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The Best PAW Patrol Toys

Hedstrom/Nickolodeon/Paw Patrol
🕚 Updated November 2022

With its emphasis on everyday heroes in your community, PAW Patrol has been teaching kids about the nobility of serving one's neighbors in the most adorable way. Check out our favorite PAW Patrol toys for kids!

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  Melissa & Doug
PAW Patrol Pup Pack Backpack
Paw Patrol
Movie Pups Gift Pack
Little Kids Paw Patrol Water Rescue Pack Toy
Pillow Pets
Paw Patrol Chase Sleeptime Lite
Paw Patrol Store
Chase's Patrol Cruiser with Collectible Figure
Our SummaryThis adorable backpack contains 15 pieces of fun, so your little one can join in on the Paw Patrol adventure!Straight from the popular Paw Patrol Movie, these six adorable figurines are fun for children ages 3 and up.Marshall needs your help! Just like Marshall's Pup Pack, this water blaster can help put out pretend fires and soak friends and unsuspecting parents.Best for bedtime and great for backyard camping, your child can rest easy with this squishable Chase night light by his side.Paw Patrol is on a roll with your child's favorite characters, each with their own signature vehicle.
Pros✓ Quality brand
✓ Many imaginative toys included
✓ Promotes early reading
✓ All main characters included
✓ Realistic details
✓ Great value
✓ Easy to use
✓ Lightweight
✓ Great range
✓ Color options
✓ 20-minute timer
✓ Hidden battery pack
✓ Lots of characters
✓ Matching figurine
✓ Authentic detailing including working wheels
Cons✗ Cards dan easily rip or bend✗ Lightweight and may tip over✗ Pack may leak✗ Batteries expire quickly
✗ Smaller than expected
✗ Not available in all characters
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The Best PAW Patrol Toys

A little boy playing with a soccer ball with Paw Patrol characters on it and two other Paw Patrol toys.
Hedstrom/Nickolodeon/Paw Patrol

Buying Guide for PAW Patrol Toys

Paw Patrol toys lined up in a store.

Why buy PAW Patrol Toys?

Paw Patrol has been a popular phenomenon beloved by children for nine years and counting. From firefighter pups to aviation pilot cockapoos, PAW Patrol is a canine-themed animated series that shines a light on our local emergency services crew and the extent they’ll go to keep us safe. With fun characters (like a mayor with a pet chicken), you may find yourself enjoying some Adventure Bay fun, too. If you’re in the market for some new PAW Patrol toys that your little ones will love, consider these Paw Patrol toys for your little one’s next birthday or an upcoming holiday.

What should you consider in PAW Patrol Toys?

  • Toy Design: There are various layers you should take into account when considering a toy’s construction. Plush or stuffed toys are often the ideal choices for young children, given that they can take a beating and aren’t likely to cause physical harm. However, plush toys can get messy pretty quickly when in the hands of curious kids. On the other hand, plastic toys can often feature great attention to detail, but they can break easily if not up to par. Consider your child’s age and maturity level to gauge how well they can handle these specific materials.
  • Portability: We all know how much kids value their toys, so you should be prepared for when they demand their favorite PAW Patrol toy accompany them on the drive over to Grandma’s house. Buy with portability in mind, whether that means finding a toy that is small enough to be held by your child or one that ensures portability through other convenient means (wearable items or those that save space by providing their own storage).
  • Indoor or Outdoor Play: Some toys, especially water toys, are made for outdoor use only. While others may be very small and intended for indoor use and could get lost outside. Think about where you’d like your children to play with their new toys or if they need more outdoor or indoor toys to add to their collection.

Are PAW Patrol toys educational?

Some can be, yes. There are plenty of options out there that sneak in a way to bring excitement into a child’s playtime while also teaching them a handful of valuable lessons, which isn’t a far cry from the PAW Patrol show’s aims, either. If you’re reflecting on the themes of the show, the biggest lesson is about helping others selflessly. And that’s a great lesson! However, if you’re looking for something highly educational, there are other educational toys for kids you can add to your list for your little one’s next birthday, holiday, or big event.

Our Picks for the Best PAW Patrol Toys

Most Immersive

Pros: From a popular brand name in imaginative toys, this mini backpack and adventure set includes everything your little one needs to create fun missions around their favorite PAW Patrol characters. Each backpack includes a working whistle with a handy clip, adjustable binoculars, a 3-in-1 tool with a magnifier lens, a red lens, a compass, a fold-out mission map and activity guide, a write-on badge, and pretend pup treats in a pouch. The four double-sided mission cards slide into a PupPad creating great story-starters for imaginative missions. And this toy encourages early reading, giving your child a head-start.

Cons: The cards can be easily ripped or bent by little hands.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for screen-free play for little ones aged 3 to 5, this hands-on adventure set will make an awesome gift. The backpack is the perfect size for little ones and fits comfortably on most. Plus, it doubles as a great adventure bag for a day out in nature.


Pros: There’s no better way to start your child’s Adventure Bay adventures than with this complete pack of all their favorite PAW Patrol characters. This gift set is a must-have for PAW Patrol: The Movie fans especially. It’s the perfect way to bring home the action and excitement and stoke your child’s imagination. In this set, each staple character is wearing their PAW Patrol: The Movie uniforms and features realistic fur details. Each figurine is about 2 inches in size and should fit in the existing PAW Patrol vehicles. And with all six main characters in one bundle, this set is a great value for grown-ups, too!

Cons: The figurines are a bit lightweight and may tip when you set them up.

Bottom Line: This set of all six main characters is a great value gift for parents and grandparents. The characters are fun, lifelike, and portable. Plus, there’s a lot of great detail in each figure.


Best Water Toy

Nickelodeon Little Kids Paw Patrol Water Rescue Pack Toy

Marshall needs your help! Just like Marshall's Pup Pack, this water blaster can help put out pretend fires and soak friends and unsuspecting parents.

Pros: Unlike many other water toys, this water blaster is easy enough for a toddler to use. It holds over 30 ounces of water and can blast up to 30 feet for tons of backyard adventures! And this backpack water blaster is light enough for younger children to carry comfortably, especially since the straps are cozy and easy to adjust. Kids can have fun putting out pretend fires, spraying friends, and having fun outside. It’s recommended for ages 3 and up for fun in the sun.

Cons: The pack may leak, so it’s best to only use it outdoors.

Bottom Line: If your child loves putting out little “fires” just like their favorite character Marshall, this is a great warm-weather toy for them. It’s a perfect toy for warm-weather outdoor play, and it sprays a long distance, which makes it extra fun for little ones.


Best Stuffed Animal

Pillow Pets Paw Patrol Chase Sleeptime Lite

Best for bedtime and great for backyard camping, your child can rest easy with this squishable Chase night light by his side.

Pros: Plush and cozy, your child will love this huggable Chase, the dependable police dog from PAW Patrol. And since he doubles as a night light, your child can feel comforted in the dark. With many different color options, this night light isn’t just comforting; it’s fun, too. The star-shaped lights transform dark bedrooms into cheerful, colorful spaces. It has a built-in 20-minute timer, so you don’t have to worry about the lights shining all night and wasting batteries. And the battery panel is easy enough for parents to access while being difficult for kids to get into. Since it’s a soft stuffed animal with extra functionality, it’s perfect for bedtime, whether at home or at a sleepover.

Cons: The batteries do not last very long, and this toy is smaller than many parents had anticipated.

Bottom Line: Many children need a night light, and this cuddly, light-up Chase may be the perfect comforting solution. The light won’t hurt your child’s eyes, and it creates a fun pattern projected onto the wall or ceiling.


Pros: With authentic detailing, including working wheels for land and even spinning propellers for air, these vehicles are ready to take on exciting rescue missions. You can get Chase’s police cruiser, Tracker’s jungle ride, Rocky’s recycling truck, Rubble’s bulldozer, or Skye’s chopper for fun adventures. Each is sold separately but at a fair price. And each vehicle includes the adorable 2-inch PAW Patrol figurine that matches it. This is a great toy option for kids ages 3 and up.

Cons: Not every PAW Patrol character is available.

Bottom Line: If you have a little one who loves PAW Patrol and their fun vehicles, this affordable toy may be a great option for you. The characters are well-made with moving heads, and the vehicles have fun moving parts as well. Your child can enjoy hours of fun with each adorable vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Paw Patrol is a phenomenon for kids, teaching them the value of serving their community. And kids love age-appropriate toys featuring their favorite PAW Patrol characters. If you know what kinds of activities your kiddo loves, it will be easy to find the perfect PAW Patrol gift for them because there are so many fun options.

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