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The Best Olive Oil Dispensers

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🕚 Updated October 2021

The best way to store, pour, and lengthen the life of your olive oil is by keeping it in an olive oil dispenser.

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  Best Overall Best Ceramic Best Automatic Best with a Mister Best Set
Glass Olive Oil Bottle
Rachael Ray
Ceramic Olive Oil Dispenser
Auto Flip Olive Oil Dispenser
Olive Oil Dispenser Set
Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle Set
Our SummaryThis is a practical olive oil dispenser bundle that will keep your olive oil safe and easy to pour.A ceramic oil storing cruet with an easy-to-hold handle and a unique design.A stylish and innovative automatic olive oil dispenser.A classic olive oil dispenser and a mister that provide an easy cooking experience.A drip-free dispenser set that pours out the ideal amount.
ProsDark bottle, 17-ounce capacity, interchangeable stainless steel toppers, dishwasher safe.Ceramic, protects from oxidation/light, several color options, built in handle, dishwasher safe.Automatic lid, one-handed pouring, no dripping.Mess- and leak-free, built-in teaspoon and tablespoon measurements, no drips and no clogs.Glass bottles, no-spill design, integrated pumps, measuring tops, dishwasher safe.
ConsBasic design, could have issues with spout tightness.Ceramic material chips, good for pouring but not dribbling.Meant for thin liquids, clean with cool water only.Tops are hand wash only, mister could get gloppy or stop working.Doesn't work with thick dressings, not meant to be shaken.
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The Best Olive Oil Dispensers

A tall glass olive oil dispenser full of olive oil placed on a kitchen counter.
Audrey Saracco/Shutterstock.com

Olive oil dispensers are great additions to almost any kitchen, whether you want to add a beautiful design element, get longer-lasting olive oil, or both. These types of containers protect the olive oil from oxygen, light, and heat—all of which impact its longevity. Dispensers also allow you to easily control the amount of olive oil you pour out. They can come with great features, such as drip-free spouts, nonslip bottoms, and even misters.

Buying Guide for the Best Olive Oil Dispensers

A glass olive oil dispenser and some olive oil in a small dish next to some bread.

Why buy an olive oil dispenser?

Keeping your olive oil fresh is just one advantage of an oil dispenser. The purchase of one allows you to customize your storage methods to your kitchen’s aesthetic. Not only will a dispenser look nice out on your counter, but it will also help you maximize your pantry’s cabinet space. Olive oil tends to be an essential ingredient in many recipes, so it’s helpful to have it within an arm’s reach of your kitchen counter.

What should you look for in an olive oil dispenser?

  • Material: Olive oil dispensers are constructed from a variety of materials, including glass and ceramic. Darker-tinted containers tend to keep away light and air and are recommended to keep your olive oil fresh. A ceramic dispenser is especially good for storage because it not only blocks out light and air, but heat, too. If you want to actually see the olive oil as well as the amount in the container, a clear dispenser would be ideal. Alternatively, if you don’t mind not seeing the oil, you can opt for a dark-colored or ceramic oil dispenser.
  • Capacity: It’s especially important to consider how much olive oil you want to fit into a dispenser. Consider if you use olive oil every day or only occasionally, and if you need it for cooking or serving at the dinner table. On average, dispensers can hold anywhere between 8 to 20 ounces, so check how much each dispenser can contain, and evaluate whether it meets your needs.
  • Features: Some olive oil dispensers come with spouts, funnels, caps, and misters. Based on your needs, you may want to consider how many additional features your dispenser comes with. The spout is an especially important feature because it will protect the oil from air, especially if it has a cap to cover it when not in use.

Where should you keep your olive oil dispenser?

Olives come from olive trees, which makes them a fruit, so olive oil is technically a type of fruit juice. Like other fruits, proper storage is essential for longevity. The ideal temperature to store olive oil is about 65 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s best to keep it out of direct sunlight or heat; instead, opt for a cool, dark cupboard. Many people prefer to keep their olive oil near the stove for easy access, but this can cause the oil to become warm and rancid quicker.

Our Picks for the Best Olive Oil Dispenser

Best Overall

Aozita Olive Oil Bottle

This is a practical olive oil dispenser bundle that will keep your olive oil safe and easy to pour.

Pros: The Aozita dark green glass bottle holds up to 17 ounces and is designed to keep your olive oil in optimal condition by decreasing the sunlight’s effect on the olive oil. It comes with a set of interchangeable stainless steel toppers: a spout with a flip-top for controlled pouring, a rubber spout cap for mess-free transportation, a funnel made for easy refilling, and a black screw cap with a white inner cork that enables air-tight long-term storage. It’s built to be shatter-resistant, lead-free, and dishwasher safe so that you can use it effectively for a long time. You can also store vinegar inside if you want. The bottle is designed to be no-drip, and the little cap will keep out unwanted pests.

Cons: This product has a basic design. After a prolonged period of use, the toppers might not stay on the bottle tightly. The bottle might shatter when dropped, despite it being marked shatterproof.

Bottom Line: If you want a classic olive oil dispenser that will extend the life of your olive oil, this bottle is a nice option. It comes with different toppers to provide various pouring styles.


Best Ceramic

Rachael Ray Ceramic Olive Oil Dispenser

A ceramic oil storing cruet with an easy-to-hold handle and a unique design.

Pros: This ceramic cruet is designed to protect oils and vinegars from oxidation and sunlight. It comes in a variety of color options and has a built-in handle for easy pouring. This fun design also features a pop-off top that makes it easy to refill and reuse your dispenser many times. It’s dishwasher safe, so you can get a thorough and easy clean.

Cons: Because this product is glazed ceramic, users need to be mindful and gentle with this product to avoid chips in the glaze. The hole of the handle might not be large enough for above-average-sized fingers. The cruet is great for pouring, but it’s a bit harder to get small dribbles of oil out if you’re trying to use less oil.

Bottom Line: This uniquely designed cruet is a versatile product that can be filled with olive oil, vinegar, and even your favorite salad dressings or dessert toppings. It’s functional and fashionable and could look great in your kitchen.


Best Automatic

Marbasse Auto Flip Olive Oil Dispenser

A stylish and innovative automatic olive oil dispenser.

Pros: This olive oil dispenser is designed with an optimal user experience in mind. It has an automatic cap that opens when the bottle is tilted and closes when it’s upright. This feature allows for easy, one-handed pouring, and no oil will leak or drip from the spout. The product is made with BPA-free and lead-free glass, with a silicone sealed gasket inside to enhance freshness and prevent leakage. This product can be used for other condiments, including vinegar, soy sauce, syrup, cooking wine, and more.

Cons: While this product is meant for multiple condiments, thicker ones such as honey are not suggested for use in the dispenser. Be careful not to drop it, or it could break. It shouldn’t be cleaned with boiling water.

Bottom Line: This dispenser’s lighter weight makes it easy to use. The clear design makes it easy to see when the oil is running low, and it requires minimal effort to pour out the oil. The bonus of the handle makes this product exceptionally convenient.


Best with a Mister

DWELLZA KITCHEN Olive Oil Dispenser Set

A classic olive oil dispenser and a mister that provide an easy cooking experience.

Pros: This oil sprayer and dispenser set makes cooking-mess free and easy. It includes a leak-free 17-ounce oil or vinegar dispenser, and a 6-ounce glass olive oil mister. With these products, there’s no need to resort to store-bought cooking sprays because this sprayer creates a delicate mist, perfect for dressing salads or spraying a pan before cooking. The regular bottle is made with a glass bottle, stainless steel lid, and silicone cork and button, while the mister is made with a glass and stainless steel lid to complete the look. The no-drip spout and no-clog sprayer make cooking with oil a breeze. It even features teaspoon and tablespoon measurements at the top of the lid.

Cons: While the bottles are dishwasher safe, the tops should be hand washed only. The mister might get clogged or lose pressure after extended use.

Bottom Line: These dispensers are a great choice for some diversity and duality in your kitchen. The clever set makes cooking easy.


Best Set

Belwares Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle Set

A drip-free dispenser set that pours out the ideal amount.

Pros: This glass olive oil and vinegar dispenser set ensures mess-free pouring without spills or leaking. The bottles each have integrated pumps and a measuring top that help you control how much vinegar or oil you dispense. The oil is better preserved in glass bottles since oils can absorb PVC from plastics. The bottles hold 500 milliliters and 250 milliliters, avoiding the need for constant refills. Each bottle is made from high-quality materials and can be rinsed with warm, soapy water or put in the dishwasher.

Cons: These dispensers are meant for olive oil and vinegar and don’t work with thicker dressings. The bottles shouldn’t be shaken in order to avoid spills or leaks.

Bottom Line: These dispensers are user-friendly and made with a superior design. They’ll fit in most kitchen aesthetics and even make a great gift option.

Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking about storing your olive oils (or vinegars) in a dispenser, there are many benefits to this method. Olive oil is used in a variety of recipes, dressings, and cooking methods, meaning you should put thought into how you store it. Keeping it in a dispenser will allow you to get the most value out of your olive oil by making it last longer, taste fresher, and look fancier.

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