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The Best Parts Washers for Your Garage

A person cleaning auto parts with a washer hose in a small gray tub

Ensuring all your car parts and other mechanical components are free of dirt and grime can make your job a lot easier and has a long-lasting effect on your favorite ride. The best parts washers will help your car or motorcycle stay safe, effective, and help maintain its overall value.

Auto repair can be a tricky field for anyone who isn’t familiar with the workings of a car. In the practice of working on a vehicle and through routine maintenance, cleaning can sometimes be overlooked as the majority of the effort goes into fixing the car. Here are some parts washers to ensure your auto parts stay in good shape.

Finding the Best Parts Washers for Your Situation

There are a few things you need to consider before making your purchase.

  • Size: The size of your parts washer will decide on how much you spend your time in the mechanic shop or working on your car or motorcycle in your garage. A small, portable parts washer that has a capacity of no more than five gallons is ideal for small projects that can take you on the go. For cleaning larger parts like a transmission, consider a stationary parts washer with a deep tub.
  • Accuracy: To get good cleaning results, you need water, agitation, and detergent. Agitation can be done by sonic pulses or pressure. Regardless of the type of washer you get, make sure it provides results while also bringing versatility to the table.

So let’s get down and dirty and take a look at some of the best car parts washers!

Best Overall: Red Sun 3.5 Gallon Parts Washer

A blue parts washer with its lid off.

This lightweight and portable parts washer is one of the best of its size and is small enough to easily pack up and move from job site to job site. It’s made from sturdy steel so it won’t easily be cracked or destroyed, while the powder coating can resist rust and corrosion. The high flow pump works efficiently and quickly with a water-only solvent and can be used on anything from screws to bearings and gaskets. You can clean your parts with the long and flexible metal nozzle.

Best Overall

Parts Washer 3.5 Gallon Capacity Tank Cabinet Portable Automotive Parts Cleaner for Wheel Bearings, Gears, and carburetors (Blue)…

This small steel parts washer is durable and efficient so you know your parts are taken care of.

Best Budget Option: Oriflo With Hose Parts Washer Brush

A cleaning hose to wash your auto parts.

For something cheap and portable we turn our attention to this parts washer from Parts Brush Division. This American-made professional tool has a bullet-shaped tip of stiff Trialoy polyester filament which resists mushrooming and its design makes it rugged and made to last. It’s not only a great budgetary option but it’s also noteworthy because it’s good for both petroleum- or water-based cleaning solutions so no matter how you prefer to clean your parts you are well equipped with this parts washer.

Best Budget Option

Best Portable: Eastwood Portable Parts Washer

a black round tub with a special hose used to clean car parts

For portable parts washers, we recommend this one from the people at Eastwood. This washer is designed to easily fit a five-gallon bucket and is perfect for degreasing small parts and tools with its hard bristle brush. It’s extremely lightweight which makes it a great tool to pack up and take to any job site. It is also safe for use with any non-corrosive, water-based cleaning solution.

Best Portable

Eastwood 5 Gallon Electric Bucket Top Parts Washer Portable Plastic Bucket-Top Automobiles Washer Cleaner Small Parts

This portable washer comes with a brush and catches the eyes with its unique design.

Best Stationary: Eastwood 40-Gallon Parts Washer

A large blue stationary parts washer

This stationary and very large parts washer is one of the best non-portable parts washers around and is great for any garage. It has a giant-sized tub that will allow you to clean everything from a valve cover to a transmission case. This Eastwood parts washer has a large bottom storage shelf so you can store your parts and tools, while the durable powder-coated finish exemplifies durability and will not only last a long time but will help keep your parts clean.

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