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The Best Pantry Organizers

Simple Houseware/Chef's Path/Utopia Home
🕚 Updated October 2022

Pantries are so full of various odds and ends that it doesn't take long for them to become muddled and messy. If you've tried to keep your pantry orderly but find that your system keeps falling apart, try these pantry organizers.

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  Best for Dry Foods Best for Canned Foods Best Multipurpose Best Over-the-Door Best with Drawers
  Chef's Path
Airtight Food Storage Containers
Simple Houseware
Stackable Can Rack Organizer
Utopia Home
Clear Plastic Pantry Storage Racks
Simple Houseware
Hanging Pantry Organizer
Simple Trending
2-Tier with Sliding Storage
Our SummaryA set of seven airtight plastic pantry containers in four different sizes with reusable chalkboard labels.A sturdy metal, chrome-finished rack designed to stack cans, jars, and bottles in your pantry.A set of eight transparent, BPA-free plastic drawers in two sizes to help you optimize your pantry space.A pair of over-the-door hangers that give you a total of 30 large pockets of extra space to store and sort pantry items.These metal baskets provide you with drawers that fit almost anywhere.
Pros✓ BPA-free material
✓ Stackable
✓ Variety of capacities
✓ Adjustable shelves
✓ High capacity
✓ Great for jars or cans
✓ Built-in handles
✓ Textured interior bottom
✓ Cold-resistant for fridge use
✓ Clear pockets for optimal visibility
✓ No hardware installation
✓ Great for everyday items
✓ Adjustable height
✓ Stackable with additional drawers
✓ Different color options
Cons✗ Lid holds onto water after being washed
✗ Too small for some
✗ Difficult to refill
✗ Only front cans are accessible
✗ Thin plastic leads to cracks
✗ Not dishwasher safe
✗ Narrow design
✗ Hooks don't fit all doors
✗ Can be difficult to assemble
✗ Sharp metal on unassembled pieces
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The Best Pantry Organizers

Three different forms of pantry organization: one is a rack holding canned goods, one is a matching set of clear and labeled containers, and one is a set of clear, open plastic containers stacked on a shelf.
Simple Houseware/Chef’s Path/Utopia Home

They come in many different styles and forms, from racks to drawers to bins and more, so you can pick what best suits your pantry and your personal needs. Regardless of what type of pantry organizer you need, almost all of them will be made of durable material to ensure that they last you for a good long while and won’t break down easily. Here are a few different pantry organizers that we recommend.

Buying Guide for Pantry Organizers

Dry goods inside of clear, labeled containers sit on two pantry shelves.
Kristen Prahl/Shutterstock.com

Why should you buy a pantry organizer?

There’s no need to complicate your day by digging through your pantry for ingredients. Whether you’re cooking dinner, trying out a new recipe, or looking for a quick snack, pantry organizers can help you get to the item that you want quicker. Organizers come in many shapes and sizes to ensure that ingredients of all kinds can be displayed. More visible and organized items will remove an obstacle from your food retrieval, and you might even find a new passion for cooking with that barrier gone.

What should you look for in pantry organizers?

  • Type: There isn’t just one universal type of pantry organizer. They come in multiple styles and designs, allowing you to pick the one that best suits your needs and your pantry. The most common types of pantry organizers are airtight bins, racks, drawers, and over-the-door models. All of these allow you to store (and sometimes stack) your food, drinks, and other products in a more organized and compact fashion. Over-the-door models are also great if you don’t have a very large pantry since they create extra storage space that otherwise isn’t being utilized.
  • Purpose: Some pantry organizers are multipurpose and versatile, while others are designed for a specific type of product. Drawers and over-the-door models, for instance, aren’t built for one particular food or item, so you can store odds and ends inside of them as long as they fit. Some types of racks might be designed to cradle canned, jarred, and/or bottled foods and drinks, so they won’t work for bagged foods or paper products. Since airtight bins are meant for dry foods and baking ingredients, you probably wouldn’t use them for canned goods or items like napkins or paper plates. Consider what types of items you keep in your pantry and pick your pantry organizer accordingly.
  • Size and Capacity: A pantry organizer obviously isn’t going to work if it doesn’t fit in your pantry. You might find it worthwhile to measure your pantry shelves’ dimensions before shopping, so you know what will fit inside and on top of them. This might not be necessary if you plan to buy a rack to keep directly on the floor or an over-the-door model, unless you have an unusually small pantry, as these are usually designed to fit standard doors. You’ll also want to check and see whether the pantry organizer has a capacity listed, especially if it’s built for specific items like cans or dry foods. Also, consider whether you’re buying a single organizer or a set.

How much can you expect to pay for a pantry organizer?

The construction and size of a pantry organizer make all the difference in its price. Organizers that rely on soldered metal or molded plastic will be around $20 to $30. Items with no lids or handles will be slightly less, as they’re more bear-bones. Think about it like this: If there are more features, the price will go up. Asking for more out of your pantry organizer will force you to dig a little deeper into your pockets.

Our Picks for the Best Pantry Organizers

Best for Dry Foods

Chef's Path Airtight Food Storage Containers

A set of seven airtight plastic pantry containers in four different sizes with reusable chalkboard labels.

Pros: If you want a more effective way of storing dry foods like pasta and beans and baking ingredients like flour and sugar, these containers are the ideal solution. The premium, high-impact-resistant ABS plastic material is BPA-free, so you know that they’re food-safe. The seven containers can be stacked on top of and nestled against each other so that you can free up space and offer more convenient storage. They come in four different sizes, one large container (8-cup capacity), two medium containers (5-cup capacity), two small containers (3.5-cup capacity), and two miniature containers (2-cup capacity). Each size is a slightly different shape in order to better fit different foods. For instance, the large container is tall and thin, which is ideal for housing spaghetti. The lid-lock mechanism makes the containers airtight to ensure that your food and ingredients remain fresh. You also receive reusable chalkboard labels and a white chalkboard marker to label whatever’s inside for optimal organization.

Cons: The set might not have enough storage capacity for all of your dry goods. Additionally, the lids retain water if you run them under the stream while washing. This extends the drying time, and you might have to be wary of mold.

Bottom Line: This clear container gives you great visual access to your pantry’s items without taking up a ton of space due to easy stacking. If you want to remove the cardboard or paper containers from your pantry, these are a great replacement option.


Best for Canned Foods

Simple Houseware Stackable Can Rack Organizer

A sturdy metal rack designed to stack cans, jars, and bottles in your pantry.

Pros: If you’re someone whose pantry contains many canned goods like soups, tuna, and vegetables, this is the pantry organizer for you. At 17 by 11.5 by 14 inches, this sturdy metal rack was designed with cans and jars in mind. It allows you to stack up to 36 cans and jars of varying sizes instead of leaving them strewn willy-nilly on your pantry shelves or floor. It also saves you the trouble and time of sorting through all your cans to find the one that you want, since their labels will be displayed by the cans, bottles, and jars lying on the side. This rack comes with six movable plastic dividers, so you can adjust it for different-sized containers. Some minor, easy assembly is required, although you don’t need any extra hardware to do so.

Cons: If this rack is placed against the wall or below a shelf, it’s difficult to refill. It’s also difficult to access different canned goods because, while there are nine openings, they each need to have a specific can in order to work effectively. Some buyers have found that the top rack bows in the middle when it’s filled with heavy cans.

Bottom Line: This can organizer is great for people who go through canned beans, soups, and vegetables quickly. It isn’t the easiest to refill, but it can make your foods look more organized in the pantry.


Best Multipurpose

Utopia Home Clear Plastic Pantry Storage Racks

A set of eight transparent, BPA-free plastic drawers in two sizes to help you optimize your pantry space.

Pros: This set of pantry organization drawers is suitable for a wide range of products, both food and otherwise, instead of just one specific type of item. Whether you need to store bags of dried fruits or condiments, canned foods or sodas, napkins or plastic utensils, these drawers can fit them all while taking up minimal storage space. You receive eight drawers with your purchase: four large ones and four small ones to accommodate different products. Each drawer is made of cold-resistant, BPA-free plastic and is transparent to make it easier for you to find the item that you’re looking for faster. The built-in handles make the drawers easier and more convenient to handle.

Cons: These bins aren’t dishwasher safe, so if a mess does occur, you’ll have to handwash the items. Cracks are common after moderate use, as the plastic material isn’t very thick. Additionally, some buyers have noted that rather than stacking, the bins slide into each other.

Bottom Line: If you like to keep each item in your kitchen in a set place, these clear bins can organize not only your pantry but also your fridge. While their construction isn’t ideal for heavy lifting, the bins are great for housing everyday items that you love.


Best Over-the-Door

Simple Houseware Hanging Pantry Organizer

A pair of over-the-door hangers that give you a total of 30 large pockets of extra space to store and sort pantry items.

Pros: If you have a smaller kitchen or limited pantry space, an over-the-door pantry organizer might be your best bet. This pair of over-the-door hangers has 15 pockets, and each of the 30 total pockets is crystal clear, so you can easily see the contents inside. This provides you with extra storage space that you wouldn’t be able to utilize otherwise. The pockets are designed to be large enough to fit almost any product, from a full box of tea bags to jars of olive oil to multiple spice containers and more. Both hangers fit well on standard-sized doors and don’t require extra hardware to install. The metal hooks along the top keep the hangers firmly in place, and the cloth tops are reinforced with metal grommets to prevent ripping and tearing.

Cons: While this item might look like a shoe holder, it’s not the same size. To hold the small items that belong in a pantry, this organizer has narrow pockets, so it’s important to double-check the dimensions to ensure that the sizing is ideal for you. This item only anchors at the top of the door due to the hooks, meaning that the bottom is likely to swing when you open and close the door.

Bottom Line: This pantry organizer is simple and compact, making it great for taking small things like spices off your counter. The clear pockets display your items so that you can easily find your favorite items.


Best with Drawers

Simple Trending 2-Tier with Sliding Storage

These metal baskets provide you with drawers that fit almost anywhere.

Pros: Take advantage of your vertical space with these stackable shelves. The metal baskets roll forward so that you can access the items swiftly. If you have tall bottles or cans, this rack has four adjustment holes to cater to the taller items. It features PET anti-slip pads to prevent surface scratches and keep the base secure while you slide the drawers in and out. With a 14-inch depth, these handy drawers give you plenty of space in which to place your pantry items. If the chrome finish isn’t your style, the organizer also comes in bronze and white.

Cons: This product arrives unassembled, and some buyers might have difficulty correctly putting it together. The parts can have sharp pieces, potentially leaving scratches on hands and fingers.

Bottom Line: The ease of these drawers is a huge selling point to this organizer. The adjustable height allows you to cater to your organizing needs and shelving space. The construction won’t impress everyone, but the drawers are an innovative option for tackling your pantry’s mess.

Final Thoughts

Not being able to find that specific ingredient or feeling overwhelmed by the stack of items in your pantry might leave you with little motivation to dive into cooking. However, you can jump back in with the ease of pantry organizers. They help you give a place to your most-used spices, ingredients, and snacks. If your pantry’s current state is overwhelming you, a pantry organizer can manage that mess and make it easier for you to find your most beloved food items.

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