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The Best Personal Blenders to Enhance Your Lifestyle

Freshly made mango banana smoothie with chia seeds.
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If you are looking for a good simple way to kickstart a good day, you need to eat breakfast. Out of all three daily meals, breakfast is considered the most important because it gives you the energy you need to get stuff done throughout the rest of your day. What better way to start your day than with a nutrient-rich smoothie for breakfast? Smoothies are great because you can add almost any fruit or vegetable to them while still customizing them to fit your taste. While a full-sized blender is a great choice for making a large batch of smoothies, sometimes you just need something a little smaller. Personal blenders allow you to make single-serve smoothies that you can take on the go, giving you an easy, healthy start to your day. Here are some fantastic personal blenders that we highly recommend!

What to Look for When Buying a Personal Blender

Here are some things to consider before purchasing your blender:

  • Features: To be sure you are getting the most bang for your buck, you should invest in a personal blender with features that work for you. If you are blending hearty ingredients such as frozen fruit, leafy greens, or crunchy nuts, you should look for a blender with a motor that has at least 700 watts. The higher the wattage, the easier it is to create an ultra-creamy smoothie and prevent your blender from burning out. If you are looking to enjoy your smoothies on the go, you need to make sure that your blender comes with portable cups that can be used to both blend your smoothies and take them on the go with you after your blending is done.

Best Overall: Ninja Personal Blender with Two 16-Ounce Travel Cups

personal blender with a black base and clear blender cup; to the left is an extra blender cup with two black lids, and to the right is a blender instruction manual

If you’re looking for the best way to blend your morning smoothie, you should check out this personal blender! It features a 700-watt motor that easily breaks down whole fruits, leafy greens, and tough nuts and seeds to give you the most nutritionally dense smoothie; it also comes with two 16-ounce blender cups that are great for smoothies on the go. The blender uses pulse technology to cut down on the time it takes to make the perfect smoothie: all you have to do is push the blender cup down on the bladed base and then watch as the blender smoothly crushes through frozen ingredients.

Best with Mason Jar: Americana by Elite Glass Mason Jar Blender

personal blender with a pink base and a mason jar blender cup that is filled with fruit and ice; to the left is a travel-sized blender cup filled with a pink smoothie

This blender comes with two different cup options that let you choose how you are going to enjoy your smoothie: a 17-ounce glass mason jar for an easy stay-at-home drink or a 20-ounce sports bottle with a travel lid for on-the-go smoothies. It uses a 300-watt motor to effectively blast frozen ingredients into a perfectly blended smoothie. The blender features a one-touch pulse switch that activates the blender blades with the touch of a lever and then stops operation as soon as the switch is released. Thanks to its internal safety mechanisms, the blender blades cannot be activated unless the drinking cups are securely locked in place.

Best with Mason Jar

Americana EPB399C by Elite Glass Mason Jar Blender with 17oz Jar + 20oz. Sports Bottle, Blend Personal Smoothie, Crush Ice, Shakes, Keto Protein, 300 Watts

This blender uses a one-touch pulse switch that activates the blades with the touch of a lever.

Best On the Go: GREECHO Portable Mini Blender

blue personal blender cup filled with veggies; lined up to the right is a blended cocktail, fruity ice cream, and an orange smoothie

Thanks to this portable blender, you can have a delicious homemade smoothie anywhere you go: it comes with a rechargeable USB power source that can be charged using a laptop, a power outlet, or even in the car. The blender is crafted with food-grade, nontoxic tritan plastic that is durable enough to last throughout every single road trip. It uses a high-speed mixer system that is not only perfect for blending smoothies but also for grating cheese, mincing garlic, and making slushy cocktails. All you have to do to make the perfect smoothie is fill the blender cup with your favorite ingredients, flip the cup upside down so that the ingredients come in contact with the blades in the lid, and then press the power button to activate the blender.

Best On the Go

GREECHO Portable Blender, One-handed Drinking Mini Blender for Shakes and Smoothies, 12 oz Personal Blender with Rechargeable USB, Made with BPA-Free Material Portable Juicer, Matte Blue

This blender uses a high-speed mixer system that is perfect for blending smoothies, grating cheese, mincing garlic, and much more.

Best Blending Power: Ninja Nutri-Professional Personal Blender

a personal blender with a gray base and a clear blender cup; to the right is another two blender cups and a label with the text "Nutri Ninja"

This personal blender can handle it all: it uses a 1,000-watt motor and pro-extractor blades to easily break down whole foods, nutrient-rich vegetables, and other hearty ingredients. The blender comes with everything you need to craft your favorite smoothies: a sturdy motor base, a 12-ounce cup, an 18-ounce cup, a 24-ounce cup, and two sip-and-seal lids that make it easy to take your drink on the go. This blender is a great choice for those who prefer perfectly blended smoothies with no remaining signs of fibrous fruit and veggie remnants.

Best Blending Power

Ninja BL455_30 Nutri Professional Personal Blender Bonus Set with 3-Sip & Seal Single Serves(12, 18, and 24 oz. Cups) & 75-Recipe Cookbook, Stainless Steel/Black

This blender comes with three different-sized blender cups in order to give you the most bang for your buck.

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