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The Best Pen Holders

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🕚 Updated August 2023

It's frustrating when you don't have a pen handy when you need one. Avoid this inconvenience by keeping them available and organized in a pen holder. Consider these pen holder picks that help keep your workstation neat and functional.

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  Top Choice Best Rotating Most Elegant Best Value Premium Choice
Organizer Caddy for Desk Supplies
360-Degree Rotating Multi-Functional Pen Holder
Pen Holder
Snow Cooler
4-Pack Mesh Pen Holders
Mesh Desk Organizer
Our SummaryStore pens, sticky notes, paper clips, and more in this highly functional desk caddy.This fully rotating pen holder will allow you to more easily grab a pen or other item, no matter which compartment you need access to.Get a look of luxury while staying organized with this marble-patterned pen holder.Use this set of 4 holders to organize your desk or place a cup in every room.Tidy up your office, art, or even grooming supplies with this multi-functional organizer.
Pros✓ Five sections for writing utensils
✓ Two compartments for small objects
✓ Small slide-out supply drawer holds sticky notes
✓ Great for organization
✓ Rotates 360 degrees
✓ Four compartments
✓ Seven color options
✓ Holds other desk items
✓ Metal mesh construction
✓ Elegant
✓ Durable ceramic
✓ Doesn't slide or tip over
✓ Space-saving design.
✓ Military-grade aluminum
✓ Sleek
✓ Functional design
✓ Set of four
✓ Comes in a variety of options
✓ Great value
✓ Nine storage compartments
✓ Can store a wide variety of supplies
✓ Extra space for other items
✓ Several color choices
✓ Sliding drawer option
Cons✗ Smaller than expected✗ Handle may break off
✗ Larger than expected
✗ Ceramic may not be best for young children✗ Prone to denting with heavy use✗ May not fit very long tools
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The Best Pen Holders

Close-up view of woman reaching for a pen out of a pen holder.
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Buying Guide for Pen Holders

Two pen holders on a desk full of pens.

Why buy a pen holder?

A lack of organization can mean less than stellar productivity. Fortunately, it usually takes just a few simple steps to transform your work area from chaotic to coordinated. One essential tool that can help is the right pen holder. Whether at home, the office, or your home office, you want to know where to find a pen when you need one quickly. A pen holder is a dedicated spot you’ll know you can always look to find a writing utensil at a moment’s notice. In addition, having a decorative pen holder or one with other organizational features can add to the style and functionality of your desk or additional workspace.

What should you look for in a pen holder?

  • Functionality: Consider your desk’s size and the number of supplies you have when choosing a pen holder. Holders can accommodate different amounts of writing utensils and office supplies, so be sure to check measurements. Your new pen holder won’t do you any good if it doesn’t fit on your desk or can’t hold the bulk of your pen collection after all.
  • Material: A pen holder can be heavy, sturdy, or lightweight. It can be durable and even eco-friendly. Remember to check the material your item is made of to ensure it fits your needs. Metal is a good option for durability, while a clear acrylic holder will let you see into the holder and find the exact pen you’re looking for, and plastic is a good option if you want something light and/or colorful.
  • Design: Holders do not have to be boring. With various colors, shapes, and designs, they can become decorative statement pieces on your desk as well. Some might be shaped simply, like a cup or basket, while others are more caddy-like with multiple slots so you can sort your pens by type, color, etc., or rotate for easier access. For such a simple object, there are a surprising number of options available.

How much should you expect to pay for a pen holder?

Depending on the size, material used, and features, you should probably expect to pay anywhere from $5 to close to $20. The higher-priced holders are usually more like larger multi-compartment desk organizers in which you can store several items. Pen holders sometimes come in sets of two or more, something to keep in mind when considering how to get the best bang for your buck.

Our Picks for the Best Pen Holders

Top Choice

DecoBros Organizer Caddy for Desk Supplies

Store pens, sticky notes, paper clips, and more in this highly functional desk caddy.

Pros: This mesh organizer does more than store pens. Its five sections help you organize your writing utensils, while two separate compartments hold clips, thumbtacks, and other small objects that might quickly get misplaced on a crowded workstation. In addition, the organizer has a small slide-out supply drawer that holds 2.5- x 3-inch sticky notes.

Cons: This holder may seem smaller than expected.

Bottom Line: This holder from DecoBros is ideal for a desk or small work area. It’s not large enough to accommodate books or paperwork, but it’s an outstanding organizer for those small items you want to keep in one spot.


Best Rotating

Marbrasse 360-Degree Rotating Multi-Functional Pen Holder

This fully rotating pen holder will allow you to more easily grab a pen or other item, no matter which compartment you need access to.

Pros: Most notable about this pen holder is, of course, its rotating capabilities. It can spin a full 360 degrees, giving you quick and easy access to whichever of the four compartments holds the pen you need. Available in seven different colors, it’s nice and compact, so it won’t take up more than its share of space, and the compartment allows you to keep your pens, pencils, and markers better organized. It can also hold other small desk items, such as scissors or art supplies like paintbrushes. And it’s made out of metal mesh, so it’s got better durability and sturdiness than similar plastic models.

Cons: Even with its durability, you may have some issues with the handle, namely, it breaking off. And some users found that it’s larger than they expected, so be sure to check the dimensions and make sure there’s space on your desk for it.

Bottom Line: If you’ve ever had to lean over your desk or get up and walk around the other side of it to reach an item you need, you know how annoying both scenarios can be. With this pen holder, you won’t even have those problems thanks to its full 360-degree rotating capacity.


Most Elegant

WAVEYU Pen Holder

Get a look of luxury while staying organized with this marble-patterned pen holder.

Pros: This pen holder from WAVEYU can add an elegant touch to your desk area or anywhere else you decide to use it. Made of durable ceramic, it’s sturdy enough to hold writing instruments, brushes, or other items without sliding around your desktop or tipping over. It makes a stylish statement at 3.94 x 3.35 inches without monopolizing the space.

Cons: Since this is a ceramic pen holder, it can be chipped or broken if any mishaps occur. Although it may work well in an older child’s or teen’s work area, it may not be the best choice for a younger child.

Bottom Line: This pen holder may be an ideal choice if you’re looking for something sturdy and durable that fits an elegant aesthetic. In addition to the gray marble print, this holder comes in 15 other colors and designs to match most decor.


Best Value

Snow Cooler 4-Pack Mesh Pen Holders

Use this set of four holders to organize your desk or place a cup in every room.

Pros: The Snow Cooler mesh pen holder set is made of military-grade aluminum and offers a sleek, functional design for your desk. This classic look also comes in various options: single or double baskets with magnetic backs, packs of four round holders with four color options, or a pack of four square black holders. No matter your choice, this organizer will fit into your decor seamlessly.

Cons: These aluminum mesh pen holders may be prone to dents, so you may want to handle them gently.

Bottom Line: The set of four offers you a good value for your money. You may want to use these in one spot to sort and organize various writing instruments or have a holder in each room to know where the pens are wherever you go. Either way, handle them with care to avoid dents.


Premium Choice

Marbrasse Mesh Desk Organizer

Tidy up your office, art, or even grooming supplies with this multifunctional organizer.

Pros: This may be the organizer for those who want something larger. At 10.6 x 3.9 x 8.2 inches and with nine storage compartments, you’ll be able to sort and store a wide variety of desk supplies to keep your area neat and orderly. In addition to the storage compartments, there is extra space at the bottom of the unit that’s perfect for conveniently storing items such as paper clips, staples, and notepads.

Cons: Although this organizer stores various writing instruments and supplies, you may have difficulty fitting larger tools, such as very long paint brushes, in the slots.

Bottom Line: This organizer can hold an impressive number of pens, pencils, markers, and more. The nine compartments allow you to sort your supplies by color or create a system that works to keep everything conveniently in its place.

Final Thoughts

It may seem small, but having the right pen holder for your home or work area can make a big difference. Whether you have a clutter emergency or need a go-to spot where you can find a pen in a pinch, one of these choices for the best pen holders will be up for the task.

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