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The Best Paw Protectors for Every Kind of Dog

The sight of a big pupper in a pair of sweet rubber kicks may seem frivolous at first glance, but don’t get it twisted: dog shoes are a smarter investment than we often give owners credit for. Sure, there’s still a small bit of pampering involved in a purchase like this. Shouldn’t you want your pup to live the high life, though? Dog shoes offer young and old pets the right balance of adorable style and everyday convenience. So, if you’re in the market to deck out your furry friend with a new pair of dog shoes, here are a few options we recommend.

What You Should Look for in Your Dog Shoes

Consider these factors when making your selection:

  • Outdoor Use: When we think of dog shoes, we typically picture rugged, blocky paw protectors that were designed for jogging along a rocky trail, and that’s often what you’ll come across in your search. Outdoor dog shoes are equipped to handle varying degrees of harsh weather. Between thick snow and mud to hot gravel and jagged rocks, outdoor shoes survive the walk because of their tough, rubberized construction and preventive measures.
  • Home Use: On the other hand, the indoor shoe, while often capable of accomplishing the same tasks as an outdoor boot, is also geared toward a simpler purpose: stability for older pups. An aged pet who is prone to slipping can benefit greatly from a pair of indoor boots due to their skid-proof construction and soft interior lining that props up a pup with maximum comfort. Where an outdoor shoe is built to take a beating, an indoor shoe is built to be kind.
  • Paw Fit: How snug, comfy, or loose a pair of dog shoes fits is dependent on two factors: the shoe’s enclosure system and its fabric. Most dog shoes feature an enclosure system with a hook and velcro strap. It’s the norm among moderately priced options and allows for the best adjustability around the ankles. Some inexpensive, disposable options utilize a stretch and place design that’s fueled by a rubber material. These options are lighter and skin-tight but don’t quite offer the protection a hardened boot would.

Best Hiking Shoes: QUMY Dog Boots

An adorable and secure paw protection option, these QUMY Dog Boots are no different than Velcro shoes for children; simply slide the booties onto each paw and adjust the openings with the reflective straps. This pair features a quality fabric across the body of the shoes, while the soles are made from a molded and rugged anti-slip rubber material that will protect your pup from the likes of hot sidewalks, sharp rocks, and wet surfaces. Each set of four shoes is available in four colors, from fire engine red to leopard print, and can accommodate small, medium, or large paws.

Best Hiking Shoes

Best Waterproof Shoes: KOOLTAIL Dog Socks

Asking no more of an owner than to slide them up and strap them on, these paw protectors from KOOLTAIL dog products are the perfect rainy weather sock. Waterproof from nail to ankle, these socks are constructed with a water-repellent thread material that keeps dogs dry even when directly standing on a wet surface. The waterproof capabilities are only further enhanced by the nonskid rubberized coating encasing the sock’s bottom half. This area provides old and excited pups with plenty of traction across wet ground or slippery tile, so it accomplishes two roles as an outdoor and indoor option.

Best Waterproof Shoes

Best for Tiny Dogs: PawZ Dog Boots

Most traditional dog shoe options can accommodate most pets, but the smaller-than-average pup can prove much more difficult to find the right kind of shoe for. These PawZ Dog Boots are constructed from a stretchy rubber material that’s capable of expanding as needed but small and strong enough to keep teacup pups protected, too. 12 all-weather pairs of rubber booties are included in this “Tiny” pack. They’re simple in design but pack a wallop of protective perks, like the ability to last for multiple wears through rain, mud, sand, snow, and hot pavement before needing a change.

Best for Tiny Dogs

Best Snow Shoes: LONSUNEER Paw Protectors

Designed with water-resistant fabric and a lightweight frame, these LONSUNEER Paw Protectors are snug while remaining flexible and offer a great fit for the indoor or outdoor pup. These shoes feature a soft interior lining that’s suitable for a dog’s paws across daily walks and full-fledged hiking trips. They’re also skid-proof across an assortment of slip-prone surfaces, like grass, tile, wood, and ice. Additionally, the shoe’s closure straps are easy to slip into but remain equally difficult to slip out of.

Note: Boots should not be worn in deep water. Water seepage is still possible due to exposed sewing needle holes.

Best Snow Shoes

LONSUNEER Winter Paw Protector Dog Boots Waterproof Soft Sole and Nonslip Set of 4 Color Red Size Large

These dog shoes are comfortable inside and capable of trudging through mud, rain, and ice with ease.

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