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The Best Paper Cutters

Paper cutters are a handy tool in crafting, DIY, or design spaces. If you're always in the middle of a fun project or need a cutter for the office, any of these top-rated models can do the trick.

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  Top Choice Best Portable Option Cuts the Most Sheets Most Fun Design Professional Choice
ClassicCut Paper Cutter
Compact Paper Cutter
TrimAir Wood Paper Cutter
Paper Trimmer with Scoring Tool
Heavy-Duty Commercial Paper Cutter
Our SummaryLightweight with extra safety measures.Extra-safe and easy to transport.Cuts up to 30 sheets of paper in one go.Score and fold invitations and cards.Designed with a strong, durable metal base.
Pros15x15 cutting space, cuts up to 10 sheets, plastic base, blade safety lock, imperial and metric measurements, includes metal guard rail, ruler, and grid.Compact, guarded sliding blade, safe for kids with supervision, cuts up to 12 sheets, cut at different angles, imperial and metric measurements.12x12 cutting space, wood base, cuts up to 30 sheets, patented titanium blade, ergonomic handle, imperial and metric measurements, blade guard and lock.12x12 cutting space, includes scoring tool, guarded sliding blade, cuts up to 12 sheets, imperial measurements, anti-skid padding.15x15 cutting space, sturdy metal base, heavy duty, tension spring and safety lock features, automatic clamp, adjustable backstop.
ConsLarge footprint takes up more room.Not strong enough to cut through stacks of cardstock.Extra-sharp blade isn't completely guarded.Doesn't utilize the metric system for measurements.Ruler only marks up to the quarter-inch.
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The Best Paper Cutters

Man using manual paper cutter.
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Buying Guide for Paper Cutters

Paper cutter cutting paper A4.
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Why buy a paper cutter?

If you’re an artist, crafter, or do-it-yourselfer, having a paper cutter is essential—it’s one of those items you’ll be thankful for when you need it the most. A sturdy, quality cutter will cleanly and safely slice through any paper, whether you’re cutting down logo designs on typical 8.5 x 11-inch printer paper, sticker sheets for your classroom, or heavy-weighted cardstock for homemade birthday cards. Store your trimmer up high when not in use; they’re lightweight and easy to move.

What should you consider when buying a paper cutter?

  • Capacity: Consider how many sheets of paper you’ll need to slice through at one time, depending on your type of work or art. Cutters that can slice through 10 or more sheets of typical printer paper are considered high-end for home and office. Quality trimmer blades are made from strong, sturdy metal, like steel.
  • Size: Most non-industrial paper cutters are between 12 and 15 inches long to accommodate any paper size, including smaller projects, like trimming photos or small cards. What type of paper are you cutting the most?
  • Features: Most importantly, your paper will feature safety precautions, like a blade guard and latch. A worthy paper cutter will feature an attached ruler, grid surface, and paper clamp to help secure and align the paper. Some provide more space for cutting at angles instead of a simple 90-degree slice. Think about which features best suit your needs.

What are some things you can make with a paper cutter?

You may think you’re investing in a cutter for a few projects here and there—but having one at home will inspire ideas. Before you know it, you’re using it to create fun, unique ideas, like these: bookmarks, baby books, photo cards, calendars, name cards, and print advertisements.

Our Picks for the Best Paper Cutters

Top Choice

Swingline ClassicCut Paper Cutter

Lightweight with extra safety measures.

Pros: This easy-to-use ClassicCut model paper cutter from Swingline offers maximum space at 15 inches long and smoothly slices up to 10 sheets of paper, including cardstock, at one time. It features a strong metal guard rail to keep paper perfectly aligned at the blade for the best possible cut. The tool’s plastic frame is sturdy and safely supports the added pressure when cutting, and its built-in grid and dual-scale ruler (which marks in your preferred measuring system) promise accuracy and precision. Secure your paper cutter’s blade lock to ensure safe handling, even when stored away.

Cons: The 15-inch board takes up more desk space than smaller models, which is common for stronger paper trimmers.

Bottom Line: A top-of-the-line home and office paper cutter at a fair price. Swingline is a notable brand with quality tools, so enjoy your new, best crafting friend and the satisfyingly straight, safe cuts you’ll experience.


Best Portable Option

Firbon Compact Paper Cutter

Extra-safe and easy to transport.

Pros: A fun fit for kids and adults alike, this compact paper cutter packs power and protection. Instead of a guillotine blade, the Firbon 12-inch trimmer features a sliding blade, guarded by thick plastic, that easily cuts from side to side with a swift motion, leaving sharp parts completely unexposed. It doesn’t compromise strength for safety, as this model slices up to 12 sheets of standard paper or photos. Its convenient measuring plate lets you cut at different angles outside typical 90-degree cutters. When it’s time to replace the blade, order an exact fit separately, and replace it in minutes.

Cons: The compact cutter won’t cut stacks of cardstock like it does standard printing paper or photos.

Bottom Line: This paper cutter (with some supervision) is a great addition to any classroom or craft-loving family. It won’t take up much space, it cuts quickly and cleanly, and you don’t have to worry about an exposed blade.


Cuts the Most Sheets

Wescott TrimAir Wood Paper Cutter

Cuts up to 30 sheets of paper in one go.

Pros: Back to the big dogs with this larger, Wescott 12-inch wood paper cutter and its ability to accurately cut up to 30 sheets of 20-pound paper at once, which explains the higher price tag. Its patented, titanium-bonded cutting blade is a contemporary take on traditional guillotine boards to deliver incredibly sharp, even cuts with three times the strength of stainless steel. It features an ergonomic handle for ultimate cutting control and a blade guard and lock for ouch-less transporting and storage. Aside from its strength, it’s an attractive, unique tool to add to your crafting or office space.

Cons: Because the blade isn’t completely guarded, top to bottom, it’s important to handle the board and its extra-sharp titanium blade gently.

Bottom Line: The Wescott wood paper cutter is more expensive because of its high-end materials and the fact that it delivers more product in a single session, making it a smart buy if you’ve got stacks (on stacks) to cut.


Most Fun Design

Ecraft Paper Trimmer with Scoring Tool

Score and fold invitations and cards.

Pros: An adorable, lightweight option for crafters and card-makers. This 12×12 plastic paper cutter and scoring kit from ecraft include a super-handy, detachable scoring tool for all creasing and cutting needs, whether envelopes, cards, or gift boxes. Its safe-conscious, sliding blade, which cuts up to 12 sheets of paper, is a great tool in classrooms and group activities. Measuring in inches and centimeters, the board’s transparent ruler can guide you up to 210 centimeters for help creating book covers (talk about versatile). And you won’t have to worry about slipping or sliding while cutting—the board features anti-skid stabilizers on its flipside.

Cons: This particular board doesn’t utilize the metric system on its built-in ruler.

Bottom Line: A cute, compact cutter and scoring kit, great for adults and kids. Now’s the time to bust out the family photos and send your best holiday cards. Just stack, align and slide.


Professional Choice

Mophorn Heavy-Duty Commercial Paper Cutter

Designed with a strong, durable metal base.

Pros: This is a heavy-duty choice for all you serious paper cutters. The Dahle Vantage paper trimmer with ruler, grid, and adjustable backstop provides a large 15×15 surface for your bigger projects and ensures a sharp, consistent edge. Its safety features, like a tension spring and blade lock, help prevent the blade from lifting or lowering without assistance. And you won’t have to manually press down on paper for a stronger hold, as the cutter features an automatic clamp that does it for you—no worries over uneven cuts. Its sturdy metal base is solid and durable and won’t warp or crack after time.

Cons: If you’re an avid greeting-card creator, know that the ruler on this cutter only marks up to the quarter-inch point, making measurements outside of that (like an eighth or a sixteenth of an inch) more tedious.

Bottom Line: The Dahle 15×15 paper cutter is a wonderful addition to busy office spaces, as it’s durable and can handle overuse, or your home crafting studio, where you’re working on larger, more imaginative ideas.

Final Thoughts

Clear space on your personal or work desk for one of these top-rated paper cutters that promise clean-cut precision. Choose the cutter that best fits your space and project needs depending on what your creative brain will think of next. Have fun, and secure those blade locks.

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