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The Best Outdoor Mats

🕚 Updated February 2023

To visitors, an outdoor mat or welcome mat makes an impression. If you're looking to upgrade the entry of your home or office, check out some of our favorite outdoor mat selections.

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  Top Choice Heavy-Duty Option Easiest to Clean Best Design Best Set
Door Mat
Gorilla Grip
All-Season WeatherMax Door Mat
Heavy-Duty Outdoor Mat
Large Entrance Door Mat
Sierra Concepts
Front Door Welcome Mats
Our SummaryThis handmade shoe-scrubbing mat has a mesmerizing and functional pattern.This is a tough and durable mat made of recycled rubber that can withstand a lot of foot traffic.This outdoor mat is designed with a fun, geometric pattern that's equipped to catch dirt, sand, and dust.This striking and elegant outdoor mat is every bit as functional as it is beautiful.These durable, all-weather mats have a classic welcoming, yet subtle look.
Pros✓ Bristled texture
✓ Moisture absorbent
✓ Stylish geometrical pattern
✓ Rubber nonslip backing
✓ Commercial-grade
✓ High-quality recycled rubber
✓ Tough backing
✓ Waterproof
✓ For heavy foot traffic
✓ Cool geometric patterns
✓ Raised fabric
✓ Easy to clean
✓ Rubber backing and edges
✓ Eco-friendly polymer
✓ Unique look
✓ Absorbent
✓ Patterned grooves
✓ Nonslip rubber back
✓ Hard-stitched edges
✓ Flocked fiber surface
✓ Ribbed polyester
✓ Dirt-trapping grooves
✓ Recycled rubber backing
✓ Nonslip
✓ Classic Look
Cons✗ Smaller and thinner than expected✗ Retains water✗ Lightness suggests poor quality
✗ Color not as depicted
✗ Colors not as depicted
✗ Colors bleed when wet
✗ Challenge choosing appropriate size
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The Best Outdoor Mats

Aerial view of a welcome mat.

Buying Guide for Outdoor Mats

A black mat in front of a door.

Why buy an outdoor mat?

Outdoor mats are made to protect your floors and give you and your guests somewhere to wipe their feet before entering your home. Besides stopping dirt and mud from getting into your house, the mats can also reduce your chances of tracking water inside to slip on or damage your floors. Outdoor mats promote cleanliness and safety in your home.

What should you look for in an outdoor mat?

  • Durability: Your outdoor mat will see a lot of hard use: it’ll get stepped on, stomped on, and scraped by shoes frequently, if not daily. You’ll want to invest in an outdoor mat made of sturdy material that is resistant to tearing and will last a long time. Keep an eye out for waterproof options if you live in an area with a lot of rain and snow.
  • Easy Clean: Your outdoor mat will get dirty often since it’s meant to collect dirt, mud, and other debris. Keep an eye out for outdoor mats listed as machine washable or easy to rinse off or clean to save time and energy on washing and scrubbing later.
  • Design: Don’t be afraid to go for a mat with a unique shape, bright colors, or patterns if that’s what you’re after. The great thing about outdoor mats is that they can add to your curb appeal while also serving an important household function.

What should you know about the texture and grip of a quality outdoor mat?

An outdoor mat with a nonslip grip is a key element to look for so that you won’t have to worry about your guests or family slipping while cleaning off their feet. You also won’t find yourself constantly readjusting the mat back into place. And an outdoor mat with a raised texture is more effective at scraping the dirt off your shoes, especially if you have boots with textured bottoms where dirt can get stuck.

Our Picks for the Best Outdoor Mats

Top Choice

Ubdyo Door Mat

This handmade shoe-scrubbing mat has a mesmerizing and functional pattern.

Pros: From its dirt-scrubbing bristled texture and moisture absorbency to its stylish, geometrical pattern, the Ubdyo makes a fantastic outdoor mat. The mat features rubber nonslip backing and a ribbed weave top of polypropylene and rubber. When you scrape your feet off, the combined bristles and ribbed pattern catch dirt and water, so you don’t track them in. This outdoor mat makes an ideal outdoor or indoor size mat at 30 (L) by 18 (W) inches.

Cons: The mat is smaller and thinner than expected.

Bottom Line: You must love a mat that effectively cleans your shoes before you can track in mud and looks nice. Just shake, sweep, and vacuum, and it’s ready to resume its post.


Heavy-Duty Option

Gorilla Grip All-Season WeatherMax Door Mat

This is a tough and durable mat made of recycled rubber that can withstand a lot of foot traffic.

Pros: Here’s a commercial-grade outdoor mat that was built to last. Made of high-quality recycled rubber with a tough backing, this mat is waterproof and withstands heavy foot traffic for households or offices. The raised fabric helps trap more dirt and is soft and plush despite its toughness and durability, so you won’t need to fear stepping on it barefoot.

Cons: The mat retains water when it rains or gets wet.

Bottom Line: We love its versatility in terms of fashion and function. The Gorilla Grip design and color are simple and low-key, a nice look for any entrance. It’s available in eight different colors for those who want something more than basic.


Easiest to Clean

Dexi Heavy-Duty Outdoor Mat

This outdoor mat is designed with a fun, geometric pattern that's equipped to catch dirt, sand, and dust.

Pros: This classic low-profile and no-nonsense outdoor mat with a fun, subtle twist. The maze-like geometric patterns give this mat its unique look, while the raised fabric catches more dirt, sand, dust, and other particles attached to your shoes. Despite the complex patterns, this mat is easy to clean; just suction the extra dirt out with your vacuum or sweep it off with a broom. You can rinse it off with a hose and leave it to air-dry for a deeper clean. The rubber backing and edges hold the mat in place to prevent slipping and give you extra cushioning. The polymer material is eco-friendly and made with a unique production process to ensure that it’s flexible and durable in equal measures.

Cons: A few express concern about the lightweight mat, which might not be as durable as they’d hoped. Some buyers report that the color they received doesn’t match the color depicted.

Bottom Line: An outdoor mat will get dirty; that’s kind of the point. But a high-quality, designed mat like the DEXI makes it easy to clean. Choose from four colors to fit the look of your home, indoors or outdoors.


Best Design

CHICHIC Large Entrance Door Mat

This striking and elegant outdoor mat is every bit as functional as it is beautiful.

Pros: This is an ideal outdoor mat for anyone who wants something more striking than a standard single-colored welcome mat. It’s functional, strong, beautiful, and elegant, absorbing moisture and dirt into the patterned grooves. The nonslip rubber back will hold steady on any surface and won’t leave marks on your floors. The hard-stitched edges, eco-friendly rubber body, and flocked fiber surface will last you a long time and be resistant to even the heaviest winter snows and winds.

Cons: A common complaint is that the mat’s colors are either not as pictured or bleed when wet.

Bottom Line: Available in three different and unique designs, this outdoor mat is sure to pretty up your front door, porch, or garage. Buy it in a classic rectangular shape or a semi-circle silhouette for an even more unique look.


Best Set

Sierra Concepts Front Door Mats

These durable, all-weather mats have a classic welcoming, yet subtle look.

Pros: The high-quality polyester fabric is ribbed with grooves to trap more dirt, while the recycled rubber backing prevents moisture from leaking. The rubber backing is also nonslip to hold the mats firmly in place during usage, so you won’t need to worry about accidental falls. It’s designed for all weather conditions—great in the snow, sleet, and rain. The classic design will look great in the entryway or porch of any home or business.

Cons: Several customers say they were surprised and disappointed with the mat’s size.

Bottom Line: This two-pack is a popular pick among outdoor mat buyers. They arrive looking great and retain their looks and durability over time.

Final Thoughts

To keep your outdoor area and the inside of your home tidy, a quality and durable mat made for the outside elements is what you need. It may not seem like much, but it can make a difference for guests or yourself to wipe off mud or debris from shoes in a designated spot.

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