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The Top pH Test Strips to Use at Home

set of pH test strips in rainbow colors

Testing pH levels using a pH test strip is a quick and inexpensive way to determine the acidity or basicity of a substance. This can lead to valuable information about your bodily health, the liquids you consume, your garden soil’s level of nutrients, and much more. Here are some of the best pH test strips available on Amazon.

What to Look for in pH Test Strips

There are some factors to consider when shopping for pH test strips. The pH range that a pH test strip can measure is significant. A smaller range may lead to more accurate results that are easier to read, but you will not be able to use these for substances that have a pH that falls outside of the test strip’s range. A pH test strip’s storage instructions are also worth looking at, as failing to abide by these can result in inaccurate readings. Finally, be sure to check out the color-coded pH scale to ensure you can differentiate between the various results!

Most Versatile: LabRat Supplies Plastic pH Test Strips

pH test strips in a white box

The LabRat Supplies Plastic pH Test Strips feature accurate, easy-to-read test results and 100 plastic pH strips that work well for various uses. These pH test strips use the standard 0 to 14 scale for pH measurement and feature four colored squares that change colors to indicate the pH of the substance on the strip. For those seeking an easy and affordable way to test pH levels, the LabRat Supplies Plastic pH Test Strips are a great choice.

Most Versatile

Plastic pH Test Strips, Universal Application (pH 0-14), 100 Strips | Saliva | Soap | Urine | Food | Liquids | Water with Soil Testing | Lab Monitoring

These pH test strips are easy-to-read while offering a full range (0 to 14) of pH testing. They are also lab and diagnostic grade and ideal for a variety of solutions.

Best Value: Haimai Litmus pH Test Strips

long, thin, yellow pH test strips in a foldable white box

The Haimai Litmus pH Test Strips feature a 1 to 14 scale and 160 individual testing strips that are great for routine pH testing or classroom instruction use. These pH test strips are dipped in a solution and quickly change color, thereby indicating the solution’s pH. The Haimai Litmus pH Test Strips should be stored in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight for best results. For a great bulk pH test strip option at an unbeatable price, this is a fantastic product.

Best Value

WooAwesome 2 Pack Litmus pH Test Strips, Universal Application pH 1-14 Test Paper, 160 pH Strips in Total

These full-range pH test strips are incredibly versatile and inexpensive while offering accuracy that is great for a classroom setting.

Best for Health: Just Fitter pH Test Strips

blue box and matching bottle of pH test strips

The Just Fitter pH Test Strips feature a two-year shelf life and an easy-to-read scale, which is ideal for self-testing bodily fluids such as saliva and urine. These pH test strips are highly accurate and perfect for those wishing to test their pH levels to monitor their health. The Just Fitter pH Test Strips include 125 pH test strips, meaning a single bottle will last well over a year if you test your body’s alkalinity bi-weekly.

Best for Health

pH Test Strips for Testing Alkaline and Acid Levels in The Body. Track & Monitor Your pH Level Using Saliva and Urine. Get Highly Accurate Results in Seconds.

These pH test strips offer testing for a reduce pH range that is ideal for accurately and simply measuring the pH of bodily fluids.

Best for Soil: Garden Tutor Soil pH Test Strips Kit

white and green box and bottle of pH test strips

For those seeking to measure the pH of their garden’s soil, the Garden Tutor Soil pH Test Strips Kit is a great choice. This kit features 100 pH testing strips with a pH range of 3.5 to 9, which is ideal for the vast majority of garden soils. This pH test strip kit is also fast and accurate and includes a detailed testing handbook that goes well beyond basic instructions.

Best for Soil

Garden Tutor Soil pH Test Kit (3.5-9 Range) | 100 Soil pH Test Strips

These pH test strips that are specially calibrated for use with soil are accurate, easy to read, and include an informative handbook on garden soil.

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