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The Best Paint Sets for Kids

🕚 Updated May 2022

Art enlivens the senses, providing an outlet for creativity that boosts children's critical thinking skills. A quality paint set provides kids with the best tools to begin their artistic journey. Check out our top paint sets for kids.

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  Best Acrylic Paint Best Face Paint Set Best Watercolor Set Best Washable Paint Best Full Kit
Acrylic Paint Set
24 Colors Face Paint
Kids Premium Watercolor Paint Set
Washable Kids Paint Set
60 PCS Kid Art Set
Our SummaryWith vibrant colors and three paintbrushes, this acrylic paint set allows kids to create a world of their own.An exciting, colorful, and washable face paint set for kids.Your kids can take their creativity on the road with this artist-recommended paint set.This paint set includes six washable standard paints and six washable glitter paints for hours of creative fun.Get everything you need for your little artist in one high-quality art kit.
ProsGreat for kids or adults, quality colors, thick and smooth.Glides on smoothly, thick and creamy texture, 24 vibrant colors.Nontoxic, paintbrush and carry case included, interesting colors.Very easy to clean, kid-friendly colors, great value.Great for beginners, multiple brush sizes, cover, smock, acrylic paints, paper etc. all included.
ConsWhite paint is fairly transparent.Glitter crayons smudge.Lower quality than adult set.Glitter is messy.Tabletop easel is small.
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The Best Paint Sets for Kids

A girl smiles and paints a tree and house on a paper in an easel.

Buying Guide for Paint Sets for Kids

A child has used a celery butt as a stamp, making beautiful red and purple flowers on white paper.

Why buy a paint set for kids?

Kids need art to express what they’re thinking and feeling. Beyond self-expression, art encourages brain development. Paints are a fantastic medium for kids because they’re colorful, messy, and fun, and kids can express themselves with shape, color, movement, and texture.

What should you consider in a paint set for kids?

  • Colors: The set should have these basic colors: titanium white, ivory black, at least one red pigment (orange tint or purple tint), at least one blue pigment (green tint or purple tint), and at least one yellow pigment (orange tint or green tint). It’s a plus to get additional colors like browns, greens, and purples.
  • Brushes: The brushes should have a good selection of types and sizes for experimenting with different strokes. Look for at least six brushes that could include the following: a big wide brush for washes, a slanted brush for painting curves, a flat brush for wide strokes, a fan brush for texture and highlights, a round brush for details, and a thin brush for fine details. Palette knives can be useful as well.
  • Palette: To mix paint, you need a good-sized palette made of a material that will not soak it up. Ideally, a palette should have a structure that helps you organize your pigments and mixes.
  • Surfaces: An excited painter wants to get started right away, so a set should include appropriate papers, canvas boards, or stretched canvases to paint on.
  • Extras: Some paint sets have all the bells and whistles and can even include a smock or apron, an easel, and a bag or carrying case.
  • Cleanup: Think about things like ease of use and cleanup. It’s best if your child can create their own happy works of art without you having to worry about the stress of an epic mess.

Is it okay to mix different types of paint, and which types are good for kids to use?

Acrylic paints are a great choice because they’re simple to use, they’re easy to clean up, and they don’t require special supplies. They can be thinned using water instead of solvents, and they stick to all kinds of surfaces.

Watercolor paints are also fantastic for kids, especially washable watercolors that are easy for parents or caregivers to clean.

Oil paint sets are less common for young children since they often require more skill to use and are more difficult to clean. But once your child begins to grow, oil paints can be very fun to use.

Kids often love to experiment when creating art. But when it comes to mixing different types of paint, be aware of what may happen. For example, oil paint can be used on top of acrylic paint once it’s dried, but not the other way around, or the artwork will be ruined. However, when mixing watercolor and acrylic paint, your kids can create a unique, opaque painting medium. Since both are water-based, mixing them is safe, and they can even be cleaned with the same cleaning products.

Our Picks for the Best Paint Sets for Kids

Best Acrylic Paint

Emooqi Acrylic Paint Set, 12 Colors

With vibrant colors and three paintbrushes, this acrylic paint set allows kids to create a world of their own.

Pros: This acrylic paint set is easy for children to use, but it’s also high-quality enough for adult hobbyists to enjoy. The colors are bright, deep, and dense, and the paint is thick, smooth, and easy to blend. This would be a great option for older kids that love art.

Cons: The white paint is fairly transparent.

Bottom Line: If your child is ready to start painting happy little trees, this acrylic paint set is a must. The color choices are great for painting nature, abstract paintings, or happy-faced families under a bright yellow sun.


Best Face Paint Set

JOYIN 24 Colors Face Paint

An exciting, colorful, and washable face paint set for kids.

Pros: Unlike some other brands of face paint, these paint crayons glide on smoothly with a thick, creamy texture. You get 24 face paint crayons in a pack, and the colors are bright and vibrant. Plus, these also make fantastic bathtub crayons. Bring the fun of a fair or carnival home with these face paints.

Cons: The glitter crayons are prone to smudging.

Bottom Line: If your kiddo loves to paint their face or body, get them these face paint crayons. They’re fun, bright, and easy to use. And they can be used on paper, plastic, and more.


Best Watercolor Set

Arteza Kids Premium Watercolor Paint Set

Your kids can take their creativity on the road with this artist-recommended paint set.

Pros: All the paints and materials in this paint set are nontoxic and safe for kids to use. It comes fully equipped with a paintbrush, a carrying case, and a tube of opaque white paint for softening and blending. And this kit offers more than just traditional colors, including bright favorites like teal and magenta.

Cons: This set is made for kids and doesn’t have the high-quality pigment of an adult watercolor paint set.

Bottom Line: Here’s a watercolor paint set with its very own carrying case. Your kids will love how easy it is to use and how beautifully the colors glide onto paper. It’s big enough for siblings to share, too.


Best Washable Paint

Crayola Washable Kids Paint

This paint set includes six washable standard paints and six washable glitter paints for hours of creative fun.

Pros: These washable paints are highly recommended for parents and teachers who don’t mind a mess, as long as it’s easy to clean up. The colors are vivid primary and secondary tones that children love and can do a lot with, and they blend beautifully. Plus, this set is an excellent value for the price.

Cons: Beware of the glitter—it can get all over.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a safe and fun paint set from a trusted brand in children’s art products, look no further. These paints are smooth and easy to use on paintbrushes and little fingers.


Best Full Kit

Nicpro 60 PCS Kid Art Set

Get everything you need for your little artist in one high-quality art kit.

Pros: This is a fantastic paint set for beginners. It comes with multiple sizes of brushes, sponges, painting tape, canvases, a tablecloth, an apron, a tabletop easel, 24 acrylic paints, and even more for kids to experiment with. Your tabletops or floors will be safe from stains, and your kid(s) can get right to painting after it arrives!

Cons: The tabletop easel is small.

Bottom Line: If your young artist is ready to dive into the world of painting, this paint set has what you need and more! Everything in the set is safe and nontoxic, and you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Final Thoughts

If your little one loves to color and draw, they may be ready to paint, too. Get them started with one of these quality kids’ paint sets.

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