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The Best Organizers for Your Earrings

gray tray earring organizer with 40 slots sitting on a white fur rug

Though they make a great finishing touch to an outfit, earrings tend to be small and easy to misplace. Nothing is more frustrating than losing a single earring and being left with only half a set. Earring organizers help keep pairs together and reduce the risk of misplacing them altogether. Plus, they keep them from getting tangled with your other jewelry. Here are some that we recommend.

Buying an Earring Organizer

Here is what you should consider:

  • Holes/Compartments: The number of earrings you have should determine how many holes or compartments your organizer has. Different kinds of organizers may even have different holes for studs versus dangling earrings. Some organizers may also have hooks or other features to store other types of jewelry, such as necklaces or bracelets.
  • Type: There are many different types of earring organizers to chose from, depending on your needs. If you live in a small space, something that you can hang in your closet or mount on your wall would be ideal. If you are constantly on the go, a travel-friendly option would be the way to go.
  • Size: Earring organizers can come in several different sizes. If you plan to buy more earrings, you should get a larger organizer so that you have room to grow. For a large collection, an armoire might be the right choice.

Best Wall Mount: Mango Steam Slim Profile Wall-Mounted Jewelry & Earring Organizer

black metal wall-mounted earring organizer

This black, wall-mounted earring organizer holds 58 pairs of earrings. Weighing 2.65 pounds, this piece can be mounted onto walls or closet doors. It also features hooks along the bottom to hold other types of jewelry. This organizer is available in silver as well.

Best Wall Mount

Mango Steam Wall Mounted Closet/Wardrobe Display Hanger Organizer for Jewelry & Earrings With Hooks for Necklaces, Bracelets, Accessories - Black

This wall-mounted earring organizer can hold 58 pairs of earrings and features hooks along the bottom for other types of jewelry.

Best Stand: QILICHZ Earring Organizer 144 Holes

white metal earring stand with light wooden base

This decorative metal and wooden earring organizer holds 72 pairs of earrings. It has different areas for studs and dangly earrings. The wooden base can even double as a tray for rings or bracelets. This organizer is also available in seven other colors and designs.

Best Hanging: BB Brotrade Hanging Jewelry Organizer

beige hanging earring organizer with clear pockets and clothes hanger top

This earring organizer has a space-saving design since it’s on a hanger, so it can easily fit in your closet or wardrobe. It has 40 clear, plastic pockets on each side that allows you to quickly find what you are looking for. Made from durable, non-woven fabric, this product is available in 14 other colors.

Best Hanging

BB Brotrade Hanging Jewelry Organizer,Accessories Organizer,80 Pocket Organizer for Holding Jewelries?Beige?

This hanging earring organizer's space-saving design has 40 clear, plastic pockets on each side so that you can quickly find what you're looking for.

Best Tray: Jack Cube 40 Compartments Storage Box

gray tray organizer with square compartments and earrings and rings in them

The earring organizer tray features 40 small compartments that are perfect for storing your studs and dangly earrings, plus your rings. These trays can easily fit into a drawer, on a shelf, or on a countertop. For large earring collections, you can buy more than one tray as they are stackable. Made from high-quality synthetic leather, it is cruelty-free and will keep your earrings clean and organized.

Best Tray

Best for Travel: Yiluana Jewelry Organizer

pink faux leather earring organizing booklet

This cute and stylish earring organizer is great for traveling! Its book design keeps your earrings secure. It features four pages that can hold a total of 42 pairs of earrings. This book is made from PU leather and is small enough to fit into an overnight bag.

Best for Travel

Yiluana Jewelry Organizer, Portable Earring Holder Pu Leather Travel Jewelry Organizer Case with Foldable Book Design for Girls Women (Blue)

This cute and stylish earring organizer features four pages that can hold a total of 42 pairs of earrings.

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