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The Best Palm Nailers for Framing

person using a palm nailer to drive a long nail into a piece of wood

Palm nailers are nifty little tools to have on hand for anyone who regularly works on DIY projects. They’re essentially handheld nail guns that won’t hurt your hand, excellent for small or hard-to-reach places that might be otherwise inaccessible. You can use palm nailers just about any time you’d use a traditional hammer. Check out these palm nailers we recommend.

What Should You Consider in a Palm Nailer?

Keep an eye out for palm nailers with ergonomic or padded grips, as they’ll be more comfortable for your use. Different palm nailers are capable of handling nails of differing lengths, so be sure to check that any one you might want to buy fits the nails you need. And some come with additional features, such as an included storage case or a magnetic tip to hold nails in place. If you plan to use your palm nailer often for a wide range of projects, a palm nailer kit might be the right choice for you as they tend to come with additional helpful tools and accessories.

Best Overall: BOSTITCH PN100K Impact Nailer Kit

orange and black palm nailer with a matching carrying case and other accessories

Here’s a palm nailer kit for all of your framing needs. The nose of the palm nailer itself is magnetic to keep the nails in place, and it’s able to fit nails up to five inches long. Three different types of noses are included in this set to better fit the nails or fasteners you’re using in each project. Also included are a leather glove for your comfort, a nose wrench, a hex wrench, spare O-rings, and lubricant, so that the tools you need are right on hand.

Best Overall

BOSTITCH PN100K Impact Nailer Kit

Try this palm nailer set with three different noses and a variety of other helpful tools.

Best for Budget: Metabo HTP Palm Nailer

metallic pale blue-green and black palm nailer

This palm nailer might be small and lightweight, but it’s still capable of handling nails between 2.5 and 3.5 inches long. The nose is magnetic to hold nails in place, and the swivel fitting rotates a full 360 degrees to allow for maximum maneuverability and to place the nail in just the right spot. The molded rubber grip not only makes this palm nailer easier on your hands but also allows for a better grip and less vibration during use.

Best for Budget

Also Consider: BOSTITCH Palm Nailer, Mini Impact

orange and black palm nailer still in its packaging

A palm nailer perfect for those confined and extra hard-to-reach places. Weighing in at only one pound, this little tool can nonetheless drive into most common bulk finishes and handles framing and timber nails alike. The front exhaust directs the air away from you while you use it, and the rubber grip will cushion your palm and decrease vibrations to help keep your hand steady.

Also Consider

BOSTITCH Palm Nailer, Mini Impact (PN50)

A tiny but well-equipped palm nailer specially designed to fit into extra confined spaces.

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