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The Best Over-the-Toilet Organizers

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🕚 Updated November 2022

A cluttered bathroom can be frustrating to use, so put that drama to an end with one of these over-the-toilet organizers. Here are some of our top recommendations you can choose from.

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  Top Choice Most Adjustable Shelves Best with Cabinet Best Value Best Floating Shelves
  Zenna Home
Over-the-Toilet Bathroom Spacesaver
Bathroom Organizer
Over-the-Toilet Bathroom Spacesaver
Bathroom Over-Toilet Storage Shelf
Floating Shelves
Our SummaryA minimalist design with three roomy shelves to store bathroom essentials.A sturdy, adjustable organizer with an industrial, minimalist design that will work in modern homes.Farmhouse decor fans or anyone who wants their items concealed will love this cabinet-shelf combination storage solution.A storage solution for those who despise assembly required furniture.Sleek floating shelves with a towel bar that will look great in any bathroom.
Pros✓ Quick 20-minute assembly
✓ Fits most standard toilets
✓ Three shelves
✓ Quick assembly
✓ Adjustable height and width
✓ Four shelves
✓ Slim design
✓ Farmhouse design
✓ Enclosed cabinet
✓ Fits standard toilets
✓ Easy to set up
✓ Available in two-tier or single tray configuration
✓ No mounting required
✓ Holds a lot
✓ Two shelves
✓ Towel hook
✓ Modern and minimalistic
✓ Seven color choices
Cons✗ Bare metal frame may not appeal to all consumers✗ Metal and plastic may be unappealing✗ Requires more effort for assembly
✗ More expensive
✗ May not have enough space on top of toilet✗ Requires mounting
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The Best Over-the-Toilet Organizers

A bathroom with a black metal shelf positioned over the toilet.
Jason Finn/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Over-the-Toilet Organizers

Room bathroom interior with single vanity and over-the-toilet storage organizer.
Jason Finn/Shutterstock.com

Why buy an over-the-toilet organizer?

An over-the-toilet organizer can be a great option for anyone who has a small bathroom or one without a lot of cabinet storage or counter space. Even if your bathroom does have room to spare, you might appreciate the extra organization that one of these pieces of furniture can provide. An organizer can be used for anything from stacking extra towels to storing toilet paper and toiletries to providing shelf space for decorations.

What should you consider when buying an over-the-toilet organizer?

  • Size: Most organizers will fit around a standard-sized toilet, but it never hurts to know the dimensions of yours before you shop so that you don’t have to worry about your shelves being too short or too narrow to fit in your bathroom.
  • Assembly: Over-the-toilet organizers come in a variety of configurations. Some models can be quickly assembled in ten minutes or less without tools, while others might require a screwdriver at a minimum. Consider which option is most appealing to you, as well as whether or not you’re particularly handy with tools.
  • Color: Most organizers come in shades of white, cream, or ivory since those tend to be common colors found in many home bathrooms. You can find one in shades of brown or black if your bathroom has darker tones.

What are the different styles and designs for over-the-toilet organizers?

Some organizers are equipped with a cabinet, which is a great option for anyone whose bathroom doesn’t have a built-in one. Other organizers only have shelves, and a few come with one of each. Know how much extra storage space you’re going to need and pick your organizer accordingly. The number of shelves, size, and width of the shelves, and how far apart the shelves are will vary by the make and model. For instance, do you want a ladder-rung type shelf solely for hanging towels, thinner shelves for small toiletries, or a full-on platform for a variety of items? There’s likely to be something to appeal to everyone.

Our Picks for the Best Over-the-Toilet Organizers

Top Choice

Zenna Home Over-The-Toilet Bathroom Spacesaver

A minimalist design with three roomy shelves to store bathroom essentials.

Pros: Whether you own your home or rent, if you want an understated bathroom organizer that won’t overwhelm your space, this simple oil-rubbed bronze structure from Zenna Home is a great option. It’s designed with a 34.25-inch clearance from the ground and is made from rust-resistant materials. You’ll get three permanent shelves for a total height of 64.6 inches.

Cons: This organizer is designed to fit most standard height toilets. So, if you have an oversized or custom toilet, you’ll want to pay attention to the dimensions. Additionally, some may think that this product looks too utilitarian, especially if you have a more stylized home decor theme like rustic or farmhouse.

Bottom Line: Along with being reasonably priced, this over-the-toilet organizer can be assembled in just 20 minutes and comes with all mounting hardware. With three shelves and a clearance that works with standard toilet dimensions, this is a great simple solution for renters and homeowners alike.


Most Adjustable Shelves

AllZone Bathroom Organizer

A sturdy, adjustable organizer with an industrial, minimalist design that will work in modern homes.

Pros: If you get frustrated with traditional bathroom organizers because of the fixed shelving, this adjustable four-shelf solution from AllZone will put those irritations to an end. The spring-loaded frame can work in bathrooms that have a ceiling height from 92 to 116 inches. Better still, you won’t need any tools to assemble it. Each shelf can support up to 22 pounds and even the shelves can be adjusted from 17.9 to 27 inches in width.

Cons: While functional and adjustable, it has a very basic black finish and is made from metal and plastic. So, if more stylish storage solutions are your thing, this may not be the best pick.

Bottom Line: For those who covet easy tool-free assembly and customization, this adjustable height and width shelving unit is a great investment. With four shelves and a core frame that accommodates standard size toilets, it’s a no-brainer solution.


Best with Cabinet

Spirich Over-the-Toilet Bathroom Spacesaver

Farmhouse decor fans or anyone who wants their items concealed will love this cabinet-shelf combination storage solution.

Pros: Not everyone wants to have their belongings exposed on top of a toilet where they could fall into the bowl. If this sounds familiar, the Spirich cabinet-shelf combination over-the-toilet organizer is a great upgrade. While there is one exposed cabinet, you get privacy with the larger upper cabinet which houses two shelves.

Cons: Along with being one of the pricier options, expect to put a bit more effort into assembly than the simple metal frame models offer. Additionally, there are only two finishes.

Bottom Line: For those who want their bathroom to be a little more stylish, this wood frame over the toilet cabinet organizer is a definite upgrade. Along with one exposed shelf, you’ll get two discreet shelves in the cabinet.


Best Value

Godboat Bathroom Over-Toilet Storage Shelf

A storage solution for those who despise assembly required furniture.

Pros: If the idea of spending 30 minutes or more assembling furniture sounds terrible, you’ll appreciate this over-the-toilet shelf from Godboat. Assembly is practically nonexistent as the product arrives completely assembled. All you have to do is add the clear adhesive pads to create a sturdy connection. Choose from either a single tray or two-tier solution—both in a dark metal frame finish.

Cons: If you have a lot of items that you need to store, even the two-tier version of this organizer may not be enough for you. Additionally, this product is meant to be adhered only to smooth wall surfaces.

Bottom Line: Shoppers who want a product that’s virtually ready to go from the minute they open the box will appreciate this over-the-toilet organizer.


Best Floating Shelves


Sleek floating shelves with a towel bar that will look great in any bathroom.

Pros: For those who want additional storage but don’t want a full, freestanding over-the-toilet organizer, these floating shelves are a great alternative. While you will need to have tools handy for the setup, you’ll get a built-in towel bar and two sleek shelves with rails to keep things from tipping over. They’ll make your bathroom look modern yet have a nice rustic touch with wood-patterned shelves in several colors.

Cons: While compact, this pick will require drilling to properly mount it to your walls, which might be an issue for renters in particular.

Bottom Line: Those focused on saving space will like these floating shelves that fit great over a toilet to use up that empty space in a stylish and productive way.

Final Thoughts

Most people do not want to live in clutter, and your bathroom should be no exception. Rather than fighting a balancing act on your sink vanity, invest in an over-the-toilet bathroom organizer to help free up your counter space and banish clutter from your bathroom.

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