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The Best Paddleboards for Your Next Adventure

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Whether you’re looking for a new outdoor hobby or searching for a new way to explore the world, a paddleboard can help you find your way to the water. Riders can glide through the softly moving waters of a lake or follow the waves of the ocean without the hassle and maintenance of a kayak or boat. Paddleboards are ideal for adventurers wanting to access secluded areas and easily jump in the water for a quick swim. For those looking for an enjoyable workout, paddleboards challenge your balance and arm strength. No matter your reasoning, paddleboarding can provide a tranquil and engaging way of getting into the water. Here are some great paddleboards we recommend.

Choosing a Paddleboard That’s Right for You

Think about these factors to help you decide on a good board for your needs:

  • Fins: Fins on the lower back of the board keep the tail from moving back and forth as you shift your weight from foot to foot. A longer, larger fin will increase stability. Additional fins on each side will also help with balance.
  • Deck: Consider decks made from foam for added support during long rides. Textured decks also provide more grip so that you’ll be less likely to fall. Wider decks are better for those still learning to balance, but this will add weight that reduces speed.
  • Use: Solid paddleboards are ideal for those looking to practice yoga or pick up some speed as they offer more stability. Inflatable paddleboards are more functional for beginners and amateurs because they are simpler to use. Their flexibility is also helpful for rocky waters as they will absorb the impact.
  • Features: Additional D-rings allow you to attach to other boards or use accessories such as kayak seats. Bungee straps help to hold items during use, and extra straps can be useful for long-distance riders needing storage space.

Best Solid Board: ISLE Cruiser Stand Up Paddleboard

top and bottom and side view of a dark and pale blue paddleboard with a single-sided black paddle

While a solid board may be intimidating to beginners, the ISLE Cruiser Stand Up Paddleboard’s stability and durability is ideal for riders of all skill levels. This board is designed with a soft-top deck and croc skin padding to ensure that each ride is comfortable for your feet, knees, or bottom. To keep the board lightweight, ISLE made this board’s core out of molded ESP foam and added support with duel wood stingers. The bottom is smooth to help riders glide through the water while the nylon fin keeps you moving straight.

Best Solid Board

ISLE Cruiser Stand Up Paddle Board & SUP Bundle Package, Soft-Top Deck, 235 Pound Capacity, 10’5” Long x 32" Wide x 4.5” Thick (10'5", Blue)

This paddleboard provides added grip and durability for riders with its layer of croc-skin padding that holds up against kids, claws, and dings.

Best Inflatable: Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

top and bottom and side view of a turquoise and white striped paddleboard

If you want a board that can keep up with your adventurous lifestyle, the Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard is your perfect match. Weighing only 17.5 pounds, this 10-foot long paddleboard can be folded and carried while you search for a take-off point or hike towards a lake. This board has an extra-wide design and three fins for increased stability when riding through rough waters or balancing during yoga. Your purchase of the board also gives you a collapsible aluminum paddle, safety leash, hand pump, and waterproof bag to ensure that you have everything you need for your next ride.

Best Inflatable

Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards with Kayak Seat and Premium SUP Paddle Board Accessories, Wide Stable Design, Non-Slip Comfort Deck for Youth & Adults (Aqua)

This inflatable stand up paddleboard is great for even the roughest outdoor activities with its military-grade quad-core PVC material.

Best With Seat: 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard/Kayak

white and black paddleboard with a double black paddles and various accessories

This hybrid board can guide you through the water in a standing or seated position. The kayak seat attaches to four D-rings strategically placed on the board’s sides for added support and range of motion. The seat features a storage compartment to keep your valuables safely tucked away during use. A footrest can be attached at the edge of the board’s padding for comfort while you kayak. When fully inflated, this board mimics the qualities of a solid board due to its military-grade PVC material that is supported by nylon mesh drop-stitch technology.

Best With Seat

Blue Water Toys Inflatable Crossover Stand Up Paddle Board/Kayak Kit - Pump, Backpack, Coil Leash, Paddles, Detachable Seat, SUP 300 Pound Limit, 10 Feet by 32 Inches

Take on new adventures with this stand up paddleboard and kayak hybrid that features an adjustable paddle that works for both activities.

Best for Kids: DAMA Youth Inflatable Sup Stand Up Paddleboard

top and bottom and side view of a white and teal paddleboard with a one-sided black paddle

The DAMA Youth Inflatable Sup Stand Up Paddleboard comes with everything a young board rider could ask for. The board features a thick EVA foam deck that increases grip and comfort as kids get used to balancing. Riders can also attach the extra fin for added stability. The paddle is 45% lighter than standard SUP paddles and adjustable to last your child for years as they grow. This board is also designed with a sports camera bracket so you and your child can record your adventures.

Best for Kids

DAMA Youth 10' Inflatable Sup Stand Up Paddle Board, Youth Board, Premium Board Accessories, Floating Paddle, Lightweight Lady, Kids Gift, All Round Board Blue

This youth paddleboard will help connect your family with its four steel D-rings to attach boards together during use.

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