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The Best Outdoor Storage Boxes

🕚 Updated January 2023

Pool toys and patio furniture cushions need to go somewhere to keep your deck tidy and those items in one place, safe and dry. The answer may lie in an outdoor storage box.

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  Top Choice Best Design Best Storage Bench Most Size Options Most Secure
Keter Marvel Plus 71 Gallon Deck Box
Small Horizontal Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage Shed
Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench
Extra-Large Resin Outdoor Storage Box
100 Gallon Large Deck Box
Our SummaryA water-resistant resin outdoor storage box that looks great and keeps your belongings safe.This outdoor storage box will last throughout the years, keeping your items safe and organized.A sturdy outdoor storage box that doubles as a bench for two or three.This element-resistant outdoor storage box safeguards 120 gallons of patio furniture cushions, firewood, or gardening supplies.This 100-gallon deck box is waterproof, fade-resistant, and safe to open and close with its hydraulic rod.
Pros✓ Wood-textured polypropylene resin construction
✓ Weather-resistant
✓ Built-in handles and rollers
✓ Lockable
✓ Large
✓ Double-wall construction
✓ UV protection
✓ Designed to add shelves
✓ Option for lock
✓ Doubles as a bench
✓ 70-gallon
✓ Polypropylene resin container
✓ Wood-like appearance
✓ Built-in ventilation and water resistance
✓ Extra-large size
✓ Maintenance-free resin ✓ Double-wall construction
✓ Impact-resistant
✓ Seats two or more
✓ 100-gallon capacity
✓ Waterproof and UV-resistant
✓ High-quality resin and stainless steel support rods
✓ Hydraulic rod on lid
✓ 660-pound capacity bench
✓ Comes with zinc alloy padlock
Cons✗ Not fully waterproof
✗ Cloth items may mildew
✗ Shelving and lock sold separately
✗ Assembly is challenging
✗ Bench less stable than advertised
✗ Not waterproof
✗ Not stylish style
✗ Organizing items may be difficult
✗ Heavy and difficult to move
✗ Assembly is not easy
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The Best Outdoor Storage Boxes

Three different outdoor storage boxes opened to reveal outdoor furniture cushions and gardening supplies.

These heavy-duty, weather-resistant containers are great places to store your garden gear to grilling utensils. While the storage boxes we reviewed here are built to withstand the elements, some models would also fit inside the house or garage.

Buying Guide for Outdoor Storage Boxes

A large rectangular outdoor storage box full of kids' toys in a yard.

Why buy an outdoor storage box?

Keep your things in top condition with an outdoor storage box. You don’t have to worry about your items getting wet or starting to fade in the sun when you store them in a weatherproof storage box. Whether you want to store cushions, gardening gear, or pool toys, an outdoor storage box can contain them, safeguarding your equipment from curious passersby and offering an easy solution to keep it all organized.

What should you consider in an outdoor storage box?

  • Weather Resistance: You’ll want a storage box that you don’t have to worry about in various types of weather. Some models are UV-resistant to prevent fading, most are water-resistant, and a select few offer waterproof protection. Look for outdoor storage boxes made of polypropylene resin, a plastic with moisture resistance.
  • Size: There are various options for size and capacity for outdoor storage boxes. You’ll find models with 70 gallons to 120 gallons storage capacities. The extra-large boxes make great containers for bags of mulch or potting soil, gardening equipment, for example. Some smaller storage boxes have wheels and are more convenient and portable. You may be surprised to discover a few large models we review double as benches.
  • Assembly: Some outdoor storage boxes come pre-assembled, but only a few. Most require around 20 minutes and some standard household tools to assemble. Some boxes are easy to assemble, but some require effort and time. Decide what you feel comfortable with before making your decision.

Is bigger better when it comes to outdoor storage boxes?

No, not necessarily. If you’re adding new patio furniture and need more space for cushions, it might make sense to go big. But if the stuff you need to put away is a sizeable collection of small items, say, toys, a smaller outdoor storage box may be a better choice. A few large models we reviewed aren’t designed with a built-in organization; a heap of small items may end up in a tangle.

Our Picks for the Best Outdoor Storage Boxes

Top Choice

Keter Marvel Plus 71 Gallon Deck Box

A water-resistant resin outdoor storage box that looks great and keeps your belongings safe.

Pros: It has a lovely wood-textured look, but its polypropylene resin construction makes this outdoor storage box weather-resistant and more durable. Set it on your deck to store outdoorsy items like patio furniture cushions, toys, tarps, or beach towels. It’s easy to assemble and features built-in handles and rollers for moving it when needed. Lock it with the latch and add a padlock for ease of mind.

Cons: This outdoor storage box is not waterproof; keep that in mind if you want a container to store summer patio furniture year-round. Any wet weather may seep in and create mildew.

Bottom Line: Not only does this deck storage box offer a way to keep your deck clean and your outdoors stuff in one place, but it also makes a great bench. The heavy-duty made structure has a weight capacity of 485 lbs.


Best Design

Rubbermaid Small Horizontal Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage Shed

This outdoor storage box will last throughout the years, keeping your items safe and organized.

Pros: Keep your gardening tools and patio belongings easy to access while keeping your outdoor area clean with this storage box. With double-wall construction for extra stability and strength, this storage box provides reliable protection from the elements and rodents. It comes with built-in slots to add your own shelving if desired. This box is pretty easy to assemble, preferably with two people, so the pieces are lined up correctly. Lock the box for extra security.

Cons: The shelving and locks are sold separately. While the assembly is easy, the box won’t perform at its best if steps are done out of order.

Bottom Line: This storage box is easy to assemble if you follow the instructions and line everything up properly. Once set up, expect to get a lot of use from it. It can hold quite a bit, whether you need to keep gardening tools handy or have a safe place to store your patio cushions and decorative features.


Best Storage Bench

Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench

A sturdy outdoor storage box that doubles as a bench for two or three.

Pros: The Keter Eden storage bench will keep your garden area organized and comfortable. Store whatever you need in this 70-gallon polypropylene resin container—pool floats, garden supplies, or a picnic basket and blanket to surprise the one you love with an impromptu meal. You may fool the neighbors with its wood-like appearance, but lucky for you, the resin structure has natural ventilation and water resistance that wood doesn’t.

Cons: As with the Keter Marvel, this bench storage box will not completely seal your goods from moisture. The bench may be less stable than advertised.

Bottom Line: Have fun arranging the Eden garden bench where you need it to declutter your lawn or deck and preserve the outdoor items you value. The bench is lockable and provides room for two to three people with its weight capacity of 771 pounds.


Most Size Options

Rubbermaid Extra Large Resin Outdoor Storage Box

This reliably element-resistant outdoor storage box safeguards 120 gallons of patio furniture cushions, firewood, or gardening supplies.

Pros: You can buy almost anything from Rubbermaid and trust that it will hold up to wear and tear; this extra-large storage box is no exception. The maintenance-free resin container features a double-wall construction for added strength and impact-resistant flooring. Okay, it does stand out from household containers as it’s made for the outdoors and holds up to 120 gallons of patio furniture cushions, blankets, toys, or firewood. Take a lunch break with two buddies right on top of the box.

Cons: The Rubbermaid blends in with other elements in a yard but doesn’t add style. This open, extra-large space may make organizing items a challenge. And at a hefty 52.9 pounds, the storage box is difficult to move.

Bottom Line: What you see is what you get. That kind of transparency is a huge plus when you purchase anything, let alone a relatively large investment like this. Not to worry; this product does the job of keeping your outdoor gear safe and dry.


Most Secure

EAST OAK 100 Gallon Large Deck Box

This 100-gallon deck box is waterproof, fade-resistant, and safe to open and close with its hydraulic rod.

Pros: This waterproof, UV-resistant deck box offers 100 gallons of storage capacity—that’s 2.5 times the size of most bathtubs. Made of high-quality resin and studying stainless steel supporting rods, the EAST OAK Deck Box offers an answer to your family’s outdoor gear overflow. Just place whatever you need to keep safe, from grill utensils to pool toys, lawn games, or firewood inside. Kids can help clean up, too, thanks to the hydraulic rod for safe lowering of the lid. Take a seat on top to rest from gardening or chat with a good friend; the box has a weight capacity of 660 pounds.

Cons: You may find the container challenging to assemble. 

Bottom Line: This deck box includes a zinc alloy padlock and an illustrated installation guide. Seriously, this outdoor storage box was made to be used for a long time. With clean lines, a large capacity, and a subdued look, it makes a nice addition to most outdoor decor. 

Final Thoughts

Outdoor storage boxes are an excellent investment to protect practically anything from blowing away, especially stuff you use outside. You get immediate access and avoid digging through the garage or basement for last season’s supplies.

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