The Best Phone Rings to Hold Your Smartphone

With smartphones becoming a near-universal device in this day and age, it’s no surprise that new accessories and devices for smartphones have become more common and widely available than ever before. One such accessory is a phone ring, a simple and handy little tool for one-handed or hands-free phone use.

Phone rings double as kickstands, equally useful for when you’re watching videos on your phone, using it to navigate, or referencing a recipe on it while cooking. Some people like that the kickstand doubles as a mini tripod, allowing you to stabilize your phone while taking pictures or videos. They have the added benefit of not being too bulky, fitting easily in your pocket or purse. They’re also lightweight, relatively inexpensive, and easy to use, add, or remove at any given point. Some people also find that phone rings help improve their grip on their phones, and are thus less likely to drop them. The improved grip means less strain on your hands and fingers as well, a worthwhile investment for anyone with joint problems. Whether you want to snap a perfect selfie or more safely navigate your way home, a phone ring gives you better control as you use your smartphone.

What to Look for in a Phone Ring

Here’s what to consider when purchasing a phone ring:

  • Design: Don’t be shy about searching for a personalized phone ring. There are plenty of colors and designs out there that will blend in or complement your phone or phone case. You can find a phone ring that looks like an actual ring with a slimmer look, or one that appears more solid. There are even options with rhinestones for those who want a little more bling, and see-through stands for those who want a subtle look. The possibilities are nearly endless.
  • Wireless Charging: If you prefer to use a wireless charger for your phone, you’ll want to make sure you find a phone ring that is compatible with your charger. Quite a few phone rings interfere with wireless charging and will have to be moved or removed to use your charger. However, some models are compatible with wireless chargers, with no adjustments necessary.
  • Features: As simple a tool as they are, there are plenty of additional bonus features to look for when buying a phone ring. Some double as a cable winder, which helps keep chargers and wired earbuds on hand when you need them. Some have a dash hook, which makes them easier to attach to your car’s dashboard. Some are compatible with magnetic car holders, and some aren’t. Some stick to textured phone cases, and some don’t. Consider the types of features that may be most useful to you, and be sure to keep an eye out for those when you’re close to buying.

Top Choice: Syncwire Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand

Made of high-quality zinc and stainless steel, this phone ring is sleek, elegant, and ultra-slim while also providing a sturdy build that won’t break if dropped. The vacuum ion plating technology also makes it resistant to color fading so that the whole device will maintain its sleek modern look long-term. The edges of the ring itself are polished for a smooth yet firm grip around your finger. The adhesive pad is maximum strength to stay attached to your phone at all times, able to support up to 11 pounds without falling off, and adheres to nearly all smooth surfaces, including metal, TPU, and plastic. The metal plate allows the ring to attach perfectly to a magnetic car mount or holder. The phone ring can rotate a full 360 degrees and fold 180 degrees so you can position your phone at whichever angle you need for optimal viewing. It’s not compatible with wireless charging.

Top Choice

Best Value: Rngeo Finger Ring Stand & Magnetic Mount Set

A set of three phone ring stands in sophisticated rose gold, chic dark gray, or polished silver plus a compatible magnetic mount for your car, all for one reasonable price. No matter what type, brand, or generation of smartphone you own, these phone rings will work with it without issue. The strong 3M adhesive will stick firmly to your phone no matter how much it’s bumped or jostled or dropped, allows the rings to be re-used multiple times, and won’t leave sticky stains on the back of your phone or phone case when removed. The rings are made of a combination of zinc and stainless steel, which grants them durability despite their slender build. The rings rotate 360 degrees and flip open to 180 degrees so you can prop up your phone horizontally, vertically, and adjust it to whatever angle you need. It also flips shut all the way, so you can lay your phone flat on the table or counter, and it will remain stable instead of wobbling. The included black magnetic mount is backed by a claw to better grip your car’s air vent. The magnet will hold your phone in place during navigation, even on the bumpiest roads.

Best for Wireless Charging: iRing Cell Phone Ring Grip With Detachable Plate

If you’re looking for a phone ring and prefer to charge your phone wirelessly rather than with a traditional wall charger, this is the product for you. Most phone rings either interfere with wireless charging or aren’t otherwise compatible with wireless chargers, and thus have to be removed and reattached in order to use your wireless charger. However, this phone ring has a unique design that solves this problem. The phone ring is built in two parts, a see-through adhesive plate that attaches to your phone or charger and a solid plate with the actual ring attached. Whenever you want to charge your phone wireless, simply slide down the ring plate off from the top down. The adhesive plate will stay attached but will allow your phone to lay flat and not interfere with the charger at all. Then slide the ring plate back on once charging is finished. The patented friction hinge keeps the ring plate in place so you won’t need to worry about it sliding loose at any other time. This phone ring will stick to phone backs and silicone cases alike and makes it easier to grip your phone one-handed or prop it up hands-free.

Best Design: Exoer Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand

The transparency of this phone ring kickstand sets it apart from any others. This phone ring will blend in with the surface of your phone or case, ideal for anyone who wants a ring stand but doesn’t want to hide or take away the color or design of their phone case. You have three color options in the ring itself, black, silver, rose gold, or some combination of colors, depending on your preferences. The powerful adhesive will stick firmly to your phone or case to prevent slipping or accidental dropping. The free rotation, 360 degrees plus the 180-degree folding capabilities, gives you the freedom to adjust your phone to whichever angle you need and can be propped up horizontally or vertically. It’s compatible with any flat or non-textured surface, and with smartphones of any make or model.

Best Design

Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand Transparent Finger Grip Loop

A phone ring with a unique transparent design that allows you to fully display your phone case.

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