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The Best Pencil Grinders to Add to Your Toolbox

two different pencil grinders side by side
SHININGEYES/Chicago Pneumatic

Pencil grinders are a great tool to have for working with materials such as metal, wood, and more. They can sand down any serrated edges and polish them down smoothly. As a small tool, it helps when you need to fine-tune some aspects of your project.

Here’s what we recommend.

A Few Things to Consider Before Buying a Pencil Grinder

You should first consider the speed of your pencil grinder. Faster speeds translate to a more powerful tool. You should also consider the weight of the tool. Lightweight pencil grinders give you more control. Lastly, pencil grinders that come with different shaped bits can be used in different applications, and add to your tool’s overall versatility.

Best Overall: Astro Pneumatic Tool 218

a pencil grinder with blue accents and the cord wound up
Astro Pneumatic

This pneumatic tool is a great well-rounded pencil grinder for all your needs. It has a 56,000 rpm speed, with a twist throttle that allows you to control its speed. It is slim and lightweight, so your dexterity won’t be negatively affected by this tool.

Best Overall

Astro Pneumatic Tool 218 1/8" Pencil Type Die Grinder - 56,000RPM,Black,gold,blue

This pencil grinder is a lightweight, slim tool at 56,000-rpm.

Best for Polishing: SHININGEYES Air Micro Grinder

coiled gray and blue pencil grinder with a pale pink tip

If you’re looking for the perfect finish, this micro grinder is great for polishing. It has a 56,000-rpm speed with a speed-controlling throttle. Additionally, it comes with a whole kit filled with bits and other items for a quick set up. It has a 1/8-inch collet.

Best for Polishing

1/8" Air Micro Grinder, Pneumatic Micro Air Pencil Die Grinder Polishing Tool Kit

This pencil grinder has a speed of 56,000 rpm, and comes with a set up kit.

Best Premium: Chicago Pneumatic CP9104Q Pencil Grinder

coiled black and red pencil grinder
Chicago Pneumatic

This pencil grinder is a great pick for those needing a few extra features. It has a 60,000 rpm speed and is comfortable and easy to hold and use. As a slim tool, it can fit in hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, it operates quietly, which may be a bonus to some. It has 1/8-inch collets included and has a low air consumption rate.

Highest RPM: guangshun Air Micro Grinder

coiled gray pencil grinder with a green pencil, protective clear tube, two small wrenches, and a droplet bottle

The guangshun Air Micro Grinder is a powerful tool with its high rpm. It has a speed of 70,000-rpm and can be controlled easily with its lightweight design and vibration-less core. Additionally, it also comes with 30 grinding needles.

Highest RPM

guangshun 1/8'' Air Micro Grinder 70000 RPM With 30 3mm Diamond Grinding Needles Air Micro Pencil Type

This pencil grinder has a fast speed at 70,000-rpm, but its vibration-less core allows you to control it.

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