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The Best Overalls for Men

It’s time to face facts—overalls really never went out of style. Every day, a person jumps out of bed and pulls up their overalls to begin a new morning of rough and tumble work. They’re a staple of outdoor-ranch life attire. However, for as long as overalls have been the visual cue for ranch hands and painters across the country, there’s also been a consistent need to transcend their image as well. Simply put, some people can make overalls look really cool. Don’t think so? Please, go revisit The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and try not to be amazed. The added benefit of looking good in a pair of overalls is some seriously durable tailoring all around. If you’re interested in picking out a pair of overalls for any kind of day, here are a few options that we recommend.

The Best Overall Fit for You

These factors are worth considering before making your next purchase:

  • Purpose: It’s best to determine what kind of job you’ll want to accomplish in your overalls because this directly affects the material you should buy. If you’re looking to handle everyday kind of work, often in the immense heat, then consider a pair that’s made from lightweight, unlined cotton denim. For cold weather, consider a pair that’s insolated throughout and intent on keeping that warmth inside.
  • Pocket Options: There are plenty of ways to store your everyday necessities and tools with a pair of overalls. Style-focused overalls are still capable of handling tough tasks, but they don’t offer nearly as much storage versatility as a work-focused pair would. If you need every bit of pocket storage you can get, you should consider shelling out a bit extra for the right kind of overalls.
  • Sizing: Similarly to a good pair of boots, you may want to consider sizing up or down with your overalls. Regardless if you’re purchasing for work or style, one of the main qualities you should be looking for in a good pair of overalls is comfort while walking, squatting, and standing, so you should consider how much baggage you’re comfortable with.

Best for Cold Weather: Arctix Men’s Essential Insulated Overalls

The motivating factors behind every purchase of overalls are durability and not having to worry about wearing a belt. But another factor of equal importance is warmth.

Typical overalls are made out of denim, which is not often viewed as the coziest fabric to wear. To combat those woes, the Arctix Men’s Essential Insulated Overalls ditch the blue jeans in favor of a 100% polyester dobby shell that’s lined with 85 grams of ThermaTech Insulation to lock in warmth in some of the most severe cold weather conditions. This pair of overalls features a durable water-repellent finish, so water slides off the fabric’s surface rather than sticks and soaks through. It also features boot zippers and boot gaiters so that no cold breeze finds its way up the ankle cuff. If you’re looking for a multilayered pair that can withstand snowy weather, pull these up.

Best for Outside Work: Dickies Men’s Bib Overall

Everyone knows how great overalls pair with a hard day’s work, and Dickie’s understands that better than most.

As a brand that’s been supplying the working man with his blue-collar gear for the last 98 years, Dickies knows how you like to work—in comfort. Their Men’s Bib Overalls are made from 100% cotton denim and feature roomy, but not baggy, space down its straight legs. This pair features an assortment of pockets that can hold cell phones, pencils, pliers, and rulers, as well as denim loops for storing your hammer. These overalls are also triple-stitched for added strength, meaning all five bib pockets are as reinforced as the inseams on each leg; this added layer of support makes them resistant to accidental snags that would have resulted in tears on other pairs of overalls. A purchase here offers you comfort and convenience because the workday is hard enough as is.

Most Stylish: Levi’s Men’s Overall

There’s just something about the Levi’s name that feels wholly representative of working-class Americana. From gear heads to ranch hands, no denim embodies their success better than Levi’s. That’s what keeps them at the forefront of stylish denim.

The brand’s “workin’ man” days may be behind them, but they’re still stitching some great quality products. Their standard pair of relaxed fit overalls offer a great, retro look that’s just begging to earn its scuffs and oil stains. Its lightly faded stonewash hue offers some welcoming throwback appeal, while its darker rinse wouldn’t be out of place on a street corner today. With either color, you’re going to want to throw solid tones or a plaid shirt underneath it. This pair of overalls is also 100-percent cotton for comfort on the go and features adjustable straps and seven-pocket styling for the utmost convenience.

Most Stylish

Levi's Men's Overall, Stonewash, M

With this pair of overalls, the brand's history of comfort and style speaks for itself.

Also Great: Carhartt Men’s Washed-Denim Bib Overalls

Another option from a brand name that conjures thoughts of accomplishing John Henry-like work on a daily basis, Carhartt’s Washed-Denim Bib Overalls provide a great blend of work-forward movement and style.

Like the best overalls, this pair is constructed from 100% cotton denim and is machine washable. Its fabric weighs just over half a pound, so it’s hefty but not noticeable enough to wear you down throughout the day. Any additional weight you might feel would come from the items you stuff in any one of the spacious pockets stitched around your body. This darkstone wash is also available in the most sizes you’re likely to find. So, If you’re looking for daily wear or workwear, you can’t go wrong with Carhartt.

Also Great

Carhartt Men's Washed Denim Bib Overalls,Darkstone,34W x 36L

This pair of overalls comes from another trusted name focused on delivering durable attire.

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