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The Best Ottoman Trays for Your Household

brown wooden ottoman tray on a marble countertop, bearing two blue plates of food and a dish towel
Lipper International

An ottoman itself adds a wonderfully cozy look to your living space. But, rather than just using it as a footrest, you can grant your space a heightened level of style and convenience with an ottoman serving tray. Ottomans are usually large enough as is, but oftentimes their plush, cotton, or leather surfaces can make it easy for items to slide off or tip over. An ottoman serving tray’s solid design prevents that potential mess while acting as its own small portable piece of furniture in your home. If you’re looking for a new ottoman tray, here are some that we recommend.

How to Complement Your Ottoman

Consider these factors when picking out your next serving tray:

  • Tray Size: First and foremost, you’re going to want your tray to actually fit on your ottoman. Find a tray that strikes the right balance between providing ample space for items and comfortably fitting on your ottoman without seeming too large. A serving tray that is too long for your ottoman will not only look strange but will likely result in unwanted spills.
  • Tone: You should also take the overall tone or mood of a serving tray into account. This can only be achieved by first considering the ottoman itself and the surrounding elements of your home. What aesthetic are you going for? Are you a modern art kind of household, or one with a flair for the tried and true? By answering questions like these, you’ll find the best tray for your ottoman.
  • Mobility: You should also note how easily you can move your serving tray around the house. Most serving trays aren’t much heavier than 2 to 3 pounds, so be wary of anything too hefty. Almost every tray also comes with a set of handles, so this just comes down to a matter of preference on your end. Whether they be wooden, aluminum, or stainless steel handles, you get to decide what makes for the most comfortable fit in your hands.

Best Wooden Tray: Lipper International Curved Serving Tray

slightly curved brown wood ottoman tray with two Granny Smith apples
Lipper International

Sleek, solid, and rich in color, here’s an ottoman tray that will effortlessly blend into any household’s surroundings. The Lipper International Curved Serving Tray is crafted from acacia wood and features a stylish design with cutout handles for easy movement around your house. This is a custom made ottoman tray, so the stain and wood grain will vary from product to product; of course, that only means you’re getting a handcrafted item with its own distinct intricacies. All 20 inches of its surface are recessed to prevent possible slippage, so you can serve breakfast in bed without worrying.

Best Wooden Tray

Lipper International Acacia Curved Serving Tray, 19.88" x 14" x 2.5"

This ottoman offers users ample room to serve and store items when company is over.

Best Color Options: Home Redefined Decorative Ottoman

white ottoman tray with yellow handles
Home Redefined

For those of you looking for something that has more to say and catches the eye better than others, here’s an option with a lot of flair. The Home Redefined Decorative Ottoman is constructed from a medium-density fiberboard at its core, but its surface is where the real appeal is. This ottoman features a glossy faux leather surface from polyurethane and polished stainless steel handles, complementing each other between nine different lush color combinations. Its exact measurements come out to 18 by 12 by 2 inches, a comfortable size to place on ottomans, countertops, and the base of your mattress. Conveniently, this tray is also easy to clean—it’s hand wash only, so wipe it clean with a damp cloth that’s been lightly soaked in either cold or warm water.

Best Color Options

Best Rustic Design: Stonebriar Oval Galvanized Serving Tray

round rustic metal ottoman tray with wire handles

On the flip side of what’s “in,” here’s an option that proudly rejects modernity in favor of an old yet graceful look. This galvanized serving tray from Stonebriar Oval looks like the kind of ottoman one might have crafted in the shed out back. It features a metal base and body that have been lightly distressed with a rust color trim. It’s available in two different sizes, its medium measuring 17.87 by 12.48 inches and its large measuring out to 19.5 by 14.1 inches. Its oval shape is less rigid than a rectangular ottoman tray’s, so you can line it with as many candles, vases full of daisies, cocktails, and decorations that will fit.

Best Rustic Design

Stonebriar Oval Galvanized Serving Tray with Rust Trim and Metal Handles, Large, Gray

Available in two sizes, this serving tray will bring your ottoman a welcoming appearance.

Also Great: Sarmo Ottoman Serving Trays for Coffee Table

brown wooden ottoman tray with five compartments holding various items

The best ottoman tray finds a distinct way to keep its contents from sliding around and potentially toppling. With the Sarmo Ottoman Tray, you can toss items into your dish with complete confidence that the six individual serving trays featured here will keep any item secure in its own respective compartment. In total, there are six trays, five of which fit inside of the ottoman dish and the main tray that rests underneath them. This provides an additional layer of organization and appealing decor because you can easily take out the five smaller trays and place them anywhere in your home. Stack magazines or complete meals in the main base while utilizing the five smaller compartments for tv remotes, candles, jewelry, car keys, and more.

Also Great

Ottoman Serving Trays for Coffee Table - Large Rustic Coffee Tray for Coffee Tables - Large Couch and Sofa Serving Tray for Food - Dimension (18.5 x 12 inches)

This ottoman serving tray offers a hard to beat bundle: six different storage compartments, one great look.

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