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The Best Phone Grips

🕚 Updated December 2021

With smartphones becoming nearly universal devices in this day and age, it makes sense that smartphone accessories have become more common. One such accessory is a phone grip, a simple and handy little tool for one-handed or hands-free phone use.

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  Rotational Ring MagSafe Popgrip Most Compact Best Finger Kickstand Best Phone Strap Stand
Cell Phone Ring Holder
Grip and Stand for Phones and Cases
Collapsible Loop & Kickstand
Phone Ring Holder and Kickstand
4-Pack of Phone Holders
Our SummaryAn adjustable phone grip that's great for various hands-free uses.A grip and stand for your smartphone that feature built-in magnets for better security.Get a durable collapsible loop that also serves as a kickstand.A super handy phone grip you'll want to keep around.This multifunctional strap for your phone is grippy and elastic.
ProsRotates 360 degrees, multifunctional design, incredible adhesive strength.Four unique style options, maximum grip, swappable top side.Adheres reliably to most phones/cases, fits inside your pockets.Made of premium zinc alloy metal, flexible and multi-angular, two-in-one design.Ideal compatibility, upgraded adhesion, practical for daily life.
ConsOnly available in black.Bulkier in size, not great for a pocket.Doesn't stick to hard cases as well, not the best kickstand since it's not very firm.The joints will loosen over time.Rubber inner lining can come undone.
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The Best Phone Grips

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Phone grips help you hang onto your phone more securely with one hand and can even double as kickstands, equally useful for when you’re watching videos on your phone, using it to navigate, or referencing a recipe on it while cooking. Some people like that the kickstand doubles as a mini tripod, allowing you to stabilize your phone while taking pictures or videos. They have the added benefit of not being too bulky, fitting easily in your pocket or purse. They’re also lightweight, relatively inexpensive, and easy to use.

Buying Guide for Phone Grips

A smartphone with a popgrip on the back of it.

Why buy a phone grip?

Whether you want to snap a perfect selfie or safely navigate your way home, a phone grip gives you better control as you use your smartphone. Phone grips help improve your hold on your phone so that you’re less likely to drop them—a win for those of us with butterfingers! The improved grip means less strain on your hands and fingers as well, making it a worthwhile investment for those with joint problems, too.

What should you look for in a phone grip?

  • Design: Don’t be shy about searching for a personalized phone grip. There are plenty of colors and designs out there that will blend in or complement your phone or phone case. Some look like rings; others are more like straps or handles. And you can get designs with rhinestones for those who want a little more bling or see-through options for those who want a subtle look. The possibilities are nearly endless.
  • Wireless Charging: If you prefer to use a wireless charger for your phone, you’ll want to make sure you find a phone grip that is compatible with your charger. Quite a few phone rings interfere with wireless charging and will have to be moved or removed to use your charger. However, some models are compatible with wireless chargers, with no adjustments necessary.
  • Other Features: As simple a tool as they are, there are plenty of additional bonus features to look for when buying a phone ring. Some double as a cable winder, which helps keep chargers and wired earbuds on hand when you need them. Some have a dash hook, which makes them easier to attach to your car’s dashboard. Some are compatible with magnetic car holders; some stick to textured phone cases. Consider the types of features that may be most useful to you, and be sure to keep an eye out for those when you’re close to buying.

How do you ensure that the grip remains attached to your phone?

You can implement certain measures to ensure that your attachment remains connected to your phone. For example, try to keep it away from areas that have a greater presence of moisture that can weaken the adhesive. Also, try to avoid pulling on it too vigorously or fidgeting with it excessively to make it last longer.

Our Picks for the Best Phone Grips

Rotational Ring

Syncwire Cell Phone Ring Holder

An adjustable phone grip that's great for various hands-free uses.

Pros: The vacuum ion plating technology makes this phone ring grip resistant to color fading so that the whole device will maintain its sleek modern look long-term. The edges of the ring are polished for a smooth yet firm grip around your finger. The adhesive pad will stay firmly attached to your phone and adheres to nearly all smooth surfaces, including metal, TPU, and plastic. It rotates 360 degrees to accommodate comfortable angles during use, and the ring also acts as a kickstand, so you can watch a show while getting ready or reference a recipe while you’re working in the kitchen.

Cons: This ring holder is only available in black, so if you want something fun and flashy, you might want to look elsewhere.

Bottom Line: Made of high-quality zinc and polyurethane, this phone ring is sleek, elegant, and ultra-slim while also providing a sturdy build that won’t break if dropped. In terms of overall performance and reliability, this phone grip is top-notch.


Magsafe Popgrip

PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones

A grip and stand for your smartphone that feature built-in magnets for better security.

Pros: This grip is made of virtually indestructible polycarbonate material, which provides incredible durability despite the slender build. It is compatible with MagSafe cases since it has a unique magnetic grip, and it comes in four pretty designs. You can also lay your phone flat on the table or counter, and it won’t wobble. You can easily slide it off for MagSafe charging.

Cons: This particular phone grip is a bit bulkier in size, so it might be uncomfortable in your pocket.

Bottom Line: With several unique designs and styles and to choose from, you can find the one that complements your personality. This MagSafe-compatible popgrip has a modern touch with maximum grip and optimal functionality.


Most Compact

Smartish Prop Tart Phone Kickstand

Get a durable collapsible loop that also serves as a kickstand.

Pros: This phone ring is an ideal size; it fits into your pockets without taking up excess space, making it incredibly storage-friendly. It also functions as a kickstand that you can use on multiple different surfaces, and the collapsable loop allows you to grip onto and hold your phone with ease. Also, you have four different color options to choose from, providing you with greater visual variety.

Cons: It isn’t as effective at propping up phones as other models since it’s not as firm. It also doesn’t stick as well to hard cases.

Bottom Line: This phone grip allows you to perform many different functions on your smartphone with incredible convenience. It fits comfortably inside your pocket and won’t weigh you down. Although the design is simple, you won’t compromise in quality.


Best Finger Kickstand

Mindsky Phone Ring Holder

A super handy phone grip you'll want to keep around.

Pros: The transparency of this phone ring kickstand sets it apart. It will blend in with the surface of your phone or case, ideal for anyone who wants a phone grip but doesn’t want it to take over the color or design of their phone case. You can choose from two different shades of black, silver, or rose gold for the ring. It’s fully rotational, and the collapsable design gives you the freedom to adjust your phone to whichever angle you need and can be propped up horizontally or vertically. It’s compatible with flat and non-textured surfaces.

Cons: The joints could become loose over time and lose some of their sturdiness. This will prevent you from being able to use your phone ring as a kickstand.

Bottom Line: This phone grip feels so lightweight and comfortable in your hand, you might not even notice it’s there! It allows you to free up your hands go about your normal tasks with fantastic convenience.


Best Phone Strap Stand

CISID 4-Pack of Phone Straps

This multifunctional strap for your phone is grippy and elastic.

Pros: These widely compatible and multifunctional phone rings are extremely reliable in terms of their design. Made of natural fibers, the elastic band will easily conform to the size and shape of your fingers. They are also compatible with most Apple/Android smartphones and feature upgraded adhesive properties.

Cons: Although the overall design and quality are certainly up to par, the interior rubber lining can come undone if you aren’t properly handling your phone ring.

Bottom Line: When it comes to style and simplicity, these phone grips are great and versatile options. You can get plenty of use from them, and they feel comfortable in your hands.

Final Thoughts

Phone grips are user-friendly accessories that are compatible with most smartphones and simple to install. With so many different unique designs and styles to choose from, you should be able to find one that helps you keep your phone secure and convenient.

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