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The Best Pencil Cases

🕚 Updated July 2022

No one likes broken pencils. So, protect your writing instruments and head to school in style with these cool pencil cases.

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  Best Bulk Buy Most Compartments Classic Simple Design Best Hard Cases Fun Design
36pcs Big Capacity Waterproof Zippered Pencil Pouches
Big Capacity Pencil Case
Benchmark Single
Pencil Box
Colors Pencil Box
Our SummaryFor when you need to supply multiple kids at once.A serious organizational triumph that can do more than keep your pencils secure.A durable choice that's understated.Perfect for that elementary school age.Show off your personality with your school supplies.
Pros36 pieces, 10 colors, zippered closure, waterproof.Multiple compartments, durable canvas, enhanced structure, can hold up to 50 pens or 90 pencils.Durable construction, roomy interior, interior front pocket.Roomy compartment, durable hard sided design.Roomy design holds up to 60 pens, fun patterns, hard exterior, machine washable.
ConsMay be too much to buy for just a handful of kids.May be too much for some people, also may be expensive for some.Not a lot of internal organization, may be too minimalist for some.Limited color selection.Limiting design options.
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The Best Pencil Cases

Child's hands with color pencils and case on light background.

Pencil cases are a fabulous way to keep all of your school or office supplies in one place, but they don’t have to be utilitarian affairs. A good pencil case can also show off your personality with fun designs or characters on them. If you like to stay organized, check out these pencil cases we recommend.

Buying Guide for the Best Pencil Cases

Three different pencil cases full of colored pencils.

Why buy a pencil case?

There’s nothing worse than broken pencils in your backpack. So, investing in a good pencil case can ensure that your pencils—and anything else you put in there—stay in good shape. Similarly, it can keep you organized so that you’re not fishing in the bottom of your backpack for an eraser.

What to consider when shopping for a pencil case?

  • Size: Will it be able to fit everything you want to carry with you? For example, if you want to keep a stapler and scissors in it with all of your pencils and markers, be sure they will fit.
  • Closure: The pencil case should securely close to keep everything safe inside; look for zippers or a latch.
  • Material: Fabrics are more flexible and can offer a larger variety of uses, while hard plastic is waterproof and durable. Rubber is even more durable than plastic and sometimes collapsible. It’s hard to argue one is better than the other, so choose a material that offers what is most important to you.

Are pencil cases just for kids?

No, they’re not. Any student, artist, or average Joe can benefit from a pencil case, especially if they’re concerned about breaking a pen and having ink spill all over their purse or backpack.

Our Picks for the Best Pencil Cases

Best Bulk Buy

JM-capricorns Waterproof Plastic Double Layer Pencil Pouches

For when you need to supply multiple kids at once.

Pros: There’s no ignoring that this is a lot of pencil cases to buy at once. But if you’re a teacher supplying a classroom or you simply like to buy in bulk, it’s a solid option. This 36-pack set of transparent pencil pouches is great for a wide range of uses. Each pouch measures 9 by 4.5 inches and has a sturdy zipper to keep contents contained. And with 10 different colors, you’ll have plenty of options.

Cons: It might seem like overkill to purchase 36 pencil pouches if you’re only buying them for a handful of people.

Bottom Line: This 36-piece set of pencil couches is about as affordable as they come. You’ll get 10 colors and a fairly roomy pouch that can hold pencils, pens, and other small items and keep them contained with a sturdy zipper. But if you’re not trying to buy enough pencil cases to last your child’s entire academic career, this might feel like an unnecessary purchase.


Most Compartments

EastHill Big Capacity Pencil Pen Case

A serious organizational triumph that can do more than keep your pencils secure.

Pros: If you’re the type who can’t stand any kind of chaos or disarray, then this incredibly organized pencil case is a serious upgrade. You can store more than pencils, thanks to the multiple compartments. And the mesh interior means that you can easily find what you need. You’ll also like that this pick has more structure, offering enhanced durability.

Cons: While not the most expensive organizer you can buy, some people might feel that this is a bit of a splurge. Still, there’s a lot to love here.

Bottom Line: Get and stay organized with this incredibly durable canvas pencil case that can hold up to 50 pens or 90 pencils and even accommodate scientific calculators. But even though it has a lot to offer and comes in several colors, some people might feel like this is an unnecessary splurge.


Classic Simple Design

EastPak Benchmark Single

A durable choice that's understated.

Pros: If you don’t need all the bells and whistles, this low-profile pouch from Eastpak is a solid option. With a brand like this, you know that it was designed to last. And there’s even a front pocket organizer for added organization.

Cons: You only get one main compartment, meaning there’s no real further organization that’s possible, like with some of the competitors in our round-up. And some people may feel that this pick is too minimalist.

Bottom Line: If you just need something simple to hold your pens and pencils and that fits inside a larger bag, this pouch from Eastpak is a commendable option. But if you need more internal organization or simply want something with a bit more flair, you’ll want to keep looking.


Best Hard Cases

AmazonBasics Pencil Box

Perfect for that elementary school age.

Pros: If you like the idea of a more traditional pencil case, this four-pack of transparent, vibrantly-colored cases from AmazonBasics is a solid option. It’s perfect for younger students who might also need to store crayons, glue sticks, and other essentials required for those early school days.

Cons: While durable, some people may dislike that you don’t have a choice of colors. All sets include pink, blue, purple, and yellow, which may be limiting for some.

Bottom Line: If you’re sending younger kids off to school, this is a solid pencil case option that’s designed with durability in mind. But if you’re hoping for more creative control and a wider range of color options, this won’t be it.


Fun Design

ZIPIT Colors Pencil Box

Show off your personality with your school supplies.

Pros: When you feel like every part of your school supplies needs to reflect your personality, it’s time to upgrade to a more colorful, design-focused option like this pencil case. Designed with capacity in mind, it can hold up to 60 pens. But it’s also incredibly durable and is machine washable. Choose from five patterns.

Cons: Not everyone is going to love the pastel and neon-driven design scheme. So, even if you’re shopping for a girl, you may find that the patterns offered are limiting.

Bottom Line: This roomy pencil case is a fun way to be expressive without saying a word. Each case can hold up to 60 pencils and is even machine washable for easy maintenance. Not everyone will love the patterns offered here.

Final Thoughts

If you need a bunch of pencils (or pens or other supplies), protect them with a good pencil case. You won’t have to deal with broken pencils or pens that have leaked all over your bag. A good pencil case offers plenty of capacity, may even reflect your personality, and most importantly, keeps you organized.

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