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The Best Papasan Chairs for Your Living Space

Also known as saucer chairs, bowl chairs, or moon chairs, papasan chairs are large, rounded chairs shaped to resemble bowls. The bowl sits on a sturdy rattan, wicker, metal, or wood frame and is topped with a thick, fluffy cushion that may closely resemble the surface of a futon. They’re known not only for their unique shape but their ability to be adjusted to various angles, which makes them a popular choice for gamers. Papasan chairs are also noteworthy for their comfort level, as their shape makes them easier to curl up in than traditional chairs. Some people even like to nap or sleep in their papasan chair if it’s large enough. The adaptable design and vast selection of cushion colors and patterns make them easy to match with almost any home decor. Since the cushion is removable, some people will even buy multiple papasan chair cushions and rotate them in and out to match the seasons or other factors. Smaller papasan chairs are also a great option for small apartments and dorm rooms as they provide a comfortable spot to sit without taking up too much space.

What to Look for When Buying a Papasan Chair

Here’s what you’ll want to consider before making a chair purchase:

  • Design: While all papasan chairs are defined by their large, bowl-like seat and cushion, the design of the base can vary a bit. Some are thin, some are thick, most are open, others are solid. Rarer, but not unheard of, are papasan chairs that don’t have a base at all, with the bowl resting right on the floor. There are also foldable, spindlier-legged designs meant for camping or sporting events. While most are adjustable to some degree, some designs have a greater range of motion and swivel than others. Consider which type best fits your needs before you buy.
  • Color: You can find bowl chairs in just about any color or pattern you might want in order to best match and compliment your home decor. Solid colors are far more common while patterned options are rarer, but they definitely exist if you want something more eye-catching. The bases will vary in color too depending on their material, so you should have no trouble finding a dark or light one that matches the rest of your furniture too.
  • Size: Papasan chairs come in a good range of sizes, from small enough to fit comfortably in a standard dorm room to one large enough to fit two people. There are even kid-friendly sizes to buy for your child’s room.

Best for Kids: AmazonBasics Kids Folding Papasan Chair

Every parent wants a comfy and cozy bedroom or playroom for their child. This circular, perfectly contoured papasan chair is a great way to make your child or children’s space an extra snuggly spot to enjoy a book, video game, or movie. The faux fur upholstery is soft to the touch with extra padding for additional comfort. The metal frame has a safety lock to provide extra stability to keep your child safe. While best recommended for 3- to 5-year-olds, the chair can support up to 90 pounds, which makes it suitable for older children too. Not only does this chair give your child their own special little spot, but it offers several convenient features to you as a parent as well. The frame does not require any assembly, the pad is machine washable, and the whole chair can fold up flat to save space during storage or transportation. With this combination of convenience and comfort, this papasan makes for an excellent piece of furniture for any child’s room.

Best for Kids

Amazon Basics Kids Folding Moon Indoor Papasan Chair for Toddlers - Solid Blue

A small, machine washable, folding papasan chair that will suit any child's bedroom or playroom.

Best for Smaller Spaces: Urban Shop Saucer Chair

Just about anyone who has lived or is living in standard dorm room or studio apartment knows how minuscule and limited the floor space is in these living quarters. This makes them tricky to furnish. You may think that you’ll only have room for a bed and the absolute necessities, with nowhere to put extra lounging spot like chairs. That’s where this saucer-shaped chair comes in handy. Though large enough to fit most young adults and adults, its dimensions are smaller than many of its counterparts, which makes it ideal for cramped living quarters. No assembly is required and the durable metal frame has legs that latch for safety purposes and increased stability. If you have especially limited space, this papasan chair can fold open and shut in just a couple of seconds, which makes it easy to set up when needed and convenient to tuck away when not in use. The faux mink fur is luxurious, soft, and fluffy for your comfort. And with 14 different solid cushion colors available, you’re certain to find a shade that will complement the rest of your home decor.

Best for Smaller Spaces

Urban Shop Faux Fur Saucer Chair, One Size, Black

A small but sturdy papasan chair that brings comfort and style to even the most cramped and limited living quarters.

Best Rotating Base: OSP Home Furnishings Papasan Chair with 360-degree Swivel

After a long day of work, often you just need to kick back and relax with a favorite old movie, a good book, or calming music, and this rotating papasan chair will make the perfect place in your home to do so. It’ll look great in your living room, family room, bedroom, lounge, den, or anywhere else in the house or apartment you’d want to put it. The updated design to a classic, boho favorite allows for a weight capacity of 200 pounds, a maximum seat height of 16.5 inches, and a base that swivels a full 360 degrees. The built-in fabric straps keep the cushion in place no matter how much or how fast you rotate the chair. The cushion itself is available in eight different solid colors or a camouflage pattern and is made of thick, comfortable, button-tufted polyester. The steel frame is strong and steady, wrapped in resin wicker for extra toughness and extra aesthetics.

Best Rotating Base

OSP Home Furnishings Wicker Papasan Chair with 360-Degree Swivel, Grey Frame with Black Cushion

A fun, classic papasan chair with an updated design and full 360-degree swivel base.

Best for Outdoor Use: Core Equipment Padded Saucer Chair

A comfortable, portable outdoor chair is a valuable asset for anyone who attends lots of sporting events and tailgates, goes camping or to the beach often, or just likes spending time out in their yard. If you’ve been looking for such a lawn chair, this papasan is an excellent choice. You may be skeptical, since papasan chairs are traditionally pictured in living rooms and bedrooms, yet this chair is specifically designed for outdoor use. This oversized chair measures 37 inches from side to side for ample room to curl up or lounge and can support up to 300 pounds of weight at once. Yet despite its great size, it packs down into the accompanying carrying bag for compact storage, with a built-in handle for easy transportation. Every inch of the chair and its cushion are built for outdoor comfort, from the quilted seat to the padded headrest to the soft, 600D brushed gray polyester fabric. The firm metal frame holds the whole chair steady. The built-in cup holder is the cherry on top, perfect for keeping a cup or thermos of your favorite beverage on hand. Whether you’re spending the day at your kid’s soccer tournament, hosting guests at a backyard party, or enjoying the weekend at your favorite campsite, this outdoor bowl chair is a great option for all-day comfort.

Best for Outdoor Use

CORE 40025 Equipment Folding Oversized Padded Moon Round Saucer Chair with Carry Bag, Gray, 44 in X 8 in X 8 in

A padded, portable papasan chair designed for outdoor activities like camping and sporting events.

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