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The Best Pen Holders for Your Home and Office

There’s nothing worse than looking for a lost pen on your desk right when you need it most. The best way to avoid this inconvenient scenario is to stay organized. Pens holders may be the most overlooked and underrated desk organization tool. Whether you want to keep your work-station neat and clean or show off your unique personality, you can consider the following pen holder top picks for your office.

Choosing a Pen Holder That’s Right for You

There are countless options to choose from when considering a pen holder, but consider these factors first:

  • Functionality: Consider your desk’s size and the number of supplies you have when choosing a pen holder. Holders can accommodate different amounts of writing utensils and office supplies, so be sure to check measurements.
  • Material: A pen holder can be sturdy or transparent. It can be durable and even eco-friendly. Remember to check the material your item is made of so it fits your needs and values.
  • Design: Holders do not have to be simply utilitarian. With various colors, shapes, and designs, they can become decorative statement pieces on your desk as well.

Best Rotating Holder: Bamboo Rotating Art Supply Organizer

The Bamboo Organizer, featuring a unique 360-degree revolving hexagonal design, boasts seven sections with three different types of roomy sizes for all your office supply needs, from pens to clips. Anti-slip silicone pads keep this holder in place so that you can spin with ease when looking for what you need. Made of natural bamboo, this holder is eco-friendly. It also comes in different models for art supplies, so you can build a matching set that can be used in various settings or for a variety of purposes.

Best Value Set: Snow Cooler Pen Holder

The Snow Cooler Mesh holder is made of military-grade aluminum and offers a sleek, functional design for your desk. This classic look comes in a variety of options: single or double baskets (with magnetic backs), packs of four round holders with four color options, or a pack of four square black holders. No matter your choice, this organizer will fit into your decor seamlessly.

Best Acrylic Set: Clear Acrylic Holder Cup

This two-piece acrylic organizer set is a great minimalist option. The pen holders are small, clear, and durable, offering superior functionality and a non-distracting design. The holders are made out of single, solid pieces of acrylic, so they won’t break. Plus, they are waterproof, mildew-free, and easy to clean, which keeps your space looking its best, no matter how much you change your decor.

Best Design: YOSCO Ceramic Desk Pen Holder

The YOSCO holder is a roomy organizer made out of ceramic. Its marble-like design with gold trim comes in gray, pink, and gold and adds a sophisticated element to any office decor. It’s even spacious enough to hold a smartphone and would even make a beautiful gift for that person who already has everything.

Also Great: Zodaca Stylish Wave Holder

The Zodaca Stylish holder has a unique wave design and comes in the stunning color options of aurora, rose gold, or black gloss. Though this holder serves a primary organizational function, it can also be a statement piece on your desk. Constructed from high-quality ABS plastic, this holder is built to be long-lasting and will be sure to impress.

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