The Best Paint Rollers for Your Next Interior Paint Job

one long and one short paint roller side by sideWhen painting the interior of your home, using a paint roller is the most efficient way to go about it. They’ll save you hours of time over tediously using just a paintbrush. Whether you’re sprucing up a patchy wall or going bold in your child’s bedroom makeover, these tools will be your best friend.

Here are some great paint rollers to consider.

What to Look for in a Paint Roller

  • Length of Roller: A wider roller will paint more area with the same stroke than a smaller one. However, a smaller roller can come in handy when you’re just painting over a small spot or adding a finishing touch.
  • Length of Handle: For hard to reach areas, a longer handle may serve you well.
  • Roller Cover: Depending on the surface of your wall, certain types of roller material may be more effective. There are nap covers and foam covers. Nap covers range in thickness; a thin nap would be best suited for smooth surfaces, while thicker naps would be best for rough surfaces like stucco. Especially for glossy finishes, a foam roller may be a better option over a nap. These foam rollers ensure smooth application but are usually most effective for one-time usage.

Best Value Set: Bates Paint Roller 11 Piece Home Painting Supplies

two different sized paint rollers with two other types of paintbrushes and a packet of spare roller heads

This comes with everything you need in a DIY painting set. It comes with one 9-inch and one 4-inch foam roller frame. Each roller has a 1/2-inch nap cover along with an extra one, adding up to four covers in total. They’re great for most walls or lightly textured surfaces. These naps have thick filaments, which hold in a good amount of paint to then spread. Along with rollers, you’ll get a small foam brush, a 2-inch angled paintbrush, and a tray for paint.

Best Reach: SANDEGOO Paint Roller

long handled paint roller with two extra roller heads

For tall walls and ceilings, this paint roller from SANDEGOO will help you reach the areas that you normally couldn’t. It has a 6-foot pole with a 1/2-inch thick cover. Its cover has dense filaments that hold more paint per stroke. You won’t have to extend your arms as far as you would with a shorter roller, so this one will save your shoulders some ache and keep your hands farther from the messy paint.

Best Foam Roller: FOAM PRO 184 Foam Paint Roller

black and chrome paint roller with the head still in the wrapping

Whether for priming or for getting a smooth, glossy finish, this foam roller will serve you well. It’s a 4-inch wide roller that produces lint-free, smooth columns of paint. This roller is great for applying enamels, urethanes, varnishes, stains, or paints on smooth surfaces. You’ll love using this roller on cabinets, doors, and molding as well as walls.

Also Consider: Wooster Brush R017-9 Roller Frame

black and chrome paint roller without the soft roller head

If you’re looking to use your own covers, this is the best frame to use. It has a 9-inch wide frame, which increases your productivity by paving wide roads of paint with each stroke. It comes with a quick-release mechanism that allows for easy removal while also preventing slippage. It has a 90-degree handle, with a 5/16-inch chrome-plated shank and quality bearings that allow for smooth rolling.

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