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The Best Paper Towel Holders

Dr. Catch
🕚 Updated January 2023

If you want to get that loose roll of paper towels off the random spot on your countertop and into a dedicated place, these paper towel holders can help. Access your paper towels neater, faster, and easier with a holder.

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  Best Value Best Spring-Loaded Best Wooden Model Best Mounted Holder Best Dispenser Holder
  Spectrum Diversified
Paper Towel Stand
Paper Towel Holder
Counter Top Bamboo Paper Towel Holder
Dr. Catch
Paper Towel Holder
Xpress Hand Towel Dispenser
Our SummaryA cost-effective paper towel holder that stands on your countertop.A paper towel holder that features a spring-activated arm to keep the roll from unraveling.This versatile paper towel holder is made of lightweight bamboo for durability.A wall-mountable paper towel holder that helps you free up kitchen space.This sleek, compact paper towel dispenser is ideal for keeping kitchens, bathrooms, and break rooms neat and well-stocked.
Pros✓ Stainless steel construction
✓ Easy to refill with paper towels
✓ Lightweight
✓ Portable
✓ Sturdy nonslip base
✓ Accommodates all paper towel sizes
✓ Easy to use and refill
✓ Premium quality bamboo
✓ Durable
✓ Lightweight
✓ Stylish
✓ Easy to clean and maintain
✓ Durable stainless steel construction
✓ Easy installation
✓ Suitable for several settings
✓ Sleek, stylish design
✓ Space-saving
✓ Refill indicator
✓ Available in black, white, and stainless steel
Cons✗ Could tip
✗ Takes up room on counter
✗ Spring-activated arm doesn't always offer enough resistance✗ Large product label on top of base is difficult to remove✗ Not the best construction✗ Spring mechanism can fail over time
✗ Only uses specific multifold towels
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The Best Paper Towel Holders

A wall-mounted paper towel holder in a kitchen next to hanging utensils.
Dr. Catch

Buying Guide for Paper Towel Holders

Paper towels on a wooden holder on a wooden desk

Why buy a paper towel holder?

Paper towels are ideal for cleaning up random spills and messes in the kitchen and around the house, and when you need to grab a paper towel, it’s so much easier when you have the roll in a dedicated space or a dispenser. Paper towel holders help you quickly grab a square or two when messes happen and can keep your paper towels cleaner by being up off the counter.

What should you look for in a paper towel holder?

  • Design: Paper towel holders come in a wide range of designs with different materials. For example, many are made of stainless steel or wood. Some are wall-mounted to save extra space, while others stand on a counter for easy access. Ultimately, you’ll want to pick a model that works well in your space both functionally and aesthetically.
  • Size: Do you need something to accommodate jumbo rolls of paper towels? Or do you need a more compact model for a tight kitchen? Either way, you should have plenty of options available.

How do you install a paper towel holder?

The installation process ultimately depends on the design of each individual model. For example, freestanding holders don’t require installation but could need super quick assembly. With wall-mountable models, you will likely have to drill some holes in the wall to securely attach the holder. Some come with adhesive strips to mount them. Each of these options should be pretty straightforward, but if you’re renting or don’t have tools on hand, a countertop model is the simplest option.

Our Picks for the Best Paper Towel Holders

Best Value

Spectrum Diversified Paper Towel Stand

A cost-effective paper towel holder that stands on your countertop.

Pros: This freestanding stainless steel holder is straightforward and made from shiny stainless steel. It stands on the counter and is super easy to slip a roll onto and grab towels from. It’s compact, lightweight, and doesn’t require any assembly or installation. Plus, it comes in lots of different finishes to go perfectly with the rest of your kitchen hardware, appliances, or decor.

Cons: It will take up space on your countertop and could potentially get knocked over when the roll is mostly used.

Bottom Line: If you’re searching for a simple and cost-effective solution to dispensing your paper towels, look no further. This stainless steel freestanding holder is a super affordable basic that will last you a lifetime.


Best Spring-Loaded

OXO Paper Towel Holder

A paper towel holder with a spring-activated arm to prevent the roll from unraveling.

Pros: This stainless steel paper towel dispenser offers you easy access and prevents entire rolls from unraveling with its spring-activated arm that holds the loose end down. It’s easy to load up new rolls of paper towels, too. The freestanding design allows you to make use of the dispenser in just about any type of setting.

Cons: Sometimes, the spring-activated arm doesn’t offer enough resistance.

Bottom Line: This paper towel holder is an excellent option if you want something with a forward-thinking design. The grab-and-go aspect of the dispenser makes it super convenient.


Best Wooden Model

Greenco Counter Top Bamboo Paper Towel Holder

This versatile paper towel holder is made of lightweight bamboo for durability.

Pros: This stylish bamboo paper towel holder will help keep your kitchen or bathroom organized and clean. It’s made with premium quality bamboo, which is known to be stable and durable while maintaining a light, easy-to-handle weight. Care is simple–hand wash with mild soap in warm water and apply bamboo oil occasionally to extend the life of the paper towel holder.

Cons: This paper towel holder arrives with a large labeling sticker that can be difficult to remove on top of the base. As a result, pieces of sticker or adhesive residue can remain attached in an area that can be seen and comes in contact with the paper towels.

Bottom Line: This bamboo paper towel holder provides an easy way to add organization and decor to your kitchen or bathroom while keeping your paper towels conveniently within reach. You may want to consider whether or not receiving this product with a visible sticker attached would be an issue, but otherwise, this is a solid option that won’t break the bank.


Best Mounted Holder

Dr. Catch Paper Towel Holder

This wall-mountable paper towel holder will help you free up kitchen space.

Pros: This stainless steel wall-mountable paper towel holder is incredibly effective at saving space in your kitchen. It can withstand the wear and tear that comes from daily use, so it’s an excellent long-term option. The stainless steel construction also gives it an optimal weight and load capacity.

Cons: The connection of the horizontal and vertical bars might fail over time.

Bottom Line: This paper towel holder is one of the best available options for clearing up clutter and saving space in your kitchen. The installation process consists of only a few easy steps, so you can begin using it in almost no time.


Best Dispenser Holder

Tork Xpress Hand Towel Dispenser

This sleek, compact paper towel dispenser is ideal for keeping kitchens, bathrooms, and break rooms neat and well-stocked.

Pros: Make sure you’re always stocked up on paper towels with the Tork Xpress Hand Towel Dispenser. It has a sleek, stylish design that brings a streamlined aesthetic and doesn’t take over your space. The convenient red/green refill indicator lets you know when it’s time for more towels, and it works with Tork H2 Premium and Advanced multifold paper towels.

Cons: Some users experienced a problem with the spring mechanism that pushes the towels to the top failing after several months of use. Also, this choice isn’t ideal if you prefer paper towel rolls since this dispenser is only compatible with multifold towels.

Bottom Line: With its smooth look, this dispenser makes an attractive impression while keeping your public, guest, or home kitchens and bathrooms well-stocked. In addition to the black option featured here, the dispenser is also available in stainless steel and white to match any decor.  

Final Thoughts

Paper towel holders come in a wide range of sizes and designs, and we’ve highlighted some of the best options available. Whichever one you choose, make sure it accommodates your needs and offers a more convenient solution for dispensing your paper towels.

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