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The Best Phone Armbands

🕚 Updated June 2022

Have you ever gone out for a walk, run, or bike ride and realized you forgot to take your phone with you? If so, you might want a phone armband. These convenient picks will keep your phone accessible and secure.

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  Top Choice Best Elastic Slip-On Band Great for the Wrist Best Bang for Your Buck Also Great
Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband
E Tronic
Edge Phone Holder
Universal Sports Armband
Wristband Phone Holder
Cell Phone Running Armband
Our SummaryA universally compatible, breathable, and colorful armband.This full-coverage armband keeps your phone under wraps.A phone holder for the wrist that rotates 180 degrees for changing the viewing angle while you're on the move.A comfy armband with an anti-skid sleeve for a secure fit.This 360-degree rotating armband converts to a wristband with a built-in Airpods and AirpodsPro holder.
ProsFor phones up to 6.5 inches, adjustable, lycra and neoprene, 11 colors, built-in key pocket, water-resistant screen cover with high touch sensitivity, anti-tangle headphone cord organizer.Sweat-wicking spandex and nylon blend, hugs bicep, strapless, zipped side pouch for phone and miscellaneous, covers phone completely.Similar to watch, adjustable Velcro strap, rigid plastic mount, swivels 180 degrees.92% polyester and 8% spandex, anti-skid, zippered pouch for phone, three openings and headphone jack, compatible with all smartphones up to 6.5 inches.Sure-grip design, non-slip stretch strap, for smartphones up to 7.9 inches, armband or wristband, double buckle loops, Velcro hooks, rotates 360 degrees, headphone cord slot, built-in pocket.
ConsArmband may begin to slip halfway through workoutLacks second pouch to separate cellphone from the other items like keysLeaves phone's surface wholly exposedDesign limits access to phone during workoutsVelcro may irritate the skin, especially when sweating.
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The Best Phone Armbands

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You don’t need to be an active person to enjoy a phone armband. Equipment that frees your hands (or cramped pockets) as you talk on the phone or listen to music on the go is just super convenient.

Buying Guide for Phone Armbands

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Why buy a phone armband?

Many say that their phone is an extension of themselves. If that resonates with you or if you love having tunes or podcasts in your ears as you work out, you may find value in a phone armband. They’re designed to hold your phone and hug your arm securely. The snug fit is essential because it prevents the phone from flapping around as you walk, jog, cycle, or more. 

What should you look for in a phone armband?

  • Fit: We recommend that you follow the sizing instructions for the product you select. Nearly all user critical feedback on phone armbands entails poor fit. There’s the armband sleeve, a stretchy band that hugs the bicep and features a pocket or pouch to secure your phone. With this design, your smartphone is completely encased in the fabric. The second design resembles a wristwatch, with a strap that circles the arm and secures with buckle loops or Velcro. These strap-on phone armbands wrap around the bicep or around the wrist. Choose a design based on what you know you like and dislike regarding material and function.
  • Material: Choosing a phone armband with the material in mind is key because you may be sensitive to some fabrics like Velcro. If you know that, you can avoid it. If you know you prefer a stretchy fit in products like workout clothing, look for products made with lycra, neoprene, and or spandex. Of course, you need to consider the material used to stabilize your phone when shopping for an armband. Again, some products are entirely stretchy, with no rigid plastic mount. Others feature more substantial construction to keep your phone in place, especially with rotatable models.
  • Compatibility: If you look at a smartphone armband product page, you’ll likely encounter a long list of devices with which the product is compatible. If you find them overwhelming to read through, look for the section with information about the compatible phone size. Often, a product page will also state that the armband is compatible with all smartphones up to 6.5 inches, for example. You only need to factor in your phone case brand and size if you have that information.

What do you need to know about phone armband designs?

In addition to fit, pay attention to other desirable features like built-in hidden key pockets, headphone cord holders, 180- and 360-degree rotation, and more. If you’ve owned a cellphone for a while and like to listen to music or use apps while on the go, you likely have some idea of the features you’d find most helpful. 

Our Picks for the Best Phone Armbands

Top Choice

TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband

A universally compatible, breathable, and colorful armband.

Pros: If you own a cellphone of any kind, it’s probably compatible with the TRIBE phone armband. Here are a few examples: Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Android, Xiaomi, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, Nokia, Oppo, and Vivo—any smartphone up to 6.5 inches. The armband comes in small, medium, and large, all of which feature a dual adjustable elastic strap design for as close as possible to the perfect fit. The leatherette-coated lycra and neoprene armband comes in no less than 11 colors. Other features include a built-in key pocket, a water-resistant TPU screen cover with high touch sensitivity, and an anti-tangle headphone cord organizer.

Cons: For some users, the armband begins to slip halfway through their workout.

Bottom Line: It has the features, good looks, color variety, and excellent compatibility of a great cellphone armband. Wear it to text, talk, listen to podcasts, and enjoy music wherever you go.


Best Elastic Slip-On Band

E Tronic Edge Phone Holder

This full-coverage armband keeps your phone under wraps.

Pros: The remarkable feature of the E Tronic Edge armband is its full-coverage design. The sweat-wicking spandex and nylon fabric hugs the bicep comfortably and securely. There’s no strap or snap, just a stretchy, snug fit. Just unzip the side pouch and slip your phone inside. There’s room for other personal items like keys, cash, and even a wallet. Zip it up, and you’re ready to go work out, travel, or attend a concert. The armband comes in six colors plus a stars-and-stripes pattern and features a reflective logo for nighttime visibility.

Cons: There’s no second pouch to separate your cellphone from the other items like keys.

Bottom Line: With the two strategically placed headphone holes inside the pouch, you’re set to rock out to music with either wired or wireless headphones.


Best for the Wrist

VUP Wristband Phone Holder

A phone holder for the wrist rotates 180 degrees for changing the viewing angle while you're on the move.

Pros: This phone holder by VUP might be perfect if you don’t like the squeeze of an armband. It secures to your wrist with an adjustable band and Velcro strap. There’s a rigid plastic mount on the top side of the band to secure your phone. Your phone is doubly connected with an elastic silicone case that grasps all its edges. At its center is a plastic nob which locks into the plastic mount. Once installed, you can swivel your phone 180 degrees to change your viewing angle. The design gives you total access to all the buttons of your smartphone without having to move anything. The VUP is compatible with 4- to 6.5-inch smartphones and Otterbox and Lifeproof cases.

Cons: The design leaves your phone’s surface wholly exposed. Don’t wear it for a rainy workout!

Bottom Line: If you’ve tried phone armbands in the past and are over them, so to speak, this nifty wristband option may be worth a try. You’ll never have to fuss over a sweaty armband again.


Best Bang for Your Buck

YUNYILAN Universal Sports Armband

A comfy armband with an anti-skid sleeve for a secure fit.

Pros: This armband phone holder has similar features to the E Tronic Edge model in design. It’s a high-stretch 92% polyester and 8% spandex sleeve that hugs the arm, preventing your phone from moving around as you work out. To bolster security, the YUNYILAN fabric features anti-skid granules on the band’s interior. No matter how much you sweat, it won’t slide off. Unlike the E Tronic Edge, this phone armband features a top cavity for your phone. It’s more of a pocket than a zippered pouch. The armband has three openings total and a headphone jack. Thread your headphone or earbud cords through one opening, secure your keys in the second, and slip your phone into the pocket, then pull it over the top so your phone is completely covered. It’s compatible with all smartphones up to 6.5 inches.

Cons: You may find that you must take the band off completely to access it during a workout. It’s not as accessible as it could be.

Bottom Line: This armband phone holder has you covered if you want a snug fit, complete phone coverage, and a streamlined design. There are no zippers, straps, or moving pieces.


Also Great

Newppon Cell Phone Running Armband

This 360-degree rotating armband converts to a wristband and features stellar ventilation.

Pros: Geared for runners, this cell phone armband features a sure-grip design with a non-slip stretch strap. It’s lightweight and breathable with perforated lycra fabric for ultimate ventilation. The elastic case is compatible with smartphones up to 7.9 inches, case included. Perhaps the most appealing feature is its versatility; transform it from an armband to a wristband using the adjustable strap, which features a double buckle loops design and two Velcro hooks. Rotate your phone 360 degrees for full accessibility to all your favorite features. There’s a headphone cord slot and a built-in hidden pocket.

Cons: A few users say the Velcro scratches the skin and is especially uncomfortable when sweating.

Bottom Line: This lightweight, slip-proof phone armband and wristband won’t weigh you down or get in the way of your workout. It’s designed for runners, but non-runners like it too for yard work, housework, walking, and shopping.

Final Thoughts

If you like to move and you like your smartphone, now you have phone armband product ideas to help you enjoy them simultaneously.

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