific statures and sizes. If you’ll be sitting in it all day long, you’ll want your chair to support you well.
  • Style: Some customers consider the aesthetics of office chairs to be a low priority. However, it’s worth considering in terms of your work environment. If you’re buying an office chair for your eyes only, then looks might not matter. But if you’re an employer, it might be worth considering nice-looking as well as functional office chairs. A good-looking chair, in addition to other office accents, makes for a pleasant ambiance, and a pleasurable workplace can impact job performance.

What’s the most important thing to look for when purchasing an office chair?

Comfort? Quality? Style? The answer is definitely subjective. That aside, it makes sense to be as practical as possible when selecting an office chair: You need it to function, period. And it needs to be within your price range. If you have the luxury of going beyond the essentials, then consider what extras are important to you. Once you’re clear on what you’re looking for, there’s no doubt that you’ll find an excellent product.

Our Selections for the Most Comfortable Office Chairs

Best Lumbar Support

Ergonomic Office Chair High Back Adjustable Height Rolling Swivel Computer Task Chair Reclining Breathable High-Density Mesh Desk Chair with Flip-Up Armrest Rotate Headrest Back Support,Black(300lbs)

The ergonomics of this office chair are impressive. The backrest keeps your spine in line, which means less stress to your back, hips, and even neck.

Pros: The chair is designed to support the body in all the necessary places: the spine, the head, and the arms. There’s also an adjustable tilt function, so you can switch from sitting upright and alert to reclining for relaxation. The height function helps you avoid craning your neck. The backrest supports your body in a way that keeps you upright with a tall spine even as you relax into the chair. Finally, the durable mesh back allows airflow, which can prevent back sweat.

Cons: Although it’s nice and supportive, the cushion might feel too firm for some. The max weight capacity isn’t the most accommodating.

Bottom Line: This is a fine ergonomic office chair. It has plenty of nice features, like its multi-adjustability and breathable material, and it’s available at a reasonable price.


Best for Budget

BestOffice Home or Office Chair

A reliable, affordable office chair with a high-density sponge cushion.

Pros: The BestOffice office chair is available in eight colors, which is quite a variety compared to similar office chairs. If you have a home office, this can be an especially enticing feature, as you can choose orange if it’s your favorite color, for example, and not worry about clashing with the company aesthetic. The high-density foam seat is quite comfy, and the mesh back promotes airflow.

Cons: The chair’s armrests sit too low for many builds and can’t be adjusted. Consequentially, the armrests can dig into the hips and legs. While the seat itself provides comfort, the mesh fabric wears down relatively quickly. Finally, the mid-back lumbar support only helps those at just the right height. The seat height is adjustable, but if your mid-back sits lower or higher than the chair’s lumbar support, you might find it unsuitable.

Bottom Line: The quality of the parts and material is good enough to make a functioning chair, but it isn’t the best out there. Depending on your build and the value that you put into having a wide color selection, this chair might work great for you. In fact, petite individuals might find it to be ideal.


Best for Executives

Serta Big & Tall Office Chair

Serta takes fit and comfort seriously. This office chair is for big and tall professionals.

Pros: This chair wins hands down as a big and tall executive chair. It gets a gold star for its professional high-back design, and it comes in brown, black, and gray, so you can tailor it to fit your office decor. If you can imagine a CEO of a large corporation sitting at their desk in a prominent chair, this is the one. Serta promises sitting comfort, with layers of plush, pillow-like material, and the chair itself doesn’t disappoint. Even the armrests are generously padded. The headrest is positioned at the right spot, and the adjustable features—lift and tilt—make this office chair a nice seat.

Cons: If you’re under six feet tall, this probably isn’t the chair for you. And while the adjustment features add value, they won’t fix your problems if you’re not big and tall. Also, the armrests can’t be adjusted. Consider, too, that it might be too large for your office space. Be sure to read the specs before you make a decision.

Bottom Line: Serta is a reputable name in mattresses and bed frames first and foremost, so it makes sense that their big and tall office chair prioritizes comfort. If you have the room for it, this chair can be a cozy statement piece in your office.


Best Weight Capacity

Duramont Adjustable Office Chair

The breathable mesh back makes for a streamlined and even elegant look, but this office chair is durable and practical. It provides several adjustable features as well.

Pros: The most notable feature of the Duramont office chair is its high weight capacity of 330 pounds. Another nice aspect is the adjustable lumbar, which allows users to move the support up and down as well as in and out. Its padded seat, back, and armrests perform well compared to similar chairs. The mesh backing fully supports the spine, and the headrest is positioned to do its job. Additionally, the rollerblade caster wheels roll smoothly across soft and hard surfaces alike.

Cons: While it presents as an ergonomic, adjustable chair, the Duramont offers no depth adjustment, which is unfortunate for people whose knees might not reach the edge of the chair. The result is a poor fit for the hips and the knees, and over time, this mismatch could impact the back, the neck, and the shoulders.

Bottom Line: If you need lumbar support, the Duramont is worth a look. It certainly won’t appeal to everyone, but no single office chair does. This office chair does quite well if you tally up the pros—quality padding, adjustable lumbar support, easy-glide caster wheels, and high back support. In short, the features that it does have are great. It’s the missing features that can be a drawback.


Most Stylish

Art Leon Mid-Century Modern Chair with Beech Legs

This wooden-legged office chair is a functional piece of furniture with artistic flair. There's no risk of floor-scratching or carpet-indenting wheels to worry about.

Pros: The four wooden legs of this chair are made of authentic beechwood. The polyester-cotton upholstery that covers the padded seat and sturdy metal frame looks nice and is durable. Also, you know the chair’s dimensions upfront: 22.83 inches wide by 23.62 inches deep by 33.46 inches high. There are no adjustable features, so there’s no room for disappointment on that end. It just swivels 360 degrees. Simple! Plus, it comes in several colors, and there’s a faux leather version as well.

Cons: It might be too small for some users. Again, check the dimensions to decide for sure if this Art Leon chair will suit you. It does swivel, but it doesn’t have wheels on the bottom like many other office chairs, which could be great for some but not-so-great for others.

Bottom Line: Do you like the way that this mid-century modern chair looks? Are you looking for one with no wheels? If you like its presentation, functionality, and size, this might be your new favorite chair.


Best for Standing Desks

Boss Office Drafting Chair

This drafting chair is ideal for engineers, artists, and architects. The 27-inch base provides stability.

Pros: It’s called a drafting chair for a reason. It’s meant for people who sit at high desks, such as architects, engineers, and artists—professionals who draft designs by hand. Of course, drafting tables and the accompanying drafting chair aren’t used exclusively by people in these professions. Whatever field you work in, the Boss standing desk chair will prove to be a solid product. The contoured seat and seat-height adjustment feature, not to mention the brass ring footrest, aid in providing a comfortable seat for the hours that you work. And although armless standing desk chairs are most common, the Boss chair gives you options: armless, looped arm, and regular armrests.

Cons: While the chair features a 27-inch base, which is on the wider side, some people might feel like they’re perching on a wobbly chair since the seat is higher and there are no armrests. Another drawback is simply that this tall desk chair isn’t adaptable to desks of average height.

Bottom Line: This high desk chair is a winning product for the people who need it. Customers who overlook its intended purpose and dimensions won’t be pleased—unless they can find another use for it, that is. If you’re looking for a chair for your standing or draft desk, this chair is a good option.

Final Thoughts

There are so many variations on the standard office chair that most shoppers will find something with a good look, ergonomic features, and an ideal price range. And with some creative thinking, there are ways to personalize any office chair purchase to improve comfort and appearance. For example, you could add another seat cushion or other office amenities (like a footrest) to really elevate your work setup.

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