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The Best Penny Sleeves to Protect Your Card Collection

If you own a valuable or treasured card collection, be they baseball cards, Pokémon cards, or any other type, penny sleeves are a great way to store, sort, and protect your collection all at once. Known as “penny sleeves” because of their low cost, these sealable plastic rectangle-shaped pockets hold one card at a time and protect them from stains from your fingerprints, crumbs, and liquids. They also safeguard your cards from becoming ripped, torn, or scratched, as well as the colors, writing, and pictures from rubbing off or peeling over time, and other hazards of consistent handling. They’re great for mass storage as well, as you can buy hundreds at once for a low price. If you’re a card game enthusiast or serious card collector, a pack of penny sleeves is a worthwhile and low-cost investment to help keep your collection safe.

What to Look for in Penny Sleeves

Here’s what you should think about when purchasing penny sleeves:

  • Amount: Penny sleeves are available in quite a range of quantities. Most are sold in packs of 100 or 200, but there are higher and lower amounts available. You can buy as few as one or five sleeves at once, and as many as packs of 1,000, depending on the size of your collection.
  • Thickness: Some penny sleeves are made of thicker plastic (usually measured in millimeters) than others, ensuring your cards greater protection. Penny sleeves advertised as “premium” will, in general, be the ones made of thicker plastic than standard models. You can also buy double-sleeved packs, where you’ll buy penny sleeves that come in two sizes: a standard-sized sleeve to hold your card, and a slightly larger one to place that sleeve in. This will protect your cards even better, as there will be two layers of plastic between them and the elements.
  • Acid-Free: If you’re serious about protecting your cards or have particularly valuable ones, you’ll want to buy penny sleeves that are explicitly marked as acid-free. Acid and similar chemicals may rub off on your cards and run the risk of discoloring or staining your cards if they’re stored in them over an extended period of time. Therefore, acid-free penny sleeves are generally the best option for collectors.

Top Choice: Ultra Pro Penny Sleeves

These are ultra-clear, standard-sized penny sleeves that will fit a top-loaded cardholder. Whether you collect baseball cards, football cards, Pokémon cards, or any other sort, these penny sleeves will fit and protect them from scratching and handling. Free of both acid and PVC, you’ll be able to store your cards long-term without fear of discoloration. This set comes with 100 sleeves per pack, with five packs, for a total of 500 penny sleeves.

Top Choice

Ultra Pro 5 (Five) Pack Lot of 100 Soft Sleeves/Penny Sleeve for Baseball Cards & Other Sports Cards

500 PVC- and acid-free penny sleeves for safe, long-term card storage.

Best Value Pack: DeElf 1000 Clear Card Sleeves

This is a set of 1,000 high-quality, clear, standard-sized hybrid penny sleeves for one low, affordable price, parceled in packs of 10 with 100 sleeves per bag. They’re designed to be just the right level of thickness, thick enough to protect your cards during handling but thin enough that they won’t feel uncomfortable in your hands. They’re especially well suited for TCG-sized board game cards, as the sleeves are perfectly designed to prevent damage from skin oil, water, and food. They can be used for storage or to hold your cards during play.

Best Value Pack

Best Double-Sleeved Option: Premium Ultra Clear Pro Support Sleeves

If you’re looking for extra protection for your card collection or board games, consider investing in this pack of double-sleeved penny sleeves. 400 sleeves come included in this pack, 200 soft inner sleeves and 200 outer sleeves so you can wrap each card in two sleeves for double the usual protection. Or, if you prefer, you can use one on each to store 400 individual cards. They work equally well with trading cards and board game cards. The premium plastic is thicker than most standard penny sleeves for additional protection against spills, dust, water, and fingerprints. The plastic is also acid- and PVC-free so you won’t have to worry about chemicals rubbing off on your cards at all.

Best Double-Sleeved Option

400 Premium Ultra Clear, Perfect for Double sleeving, fits Standard Size Trading Cards Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Super by Pro Support

Premium, double-sleeved penny sleeves made to give your trading and board game cards that much extra protection.

Also Consider: 200 Pro Support Trading Card Penny Sleeves

This is a set of acid-free penny sleeves perfect for long-term storage of trading cards, though they may be used to protect either trading cards or board game cards during use as well. They provide a snug fit for your standard-sized cards of all types. Each sleeve is soft to the touch in the case that you choose to use them to hold your cards during play or a tournament. They will protect your cards from fingerprints, dust, and water. Each set comes with 200 ultra-clear, durable sleeves per pack.

Also Consider

200 Pro Support Trading Card Penny Sleeves for Pokemon Cards and Magic The Gathering Cards

A pack of 200 durable, ultra-clear penny sleeves that are acid-free for long-term storage purposes.

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