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The Best Outdoor Reindeer Decorations

🕚 Updated November 2022

Decorating the outside of your home during the holidays can be just as fun as decorating the inside. These reindeer decorations are a classic way to add festive cheer to your outdoor space.

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  Best Inflatable Best Wind Chime Best Rudolph Premium Pick Best White Light Option
Christmas Inflatable LED Lighted Santa on Green Sleigh with Reindeers
Solar Christmas Mobile Lights
Holiday Rudolph Pre-Lit LED, Standing
Best Choice Products
Lighted 3-Piece Large Lighted Christmas Deer Family Set
Reindeer and Sleigh Acrylic Christmas Light Up Figures
Our SummaryRing in the holidays with this adorable Santa riding in his sleigh with reindeer and gifts for all.This may be one of the easiest decorations you put out this year.Kids will enjoy seeing this friendly reindeer we know and love.These classic holiday reindeer in simple gold and red can withstand the test of time and snowy weather.This white light set is a popular favorite for its ease of use and durability.
Pros✓ Fun and festive
✓ Inflates quickly
✓ Size choices
✓ Enchanting
✓ Great for small spaces
✓ Indoor or outdoor
✓ Recognizable classic characters
✓ Metal frames
✓ Adorable
✓ Sturdy wire frame
✓ Shimmery gold fabric
✓ 360 LED lights
✓ Secure
✓ Good size for most yards
✓ Eight timer settings
Cons✗ May not inflate fully✗ Lights don't last long✗ Requires assembly
✗ Not very durable
✗ Glitter may shed✗ Requires assembly
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The Best Outdoor Reindeer Decorations

A group of three decoration reindeer with bows and lights lit up outside a house.

Buying Guide for Outdoor Reindeer Decorations

Two lit-up reindeer pulling a sleigh on a snowy yard.
Lights4Fun, Inc.

Why should you buy outdoor reindeer decorations?

If you’re looking for an outdoor decoration that pleases nearly every passerby, a reindeer is a solid bet. It’s loved by varying ages and brings heartwarming nostalgia and timeless cheer to the holiday season. Christmas reindeer can be enjoyed by many people, and they have a clean look that matches just about any other outdoor decor. In general, people love driving around looking at outdoor holiday decorations, the well-lit beacons that the holidays are nigh.

What should you consider when purchasing reindeer decorations?

  • Placement: One of the first things you need to decide is where you want to put your outdoor decorations. Are they meant for the yard, the porch or patio, or in front of a window? Depending on where you want your decorations to go, you will have to consider things like access to power with an extension cord and harsh weather conditions.
  • Size: Outdoor decorations can be a variety of sizes. We often think of them as only large items, but some of the smaller varieties add a classy touch to holiday decor.
  • Lights: Most outdoor holiday decorations light up, but you may want to consider the amount and type of lights that dazzle up your reindeer. LEDs are popular because they’re safe, cool to the touch, and last longer than traditional bulbs. Others are lit by larger lights that may eat up more power.

How do you care for your outdoor reindeer decorations?

Before packing away your outdoor reindeer decorations, be sure to clean away any dead leaves or debris, wipe off dirt, and make sure they are completely dry before packing them away. This will help them stay clean and beautiful for next season. Don’t put them with other decor items that can get tangled on them either.

Our Picks for the Best Outdoor Reindeer Decorations

Best Inflatable

VIVOHOME Christmas Inflatable LED Lighted Santa on Green Sleigh with Reindeers

Ring in the holidays with this adorable Santa riding in his sleigh pulled by reindeer.

Pros: This inflatable decoration will turn your front yard, backyard, or rooftop into a big holiday celebration. It features Santa with his bag of presents in his sleigh being pulled by two festive reindeer! It comes with a blower, stakes, sandbags, and tethers for super easy setup and secure placement. The large decoration lights up at night for majestic viewing with easy-to-change bulbs, and it only takes a few minutes to fully inflate itself. You can choose the size that’s right for you, and it will catch the eyes of the kids in your neighborhood and make them think that Santa’s making a stop!

Cons: Some people found the blower a little weak and opted to upgrade to a more powerful motor.

Bottom Line: People love this cute inflatable, especially for the joy it brings to children who see it! The easy setup and take-down is a large draw, especially for those who don’t have much time to decorate for the holidays or those who don’t feel confident in their abilities to do so.


Best Wind Chime

Toodour Solar Christmas Mobile Lights

This may be one of the easiest decorations you put out this year.

Pros: This solar-powered mobile is small enough to make storing it during the offseason easy. Hanging it up is a quick task with the swivel hook. Put it in a garden, on a porch or patio, or even inside next to a sunny window. The six reindeer light up and change gradually between white, red, green, yellow, blue, orange, and purple. They are made of plastic, so they won’t break easily. Once you decide where to hang it, turn it on and let the sunlight power them for you to enjoy from dusk to dawn.

Cons: They don’t last all night; in fact, for some, they only last about four hours, which can be disappointing.

Bottom Line: These festive reindeer are a great way to add holiday decorations to your outdoor area if you’re lacking space, funds, a power supply, or an extension cord. They are also great indoors as they are placed in an area that gets sunlight.


Best Rudolph

ProductWorks Holiday Rudolph Pre-Lit LED, Standing

Kids will enjoy seeing this friendly reindeer we know and love.

Pros: This Rudolph and Santa lawn ornament is pre-lit, eliminating a lot of the hassle for you. It’s 32 inches tall, so it’s not an oversized piece but rather quite tasteful and adorable. Sturdy metal frames are covered in soft fabric, and the pre-strung lights call tasteful attention to this recognizable favorite.

Cons: Depending on where you live, reinforcements to keep Rudolph and Santa on your lawn may be needed. Some people had to keep standing them up throughout the windy or snowy weather. You will have to assemble the pieces, so be sure to follow the instructions to make them secure.

Bottom Line: This Rudolph and Santa decor piece is a cute addition to your outdoor displays. People love the classic cartoon and will enjoy seeing them in your yard. But this decoration may need extra care and support to stay in your yard.


Premium Pick

Best Choice Products 3-Piece Large Lighted Christmas Deer Family Set 5Ft Outdoor Yard Decoration with 360 LED Lights, Stakes, Zip Ties - Gold

These classic holiday reindeer in gold and red can withstand the test of time and snowy weather.

Pros: This timeless lawn decoration features a family of reindeer with sparkly white lights and pretty red ribbon collars. They’re sturdy and built to withstand wind, rain, snowy weather, and several seasons of use. Their wire frames are covered with shimmery, durable fabric and include extra zip ties and stakes. The 360 bright LED lights are cool to the touch and outlast traditional bulbs. Plus, they’re easy to assemble, so you and your neighbors can enjoy them right away.

Cons: The gold sparkles may shed, leaving behind a mess of glitter.

Bottom Line: If you like the traditional look of beautiful seasonal reindeer, you’ll adore this set. They require some assembly, but the instructions are included. All you need to enjoy them properly is a convenient outlet.


Best White Light Option

Lights4fun Reindeer and Sleigh Acrylic Christmas Light Up Figures

This white light reindeer set is a popular favorite for its ease of use and durability.

Pros: This display is medium-sized, allowing you to decorate a porch, garden, or deck if you want to keep your yard free for snowy play. It’s made of fully weatherproof material to withstand harsh conditions. It is battery-operated (lasts 150 hours before replacement) with a 6-hour timer, and it comes with eight different lighting options. With a relatively easy assembly, you can have this out and lit the first night you receive it.

Cons: The battery timer function doesn’t come with instructions, so it may take some trial and error to get it how you want it. The reindeer heads can only look sideways, which is less customizable in an otherwise adjustable outdoor display.

Bottom Line: This beautiful reindeer and sleigh set has a timeless look. It’s easy to maintain and versatile for almost any outdoor space. The white lights capture the majestic look and feel of the season.

Final Thoughts

Decorating your outdoor area is often just as fun as decorating your tree and all the trimmings inside your home. If you’re looking for the perfect way to bring festive cheer, no matter the size or setting, you can find a reindeer decor piece that fits your style.

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