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The Best Pacifiers for Soothing Little Ones

A smiling baby using a light pink pacifier while laying in a white bed.

When it comes to periods of babies crying that eating just can not solve, a pacifier can become a parent’s best friend. They are specially designed to help little ones and parents get through those crying fits by offering that comforting sucking motion without eating. A helpful tool during the early few months, pacifiers can help comfort babies through their growth. Below, we have gathered the best pacifiers for soothing your little ones.

What to Consider When Purchasing Pacifiers

The right pacifier will come down to your kiddo and what they like best, so it’s usual to expect a bit of trial and error. However, when purchasing, consider these few key points:

  • Size and Shape: Pacifiers are sized from newborn and up all the way to toddler. When it comes to the nipple shape, some will be rounder, others kind of flat. A good rule of thumb is to try to find one that matches the shape of the bottle nipple or a pacifier that mimics mom. Make sure the shape of the cover is compatible with your little one, easily fitting under their nose for easy breathing.
  • Features: It is beneficial if the pacifier has vents that will keep it from sticking to your little one’s face and holding spit against their skin, which can lead to a rash. If you find yourself fumbling for a pacifier in the middle of the night, consider a glow-in-the-dark pacifier. There are also specially designed orthodontic pacifiers that help make sure teeth come in correctly and help their developing jaw.
  • Material: This will be going into your little one’s mouth, so make sure there are no harsh chemicals like BPA or latex. Most pacifiers will be silicone, but you will occasional find rubber or plastic nipples.

Most Popular: NUK Orthodontic Pacifier Value Pack

A gray pacifier with bee print and green handle.

These cute pacifiers are available in multiple cute colors and prints and come in a convenient three-pack. Each offers an asymmetrical shape with a scooped bottom and a flat design that allows for a more natural sucking motion. They are orthodontic and are shaped just like mom and easy latch and fit. The material is BPA-free silicone and top-rack dishwasher safe for simple cleaning. These pacifiers also glow in the dark and feature a heart shape that easily fits beneath your little one’s nose.

Most Popular

NUK Orthodontic Pacifier Value Pack, Boy, 0-6 Months, 3-Pack

Heart shaped for easy breathing and designed to feel like mom with an orthodontic design.

Best with Buddy: NooKums Paci-Plushies Buddies

A light gray elephant toy with pacifier attached to trunk.

With many adorable little animals to choose from, it will be easy to find a buddy that suits your little one! Allowing the pacifier to be located quickly and easily, these pacifiers and buddies also aid in developing fine motor skills with textured touch. The stuffed animal attachment means less frantic searching during screaming for parents and is easy to grasp and hold for children. Compatible with multiple pacifier styles thanks to a Hug Ring, the attached pacifiers are safe and easy to clean as they are 100% medical-grade and dishwasher safe.

Best with Buddy

Best 18-Month Plus: Tommee Tippee Day & Night Pacifiers

Three blue pacifiers with printed designs.

When your kiddo isn’t quite ready to give up the pacifier, these colorful pacifiers are great for children over 18 months. The design includes the same baby-approved nipple with a symmetrical design that aids in oral development while also helping them balance and hold the pacifier in their mouths.

Best 18-Month Plus

Best with Teether: Ryan & Rose Cutie PAT Pacifier Teether

A light pink pacifier with a textured handle.

Do you need a pacifier and a teether all in one convenient product? This pacifier is a great option! Available in a range of soft colors from white to black and almost everything in between, this pacifier is free of any PVC, BPA, phthalate, and latex and is non-toxic. There is a large round shield for even more chewing surface and a seamless one-piece design that means no extra pieces. The nipple is round and soft for latching, and the pacifier also offers breathing holes for enhanced airflow. When being used as a teether, the nipple can even be safely tucked out of the way so the baby can focus on soothing their gums.

Best with Teether

Ryan & Rose Cutie PAT Pacifier Teether (Stage 1, Pink)

A soft round nipple that is all in one piece to allow for easy soothing.

Best Set with Clip: Johee’s world Pacifier with Lid

A set with pacifiers, strap, teether nipples, and green strap.

Available in two cute colors — pink and blue — this set includes everything you need for soothing your little one: four newborn binkies, four pacifier covers, one rabbit fresh food feeder, three nipples, and one pacifier clip. This set is also equipped to get them from newborn to beyond teething! The pacifiers have a curved shield to protect the nose and chin with large air vents for easy breathing. Made of hypoallergenic food-grade silicone, this set is latex, lead, and BPA-free without any phthalates. They are boxed and ready for gifting at a baby shower or for yourself. They can also be sterilized in the microwave, so they are always ready to go.

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