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The Best Pedestal Sinks

🕚 Updated March 2022

Tired of a cramped bathroom with a bulky sink with stains? Take a look at the pedestal sinks we reviewed here. They're elegant, high-quality, and space-saving.

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  Top Choice Best Sleek Design Best Glass Design Unique Design Classic White Pick
  Fine Fixtures
Roosevelt White Ceramic Pedestal Sink
Swiss Madison Well Made Forever
Monaco Pedestal Sink
Pedestal Sink Vanity Set with Tempered Glass
Tempered Glass Pedestal Sink with Black Bathroom Vanity
Magnus Home Products
Vitreous China Pedestal Bathroom Sink
Our SummaryA classy-looking pedestal sink made of strong ceramic.A round-rimmed, cylindrical pedestal sink that offers a modern look and is easy to clean.This pedestal sink features a beautiful glass counter and a stainless-steel towel bar. This sink offers a colorful accent and organizational opportunity.This sleek, white pedestal is made of the highest-quality materials.
ProsStylish, saves space, anti-rust ceramic, overflow feature.Modern and classic, sturdy non-porous ceramic, high-gloss finish, scratch- and stain-resistant, easy to clean, predrilled overflow drain and faucet hole.Unique pedestal sink and vanity design, solid oak wood pedestal, stainless-steel towel bar, solid brass faucet with chrome finish, drain, and P-trap, open at the back.Dark MDF cabinet with adjustable shelves, handmade tempered glass bowl sink, solid brass and O-Ring Boss faucet set, pop-up drain, mounting ring, and two supply lines.
Made of vitreous China ceramic, glossy look, easy to clean, predrilled faucet hole and predrilled overflow hole.
ConsDifficult installation.Difficult installation.Leaky faucet. Cabinet may take up more space. Pricier option.
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The Best Pedestal Sinks

Interior design of craftsman bathroom with a pedestal sink, a toilet, white tile, pastel blue walls and hardwood floors.

Buying Guide for Pedestal Sinks

Powder room with toilet and sink.

Why buy a pedestal sink?

Pedestal sinks are an excellent way to save bathroom floor space and give your bathroom an open, unencumbered look in the process, and they tend to require less upkeep than other types of bigger sinks. Thanks to their narrow size, they’re also much easier to transport, are simpler and quicker to clean, tend to be more durable, and require less maintenance.

What should you look for in a pedestal sink?

  • Material: Common materials that pedestal sinks are made of include porcelain, ceramic, metal, glass, granite, or stone. Ceramic is glossy and smooth, easy to clean, and highly resistant to stains. Porcelain, the most common material for sinks, is smooth and glossy, with greater density and durability. Granite and stone sinks are even stronger, resistant to scratches, and offer various colors. However, they can be pricey and require extra upkeep. Glass sinks look good in all bathrooms and provide the pedestal sink with a more modern flair, though they may show water spots over time. Metal sinks are easy to clean and nice and strong, though they also tend to show long-term scratches and water spots.
  • Size: Like most sinks, pedestal sinks can come in several sizes in height and width. Regarding height, pedestal sinks around 35 inches are pretty standard. In terms of width, 20 inches is average, but there are narrower and wider options. Measure the space where you want the sink to go and choose the size accordingly.
  • Shape: For all their simplicity, pedestal sinks offer some variety in their basin shape. U-shaped and oval-shaped basins are the classic options, but you’re not limited to them if you want something more unique or a different style. Pedestal sinks may also have rectangular, round, square, or specialty basins. Don’t be afraid to spring for whichever shape best suits and fits your bathroom.

What are the benefits of using a stand-alone pedestal sink versus one with a vanity?

If saving floor space is a priority, selecting a pedestal sink makes sense. The only section that takes floor space is the column, which requires significantly less space than the sink’s dimensions. However, if you have some room to work with, you might want to consider a vanity, especially if you don’t have wall space for storage shelves or a linen closet.

Our Picks for the Best Pedestal Sinks

Top Choice

Fine Fixtures Roosevelt White Ceramic Pedestal Sink

A classy-looking pedestal sink made of strong ceramic.

Pros: This elegant, white pedestal sink atop an equally stylish column will freshen your bathroom décor with its fine lines and rounded edges. It can turn your daily toiletry routine into a less stressful experience, especially if you have a cluttered bathroom. This pedestal sink is made well with quality, anti-rust ceramic. The sink’s overflow feature helps prevent water from spilling onto the floor. The sink is 18 inches with a 4-inch faucet CC, which means the faucet handles are 4 inches apart.

Cons: Most issues have to do with mounting the sink to the wall with the bracket.

Bottom Line: The Roosevelt ceramic pedestal sink offers a simple way to redecorate your bathroom and reduce clutter. It’s also a high-quality bathroom fixture that will last a long time.


Best Sleek Design

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Monaco Pedestal Sink

A round-rimmed, cylindrical pedestal sink that offers a modern look and is easy to clean.

Pros: This pedestal sink combines modern design with classic functionality. The rounded basin and cylindrical body are smooth, chic, unique, and appealing to the eye. The sink’s body is sturdy, non-porous ceramic with a high-gloss finish that makes it harder to scratch or stain. The polished appearance increases this pedestal sink’s aesthetic and makes it easier to wipe down and clean. An overflow drain and faucet hole come predrilled for your convenience; note that there is only one faucet hole, so ensure that your faucet doesn’t have separate hot/cold water dials. It’s available in classic glossy white or matte black.

Cons: If you’re a beginner, you may struggle to install it flush to the wall, as seen in the product images.

Bottom Line: When you’re ready to upgrade your home decor with a more modern sensibility, this rounded basin cylindrical body pedestal sink we’ll be waiting for you. It offers a smart design and quality materials.


Best Glass Design

QIERAO Pedestal Sink Vanity Set with Tempered Glass

This pedestal sink features a beautiful glass counter and a stainless-steel towel bar.

Pros: This is more than just a pedestal sink. With its unique design, this sink offers an experience unlike any other. It features a wide, round ceramic basin bowl supported by a rectangular counter of tempered glass. This dynamic design also entails a solid oak wood pedestal, and stainless-steel towel bar mounted below the counter, and a truly all-inclusive bathroom fixture at the front. Also included is a faucet made of solid brass with a chrome finish, a drain, and a P-trap. Installation might be easier than with other pedestal sinks, as the back of the pedestal is open, and the plumbing parts are easier to access.

Cons: The faucet can be leaky.

Bottom Line: This uniquely designed pedestal sink may not be for everyone, but this vanity could be worth the investment for you who like its look and quality materials. You can choose between a white or black pedestal.


Unique Design

U-Eway Tempered Glass Pedestal Sink with Black Bathroom Vanity

This sink offers a colorful accent and organizational opportunity.

Pros: This bathroom vanity features a dark cabinet made of sturdy engineered wood for those who want more than a simple pedestal sink. With three height-adjustable shelves, the cabinet makes an excellent space for hairdryers, toilet paper, and small items like cosmetics. The deep blue, half-inch-thick tempered glass sink makes a nice contrast to the glossy black wooden countertop. The handmade glass sink has a unique square shape and has a textured look.  Also included are a solid brass and O-Ring Boss faucet set, a pop-up drain, a mounting ring, and two supply lines.

Cons: Because this pedestal sink has a cabinet in place of a narrow column, it does take up more space.

Bottom Line: This colorful ensemble will surely make an aesthetic difference in an ordinary bathroom. Also, it might be a great solution if you have too little wall space for cabinet storage.


Classic White Pick

Magnus Home Products Vitreous China Pedestal Bathroom Sink

This sleek, white pedestal is made of the highest-quality materials.

Pros: This understated vitreous China ceramic pedestal sink coordinates with many bathrooms’ decoration themes. This contemporary piece has a timeless beauty with a nice combination of straight lines and curves and a deep basin. The enamel coating gives the sink a glossy look, makes it easy to clean, and resists scratches. While you’ll need to buy a faucet and drain separately, the sink does have a predrilled faucet hole and a predrilled overflow hole.

Cons: This is a pricier option.

Bottom Line: You can’t go wrong with this pedestal sink if you want a good-looking, high-quality piece. It’s a great combination of utility and artistry.

Final Thoughts

Pedestal sinks are the ideal space-saving option for any bathroom, half bath, or powder room. Because the column is so small in comparison, the sink itself takes center focus while opening up the room to enjoy the space.

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