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The Best Peacoats for Men

🕚 Updated November 2021

For the man who's seeking the kind of coat that draws eyes, the peacoat won't let you down. It's a stylish yet cozy option that you'll likely want to slip on each chilly morning.

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Notched Collar Peacoat
Alpine Swiss
Double-Breasted Peacoat
Double-Breasted Peacoat
Long Top Peacoat
Layered Peacoat
Our SummaryThis men's peacoat features a blend of heavy and light materials in several casual color options.This men's peacoat comes to you in a slim cut with several pleasing design perks, like protective pockets and decorative detailing.This peacoat for men provides you with one of the most conceptually daring designs on the market.This men's peacoat is constructed from 80% wool material and features an attached hood for full coverage.This peacoat features some of the best heat-retention properties and pocket storage on the market.
Pros60% polyester promotes lightweight feel, available in 11 colors.Fitted style provides modern edge, functional and ornamental details.Crafted with designer-style appeal, soft rayon lining balances rigidity of wool, high button flap protects neck.Features 80% wool fabric for the utmost protection and longevity, upper hood ensures more coverage.Contemporary style, features two forms of heat retention, seven pockets throughout.
ConsPolyester material isn't waterproof or damage-resistant, hand-wash only.Slim style may force some users to size up, lack of durability.High number of buttons can be difficult to work with, rayon material can shrink in warm water.Lacks the classic design of most peacoats, longer design style adds extra weight to your shoulders.Zippered portion is removable and prone to snags and breaks, weak lining in select pockets.
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The Best Peacoats for Men

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The peacoat has long been a stylish cold-weather essential. From its wool construction and notched lapel to its traditionally rich color variety and classic buttons, a peacoat combines the rugged appeal of looking like a suave sailor with unmatched heat retention. So, If you’re looking for a way to dress up your cold-weather attire, then here are a few peacoat options that we think you should check out.

Buying Guide for Men’s Peacoats

A young man wears a black peacoat over a blue shirt outside.
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Why should you buy a peacoat?

There are a variety of well-earned reasons why one of the most storied pieces of cold-weather wear deserves a spot in your closet. Its burly yet short cut allows for total mobility, which is hard to come by in a lot of coats. And if you buy with a high wool content in mind, the traditional material makeup, you’ve ensured yourself a warmth unlike any other coat can provide. Peacoats are among the longest-lasting options you can buy and use during those frigid days.

What should you look for in a peacoat?

  • Fabric Construction: While the norm for a peacoat is to feature wool, they tend to vary based on how much wool is actually present throughout its fabric. If you’re buying a peacoat for its warmth, then you have to keep an eye on wool percentage. The higher that number is, the more prepared you’ll be for your next snow-in. However, wool, being the expensive material it is, is often balanced out by other materials like polyester, cotton, and similar materials. These materials are kinder on the skin and supply you with the necessary warmth, but if you’re seeking top-of-the-line heat, find a coat where wool outweighs all else.
  • Coat Length: While a coat’s warmth is almost entirely dependent on fabric construction, coat coverage is ideal to consider for that extra bit of warmth and body protection. The length of your coat keeps that much more wind and rain at bay, so it’s an important factor to consider if you’re looking for a coat that can be worn across multiple seasons in a year.
  • The Details: If you really want to take this purchase seriously, consider the little things. Are you a single- or double-breasted coat type of person? The double-breast adds an extra layer of warmth and a look that’s been associated with some of the classiest men out there. On the other hand, single-breasted coats know how to be both casual and formal. What about your lapel? Would you prefer the traditional double-notch lapel? Or, are you looking to shake up the norm with a standing collar? Navigating these details will make your purchase all the more enticing.

Just how durable is an all or mostly wool peacoat?

For decades, men and women throughout nautical history donned all-wool peacoats because they were practically unbeatable in the cold. Moreover, they wore all-wool peacoats because they lasted for decades, as their naturally rugged design granted comfort that also knew how to keep odors, gunk, water, and even flames at bay. But while the all-wool peacoat is great for optimal warmth, it has become increasingly harder to find as designers transition to synthetic fibers. If you’re seeking warmth above all else, consider an option that features no less than 70-75% wool materials.

Our Picks for the Best Men’s Peacoats

Top Pick

Chouyatou Notched Collar Peacoat

This men's peacoat features a blend of heavy and light materials in several casual color options.

Pros: Featuring a tri-combination of wool, polyester, and viscose comprising its outer shell, this peacoat knows how to bring you an equal blend of rugged warmth and lightweight comfort. As is standard for the style, it sports a three-button closure to lock in the heat on windy days. Because it’s dependent on 60% polyester construction, you’re granted an airy design that looks formal but is still suitable for daily wear. It’s also available in 11 casual colors.

Cons: There are multiple downsides to being so dependent on polyester material. Unlike a coat made entirely from wool, a polyester coat isn’t waterproof and is prone to retaining undesirable odors. Polyester isn’t a durable material, either, so you should refrain from excessive use with this one. Additionally, this coat stresses hand-wash-only care, and that can take up too much valuable time for some users.

Bottom Line: With its flexible and heat-retaining materials, this peacoat offers a simple, sturdy, and trendy approach to handling the cool breeze. 


Best Budget

Alpine Swiss Double-Breasted Peacoat

This men's peacoat comes to you in a slim cut with several pleasing design perks, like protective pockets and decorative detailing.

Pros: Another lightweight coat with all of the standard peacoat fixings, this option provides dependable warmth in a fitted style that won’t break the bank. Among its standard perks are a three-button closure, notched collar, and two inside and outside pockets. However, what sets this option apart is subtle but highly effective design considerations. Attached to each outside pocket is a wide flap that provides optimal coverage from wind chill. The inclusion of an epaulet, while largely ornamental, ties the entire look together.

Cons: Because this peacoat is cut in a slim style, its product description urges men with wider backs and bigger lateral muscles to size up. Its 30/70 wool-polyester ratio can also let some users down, as its construction isn’t as strong or warm as other peacoats. Its lack of color options is less than appealing to those who want variety.

Bottom Line: For the man seeking a tailored and detailed approach to their coat, this Alpine Swiss Double-Breasted Peacoat brings you the basics alongside some minimal but appreciable design perks.


Best Variety

TAM WARE Double-Breasted Peacoat

This peacoat for men provides you with one of the most conceptually daring designs on the market.

Pros: Fully embracing a modern approach, this peacoat is perfect for men seeking a designer-style choice. Its outer shell is made of 35% wool and 65% rayon, a breathable synthetic that is largely worn in warmer weather to keep you from breaking a sweat. It’s available in 10 different colors that can be dressed up and down, but select options also feature different detailing (buttoned shoulders, zippered chest pocket). This peacoat also employs a four-button closure that extends through the top of the collar, which pins together to protect the neck from cold winds.

Cons: Notable constraints you may have with this design can be found in the abundance of its buttons. Depending on your selected style, there are at least 10 functional buttons, and when you’re headed out the door on a frigid day, you may not want to be fumbling around with them to get your coat on. Like polyester, rayon isn’t a particularly warm material and is known to shrink in warm water. Some users have also noted that the peacoat’s buttons can loosen quickly.

Bottom Line: A totally fashionable pick that transcends traditionality with a wholly new appearance, this TAM WARE Double Breasted Pea Coat is constructed with a handful of unique materials and design qualities. 


Best Hooded

ELETOP Long Top Pea Coat

This men's peacoat is constructed from 80% wool material and features an attached hood for full coverage.

Pros: For that classic wool feel, this peacoat offers its user extremely durable wear with some extra protection up top. Its outer shell is constructed from an 80% wool fabric, while the inner lining is crafted from 100% polyester material. This balance of heavy and light keeps the cold at bay while preventing you from taking on too much excess heat. Its attached hood can also provide serviceable protection from light rain, keeping your head just as dry as your torso.

Cons: This is unlike most peacoat options, and that’s for better and worse. The lack of a signature peacoat style may not connect with everyone, as it trades in the button closure for a zipper and a hip-length cut for a fit that rests just about the knee. This extra length can catch some users off guard, as it amounts to a heavier overall feel. It’s also one of the most pricey options available.

Bottom Line: If you’re in need of a peacoat that provides double-duty protection, this ELETOP Long Top Pea Coat is the hard-wearing pick that should last for as many chilly seasons as you own it. 


Best Lined

Chouyatou Layered Peacoat

This peacoat features some of the best heat-retention properties and pocket storage on the market.

Pros: Another contemporary look that doesn’t skimp out on the cold-weather defense, this peacoat blends two forms of closure for some of the best heat retention. A full-torso zipper holds the coat together, while a secondary button closure further locks in heat. It features an equal blend of wool and polyester fabric on the surface, while the latter entirely comprises its inner lining and filler. This coat is also designed with seven pockets.

Cons: Because the zippered portion of this peacoat is removable, that’s an extra level of fumbling you may run into down the line. Moreover, because the zippered portion is zippered itself, and not stitched into the coat, it’s more likely to catch and even break. Some users have noted that the inner lining in the waist side pockets isn’t as strong as they’d prefer, leading to sagging and eventual tearing.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking a choice that blends modern sensibilities with a heat-forward structure, this Chouyatou Layered Peacoat is a multi-pocket and multi-closure option that looks just as solid as it protects. 

Final Thoughts

As inviting on the outside as it is when slipped onto your shoulders, the peacoat is a seminal piece of chilly-morning attire that won’t go out of style. We love them for their classic appeal, but there are options that employ modern updates if that’s what you’re after. Each of our picks should keep you warm and looking good.

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