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The Best Paw Cleaners for Your Dog

Long walks, trips to the dog park, and hikes are the perfect opportunities to bond with your dog. But when your best friend’s paws return with the muddy evidence of an adventure, that wonderful time can result in a time-consuming cleaning process that neither you nor your dog enjoys. With the help of these paw washing cleaners, you can go on messy outdoor excursions without tracking dirt and debris into your home. No matter the size of the paw, these cleaners can have them looking fresh without any hassle. Here are some fantastic dog paw cleaners we recommend.

Choosing Dog Paw Cleaners

Keep these things in mind when searching for the ideal paw cleaners for your best friend:

  • Opening Size: After ensuring that you have selected the correct size for your dog’s paws, take a look at the diameter of the cleaner’s opening. If your dog often struggles against you when handling its paws, consider a cleaner with a wider opening so that the dog doesn’t feel as restricted. This will also help owners avoid spilling cups, as the dog can remove its paws with a reduced chance of catching onto the cup’s rim.
  • Bristles: Silicone bristles are anti-bacterial, durable, and easy to clean after use. Avoid fiber bristles that might irritate your dog’s paws and hold onto bacteria. Removable bristle layers allow owners to clean and sanitize with the most care.
  • Ease of Use: If you travel with your dog, look for a paw cleaner that is cup-sized and comes with a lid so that you can place it in backpack pockets and cup holders. At-home paw washers may opt for a larger tool that can provide a more intense clean. Handles, extra bristles, and anti-leak features offer more control for the owner.

Best Overall: Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer

Cut through the worst dirt and debris on your pup’s paws with this hand help washer. With a touch of water and a quick twist, your pet’s paws will be gently wiped clean with silicone bristles. The enclosed cup ensures that the dirty water stays off of your clothes and your dog’s body. Once you’ve cleaned all four paws, you can clean the cup’s retainer ring, removable bristle, and tumbler cup by throwing them in the top rack of the dishwasher. And you can enjoy the experience with your pet by picking your favorite color out of the six colorful options.

Best Overall

Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner, Large, Blue (PW720312)

Conquer dirty paws of all sizes with this tumbler cup that comes in three sizes.

Best With Handle: Paw Plunger The Muddy Paw Cleaner for Dogs

If you have a rowdy dog, the sturdy handle of the paw cleaner will offer you the perfect grip to keep you and your dog clean. With interior bristles help to remove dirt from between the paw pads, nails, and lower legs, while the no-spill opening keeps the dirty water securely inside the cup. The wide opening gives owners and pets plenty of wiggle room to help gently brush the dirt away without irritation. Owners can conveniently close up the cup with the attached rubber top, making it ideal for travel.

Best With Handle

Paw Plunger - The Muddy Paw Cleaner for Dogs - Saves Carpet, Furniture, Bedding, Cars from Dirty Paw Prints - Use This Dog Paw Washer After Walks - Soft Bristles and Handle - Large, Black

Move this cleaner around your dog's paw with ease, as the wide opening and durable handle make it simple to wash the dirtiest paw.

Best Non-Invasive: SKI Innovations Paw Boss Wash for Dogs

Keep your dog comfortable with this tool that allows them to feel as though their feet are still on the ground. With this ground-based paw-washing machine, owners won’t have to lift their dog’s feet to an uncomfortable height. Inside the 3.5-inch opening, a soft pad of bristles brushes across your dog’s paws to remove unwanted dirt. The clean and dirty water reservoirs allow you to wash each paw with fresh, soapy water while the murky water drains away.

Best Non-Invasive

SKI Innovations Paw Boss Wash for Dogs

Upgrade your paw cleaning routine with the innovative design of this tool that allows you to use fresh water on each paw with just a tilt.

Best Waterless Options: PUPMATE Paw Cleaner, No-Rinse

For picky dogs, this waterless cleaner provides a much more comfortable experience for their sensitive paws. The plant-based soap formula is safe and nontoxic for animals while providing a thorough clean. When the silicone brush gets too dirty, owners can remove the head and wash away the dirt. The brush head also spins 360 degrees, allowing you to adjust to the movements of your pets.

Best Waterless Option

PUPMATE Paw Cleaner, No-Rinse Waterless Shampoo Dogs Cats Feet Cleaning Silicone Pet Grooming Brush, Rose Scent, 6.8 oz, Unique Design Pet Shampoo

Bypass the difficult paw washing process with your water-avoidant dog with this rose-scented paw cleanser that removes dirt and deodorizes.


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