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The Best Peacock Feather Accessories and Decor

Peacock feathers have long been viewed as a sign of prosperity and pride, bringing luck and fortune to those who owned or came upon them. That’s probably why they have become such a powerful decorating trend that’s been around for centuries. From real feathers to the contrasted print inspired by them, it’s easy to fall in love with peacock feathers. Below are our favorite peacock feather accessories and decor to bring a little personality to your style and space.

What to Consider in Peacock Feather Decor

It’s important to note that birds are not harmed to harvest their feathers, as peacocks shed their feathers annually after mating season. Consider where you might want to add a touch of color with a peacock feather, and pick an accessory or piece of decor accordingly.

Best Peacock Feathers: Piokio 50pcs Natural Peacock Feathers

These feathers are cruelty-free as well as 100% genuine and natural. They are all cleaned, sanitized, and steamed. This selection of feathers is 10 to 12 inches, and since they are real, each is unique, but all boast the gorgeous eye pattern with deep iridescent greens, brilliant blues, amber, and purple. They are absolutely ready for any decoration or craft.

Best Peacock Feathers

Piokio 50 pcs Natural Peacock Feathers in Bulk 10-12 inch(25-30 cm) Bulk for DIY Craft, Wedding, Mardi Gras Decoration

Real and cruelty-free, these feathers boast all the gorgeous colors of peacock feathers with impeccable eye-patterns, making them ideal for DIY projects.

Best Dream Catcher: Tellpet Dream Catchers

Made in ethical conditions and in harmony with nature, this beautiful dream catcher makes a lovely gift. It is constructed with a metal hoop, brown weaved web, peacock feathers, wooden beads, cotton rope, and yarn for a finished look that will leave a lasting impression.

Best Dream Catcher

Tellpet Dream Catchers Hanging Decoration Wall Decor Dreamcatcher for Girls Gifts, Peacock Feather

Ethical and harmonious with nature, this gorgeous dreamcatcher is an amazing addition to any space.

Best Throw Pillow Covers: QUXIANG 6 Pack Throw Pillow Covers

These pillow covers are made of 100% durable and skin-friendly cotton linen. With a high-quality hidden zipper closure, bright prints, machine washable, and 18-by-18-inch size, these pillows are great for a living room, bedroom, a bench, or even just lounging the floor.

Best Throw Pillow Covers

Blisset 3 Pack High Waisted Leggings

Made of durable cotton linen and adorned with bright prints, these pillow covers give a pop of color to a couch or bed.

Best Throw Blanket: Bedding Dreamer Peacock Feather Throw Blanket

Made of 100% polyester microfiber with a plush lambswool sherpa fleece underside, this blanket is warm, super soft, and eco-friendly. The 50-to-60-inch size makes it ideal for snuggling on the couch after work, lounging in bed, or even packing to take on a trip.

Best Retro Fan: BABEYOND Roaring 20s Vintage Style Peacock & Black Marabou Feather Fan

This 1920s vintage-inspired fan is perfect for a wide range of occasions to add a little something extra to your style or to simply hang on a wall for decoration. Made with a metal U-ring, white hollow carved plastic staves, and gorgeous thick peacock feathers, this retro fan is small, foldable, and eye-catching.

Best Retro Fan

BABEYOND Roaring 20s Vintage Style Peacock & Black Marabou Feather Fan Flapper Accessories (Black-White Rib)

Small and foldable, this fan adds extra style to an outfit or as a decoration.

Best Hair Clip: yueton Peacock Feather Hair Clip

Made with quality feathers and sparkly rhinestones, this elegant hairpiece is sure to be the highlight of your style. It’s easy to position however you like for a dance, wedding, or other special occasions.

Best Hair Clip

yueton faux Peacock Feather Hair Clip Pin Bridal Wedding Dance Party Hair Accessory

This hair clip is a must for any retro or vintage peacock fashion lover.

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