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The Best Peppa Pig Toys

Peppa Pig Store/Peppa Pig Store/Franco
🕚 Updated August 2022

With over 15 years and 300 episodes broadcasted across every corner of the world, Peppa Pig has stolen the hearts of families everywhere. If you're searching for a Peppa Pig toy for her biggest fan, here are a few options we recommend.

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  Best Stuffed Toy Most Interactive Toy Best Playhouse Best Character Set Best Sing Along Toy
Plush Cuddle Buddy
Peppa Pig Let's Chat Learning Phone
Peppa Pig
House Playset
Peppa Pig
Forever Friends Figure Pack
Peppa Pig
Microphone and Activity Book
Our SummaryAn incredibly soft and huggable plush toy that stands 18 inches tall and features embroidered detailing.This Peppa-themed toy cell phone features a variety of built-in games to play while speaking directly to the character.Bring Peppa's home into your home with this 17-piece foldable playhouse.This set of mini-figurines brings children not one but eight beloved characters from the hit show.This sing-along bundle includes a 28-page booklet and a functioning microphone that plays music and emits lights.
ProsKind material construction makes it safe for playtime and sleeping, embroidered detailing.Provides teaching moments in addition to fun, features sight and sound functions, four educational games.Playhouse with 17 pieces, easy-to-fold and carry, 4 rooms, multiple character figures, 13 accessories, perfect for imaginative role play.Includes eight detail-accurate characters, small design allows for total portability.28 pages of interactivity, 24 songs, allows kids to sing and read along with a functioning microphone.
ConsPolyester fabric retains stains and odors.Not suitable for users younger than 3, low audio.Bunk beds, ladder, and stairs may not snap into place.Small design allows for easy misplacement and potential ingestion.Requires parental assistance for younger users.
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The Best Peppa Pig Toys

Three photos of different Peppa Pig toys; one is a playhouse, one is a stuffed toy, and one is a set of figurines.
Peppa Pig Store/Peppa Pig Store/Franco

Buying Guide for Peppa Pig Toys

A young girl plays with a Peppa Pig dollhouse.
Peppa Pig Store

Why should you buy a particular Peppa Pig toy?

Peppa Pig is an instantly recognizable international sensation who teaches as much as she entertains, and there’s a variety of Peppa toys that exemplify that. It’s important to consider the type of toy you buy for your kiddo because there’s more to the excitement than your typical idea of playtime. Each toy on the market, from plastic figurines to sing-along books, can accomplish different goals and needs for your child.

What should you look for in a Peppa Pig toy?

  • Material Construction: There are various layers you should take into account when considering a toy’s material construction. Toys designed from soft fabrics and cotton filling are often the ideal choices for young children, given that they can take a beating and aren’t likely to cause physical harm. However, plush toys can get very dirty and favor a spot-clean-only method of care rather than a machine wash. On the other hand, plastic toys can often feature great attention to detail, but they can break easily if the plastic construction isn’t up to par.
  • Fun or Education: It’s also important that the toy you purchase features one of two qualities, if not both: optimally fun or interestingly educational. There are also plenty of options out there that sneak in a way to bring excitement into a child’s playtime while also encouraging their cognitive development and teaching them valuable lessons, which isn’t a far cry from the show at all.
  • Portability: Again, we all know how much kids value their toys, so you should be prepared for when they demand their favorite Peppa Pig toy accompany them on the drive over to Grandma’s house. Buy with portability in mind, whether that means finding a toy that is small enough to fit in a kiddo’s arms or one that ensures portability through other means.

What should you expect to pay for a Peppa Pig toy?

Like most toys, a number of components factor into the overall price of the toy you pick up. Plastic and plush figures don’t often cost more than pocket change. Toys that employ a battery-based function can begin to cost you a good chunk more. Large toys or those that feature multiple moving parts are likely going to cost you the most, as there’s finer attention to detail and construction among these options. Ultimately, most will cost around $15 to $40.

Our Picks for the Best Peppa Pig Toys

Best Stuffed Toy

Franco Plush Cuddle Buddy

An incredibly soft and huggable plush toy that stands 18 inches tall and features embroidered detailing.

Pros: This extra-plush toy offers sleepy TV viewers the perfect cuddle companion for tuning into Peppa or tuning out for bed. It stands 18 inches tall and features the character’s classic red dress, black flats, and that happy-go-lucky smile, all of which are constructed with finely embroidered details and a 100% polyester surface. This Peppa toy is also holding onto her own miniature plush toy, so you’re getting two adorable figures for the price of one.

Cons: Because this toy option is entirely dependent on polyester material, that means it’s more likely to retain odors, stains, and easily tear, given what we know about the fragile fabric. This product features a spot-clean-only construction, so surface stains must be cleaned immediately to prevent settling. While the attached toy is a worthwhile addition, it’s actually sewn into the hand of Peppa, so kids can’t play with it separately.

Bottom Line: If your child is still at the appropriate age for snuggling and collecting stuffed toys, this Franco Plush Cuddle Buddy is a classic toy that functions as both an enjoyable figure and a soft pillow.


Most Interactive Toy

VTech Peppa Pig Let's Chat Learning Phone

This Peppa-themed toy cell phone features a variety of built-in games to play while speaking directly to the character.

Pros: If you’re looking to buy your young one a toy that stimulates critical thinking just as well as it brings excitement, this Peppa Pig-themed toy phone provides plenty of teaching moments. It’s a kid-friendly device with the best conversation starters on the other end: Peppa and her family. Kids can chat with their favorite animated pig through voice-activated conversations and watch the character leap across the LCD screen. This toy phone also features four educational games that help kids hone in math skills (numbers, counting, addition, and shapes).

Cons: The downside to buying a battery-based device is the risk involved, as tampering or damage brought onto its electrical current, while minor, can harm a child. Because of this, the phone is suitable for children no younger than three years old, which means you’ll have to seek out another choice for kids under three. Some users have also taken aim at the device’s low-volume sound output.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking a toy that finds the time to get a bit of educational work in alongside the excitement, this VTech Peppa Pig Let’s Chat Learning Phone lets users see and chat with your favorite animated pig.


Best Playhouse

Peppa Pig's House Playset

Bring Peppa's home into your home with this 17-piece foldable playhouse.

Pros: Playhouses aren’t only reserved for Malibu beach dolls, as this 17-piece Peppa Pig House Playset is the perfect starter home for your favorite characters! With multiple character figures and 13 accessory pieces, this playset is perfect for little ones who love to roleplay. The Peppa Pig House Playset features four rooms to play in: bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. And the easy-to-fold and -carry design makes it great for fun on the go.

Cons: Some users found it frustrating that the bunk beds, ladder, and stairs don’t snap into place. Also, the character figurines may have trouble staying seated on the chairs and sofa.

Bottom Line: This Peppa Pig House Playset is great for fans who want to be invited into Peppa’s home! The colorful components will light up your child’s imagination, and parents will enjoy the set’s foldable convenience for travel and storage.


Best Character Set

Peppa Pig Forever Friends Figure Pack

This set of mini-figurines brings children not one but eight beloved characters from the hit show.

Pros: For the Peppa fans who love the show and all of the cute characters who grace it, this bundle of figurines is a must. In total, there are eight figures kids can play with, from the headliners (Peppa, George, Emily Elephant) to the supporting cast (Rebecca & Richard Rabbit, Candy Cat). Each figurine measures 3 inches tall and weighs no more than a few ounces, so you can pack and carry them around with ease.

Cons: Though one could argue their size ushers in welcome convenience, others may see each figurine’s miniature stature and think about how easy it will be to misplace them. Their small size can also make them easy to chew on and ingest for small children and pets alike. Some users have noted that the paint on each toy is prone to fading and falling off completely after continued use.

Bottom Line: This Peppa Pig Forever Friends Figure Pack offers a terrific value for mega fans, as they’ll get to play with eight different main character toys that are small enough to take wherever a child wants.


Best Sing Along Toy

Peppa Pig Microphone and Activity Book

This sing-along bundle includes a 28-page booklet and a functioning microphone that plays music and emits lights.

Pros: Another highly engaging option that brings a far more unique sense of fun than the typical Peppa toy. This sing-along features 28 pages of interactivity, allowing an entire group of kids to flip through the booklet while reading and harmonizing lyrics together. It includes a functioning toy microphone with button combinations that can trigger 24 different songs, like “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and the “Bing Bong Song.”

Cons: While this option is suitable for kiddos that are even in their infancy, it means that the parent will be the primary user as they teach their child how to read and sing. So, this toy may be better suited for children who are old enough to use it on their own if you don’t have the time. This device also requires occasional upkeep, as the microphone’s AAA battery system will need a swap every so often.

Bottom Line: If you’re in the market for a toy that develops reading skills while building self-expression, then this Peppa Pig Microphone and Activity Book brings gobs of fun and a good amount of learning, too.


Best for Toddlers

VTech Peppa Pig Learn and Discover Book

Your toddler can learn letters, words, and songs while listening to Peppa Pig tell about her day in this 14-page interactive book.

Pros: This Peppa Pig Interactive Book is a great educational pick for your toddler. Kids can read along with Peppa as she tells stories about her day with her family and friends and listen to phrases in their real voices. Kids can practice and learn letters of the alphabet, new vocabulary words, and more. This 14-page book has four modes: letters, music, story, and search & find.

Cons: The power and volume buttons are situated on the device right next to the feature control buttons. So kids may adjust the volume or turn the power off accidentally while playing.

Bottom Line: If you want to get your toddlers interested in books while having fun with colorful lights and hearing Peppa Pig recite tales, this book is a great choice. Thanks to the interactive features and upbeat melodies, they will be entertained while learning letters and words.

Final Thoughts

Peppa Pig and the endearing community of family and friends by her side teach children valuable lessons that lay the foundation for being a kind person. So, when you pair that with a toy, your kiddo isn’t just having fun with their new favorite trinket. Rather, you’re reinforcing important concepts that teach and remind a child to be kind.

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