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The Best Phone Fans

a woman using a small fan powered by her smartphone
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Create a breeze simply from the power of your phone, by plugging in a fan attachment device. These products are designed to blow a steady stream of refreshing air and cool you off.

What Should You Consider in a Phone Fan?

First, consider the compatibility with your device as some are meant for just iPhones or Androids. Also consider if you will need to charge your phone while using the device, as some have built-in power banks.

Best Overall: Xindejia Mini Cell Phone Fan

six mini phone fans in different colors

A six-pack of colorful smartphone fans for both Apple and Android products. Choose a fun color and keep yourself cool with the use of these fans. Simply plug into the device and enjoy a breeze. These fans are lightweight, easy to store and the blades can be removed so they will not be damaged. The fans blast 16000 RPM, so the wind is strong and cooling and the noise level is low. These fans are perfect for traveling, outside activities, or at home.

Best For Gaming: YOBWIN Controller Fan

gray gaming controller fan

This cooling fan has a powerful heat-dissipating function that keeps your phone from overheating. It is designed for shooting games, the trigger and ergonomic handle provide a comfortable grip during prolonged usage. This fan cools all 4 to 6.5-inch phone models and is compatible with a variety of shooting games. No need to worry about running out of battery while playing your game, as this device can charge the phone with a built-in battery.

Best for iPhones: ZLMC Portable Mini Fan

four miniature phone fans in different colors

Small and powerful, these compact fans are ultra-quiet at 26 decibels. They are easy to carry and light, made from an environmentally friendly silicone material. The cell phone fans are compatible with any iPhone or iPad through the lightning connector.

Also Consider: Genuie Fan for iPhone

two phone fans, one gray and one pink, attached to smartphones

The Genuie premium portable fans will cool you down with their 16000 RPM and mobile phone power supply. The lightweight, compact fans are easy to put in your pocket and take anywhere. Made from high-quality plastic, they are low power and safe for kids. The fans rotate 180-degrees, so share the wind with friends and family.

Keeping yourself cooler and devices charged has never been easier than with phone fans. Simply plug in and go, keep cool with these nifty devices.

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